Nature, a Muse Creating a Sparkling Line-up of Jewels

Chopard unveils a precious line of High Jewellery at Cannes annually. Presenting the Animal World Collection, a showcase of nature’s beauty, encrusted in diamonds.

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Chopard: line of high jewellery
Images by Chopard, Forbes

Year after year, we’ve sat glued to our television sets to catch a first glimpse of the extravagant star-studded affair that the Cannes Film Festival is. We’ve swooned to the images of stunning celebrities sashaying down the red carpet—their audacious headline-grabbing gowns and effortlessly-elegant diamond jewels dazzling through the paparazzi flashlights. We’ve followed every little update, the breath-taking couture creations, the enchanting artistic mastery of Haute Joaillerie collections and the behind-the-scenes of one of cinema’s most premier festivals. It is where stars are made and dreams are realised, against the gorgeous backdrop of the balmy French Riviera.

However, this year things were different. The festival scheduled for May 12ᵗʰ to May 23ʳᵈ had to be cancelled in its physical form because of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic. But, fret not. Swiss luxury brand Chopard has already revealed its coveted 2020 Red Carpet Collection of 73 jewels inspired by the majestic beauty of the animal world for the 73ʳᵈ edition of the festival.

The Animal World Collection is set to transport you into an exotic world of fantasy and surrealism.

Here is a glimpse into some of the best pieces from this collection.

Wise and chic

The creation that’s making a flutter ever since its reveal is the owl timepiece. The shimmering 18-carat white gold luxury watch is bedecked with multicolour sapphires set in brilliant-cut and trapeze-cut natural diamonds that complements any contemporary outfit. This timeless beauty will sparkle through ages, creating a legacy that’s regal and distinguished.

18-carat white gold luxury watch

Bling it on!

While we deep-dive into the charm of arctic life we find the 18-carat white gold polar bear ring, encrusted with icy brilliant-cut diamonds. The one-of-a-kind piece uses black diamonds and cabochon-cut sapphires to bring a glint of glamour to the otherwise adorable accessory.

18-carat white gold polar bear ring

Too cute to resist

What’s better than one endearing little bear? Two endearing bear cubs locked in an embrace. Chopard’s double bear ring is a delightful mix of brilliant-cut diamonds, cabochon-cut sapphires and onyx, set on an ethical 18-carat white gold base. Perfect to channel the inner child in all of us.

Chopard’s double bear diamond ring

Seal the deal

Honouring the exotic and mysterious beauty of marine life is the seal ring, created using 18-carat white gold with brilliant-cut colourful diamonds and cabochon-cut topazes. This precious, whimsical piece manages to find a place of pride in the luxury brand’s High Jewellery collection.  

18-carat white gold seal ring

The wild side

Swooping in to explore the world of iconic creatures embodying strength and resilience, Chopard has released the sketch of a necklace in the shape of a majestic eagle with outspread wings. The extravagant piece is set in brilliant natural diamonds with a singular pear-shaped diamond lodged between the mighty bird’s talons.

Natural diamond necklace in the shape of a majestic eagle

The prestigious watch and jewellery conglomerate has been closely associated with the Cannes Film Festival since 1998, as its official sponsor. On an annual basis, they unveil creative masterpieces to coincide with the edition of the renowned film festival, this started with the launch of 60 jewels in 2007. Over the years, Chopard has created astoundingly magnificent jewels that have been donned by some of the most eclectic stalwarts of the industry—think Julianne Moore, Marion Cotillard and Cate Blanchett—with each piece of exquisite natural diamond crafted to perfection.

This year, Caroline Scheufele, the artistic director and co-president of Chopard, has embraced her love for nature to unveil a collection of flora and fauna-themed jewellery.

The marvellous collection was conceptualised keeping in mind the mystic, vibrant and edgy facet of nature crafted by skilled Chopard designers in Geneva.

As the number of pieces increases every year, Scheufele believes in taking the challenges a notch higher as well. With every conflict-free diamond certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, Chopard’s High Jewels breathe life into a prestigious collection.  It represents a seamless blend of tradition, innovation and exceptional quality.

While they range from eye-catching to downright gorgeous objects of desire, the recently launched High Jewellery collection gives nature a special stage through its carefully-thought out theme. Inspired by Scheufele’s deep-rooted fondness and compassion for animal issues, the collection aims to recreate iconic creatures, their worlds of fantasy and enchantment and symbolise their virtues. These unique works of art are a source of inspiration and an embodiment of the strength and spirit of the women who wear it.

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