Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Gets Sentimental About His Diamond Jewels

From dazzling red carpet styles to rocker-chic looks, Roach uses diamonds to add an element of glamour, edginess and sparkle.

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Law Roach is a self-proclaimed “image architect” who has helped shape the personas of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and music icons. Clients such as Kerry Washington, Ariana Grande and Zendaya count on him to help them shine when the camera is on. The 39-year-old Chicago native is also a judge on “Legendary,” the voguing competition series on HBO Max, and a regular on the fashion circuit.

One thing Roach depends on to elevate every look is natural diamonds. From dazzling red carpet styles to rocker-chic looks, Roach uses diamonds to add an element of glamour, edginess and sparkle. When it comes to his personal style, he always wears several sentimental diamond jewels. Here, Roach shares his favorite pieces with us and reveals the diamond jewel on his wish list.

“I am a person that has no preference with gold, silver or platinum but what I do really love is natural diamonds.”

Law Roach
Law Roach’s jewelry box

What is your earliest memory of diamond jewelry?
My grandmother’s love and care for her diamond wedding band. On Saturday evenings, she painted her nails, set her hair in curlers and cleaned her diamond ring so it sparkled for church the next day. When I was 7 or 8 years old, she thought she lost the ring, and I can still remember the panic on her face. That made me realize how important that diamond wedding band was to her.

What is your most meaningful piece of diamond jewelry?
A gold Rolex watch with diamonds that Tommy Hilfiger gave me. I grew up wearing Tommy’s clothes, and they meant so much to me as a kid. Working with Tommy, becoming his friend and receiving this thoughtful gift from him shows that anything is possible, if you work hard and you’re a good person.

What’s your go-to everyday diamond jewel?
I wear the Jacob’s (Jacob & Co) gold and diamond safety pin necklace and bracelet every day. It has cultural significance for me. Growing up in the hip-hop generation where Jacob was the jeweler for music legends like Jay Z and so many others, his jewelry symbolizes a time in my life. Jacob’s jewelry connects me to when I first moved to New York and the influence of hip-hop on culture and style.

Rolex Watch
Mateo Necklace

What are the best diamond jewels for men?
I have a few male clients who aren’t into fashion, but they understand tailoring and enjoy beautiful suiting. These guys should be wearing diamond cufflinks with their suits because it adds a level of sophistication.

What is the one piece of diamond jewelry every woman should have?
A beautiful pair of diamond earrings that makes them feel beautiful. Ariana Grande always wears diamond studs, and Céline Dion wears big diamond drops or hoops. Diamond earrings elevate every look for day or night.

Which jewelry designer has a fresh take on diamonds?
I’ve been really into Mateo. I love how his designs are simple, chic and understated, yet they are still recognizable.

What is your dream diamond jewel that you want to own one day?
I want an all-diamond Cartier panther ring with emerald eyes. Céline Dion has one, and I used to play with that ring all the time. One day I’m going to buy that ring. There’s something so whimsical about the panther ring. It’s fun, but it still feels important.