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Celebrate The Sacred Union Of Gold And Diamond Jewellery

Take an auspicious step forward on Akshaya Tritiya with jewellery that will last you a lifetime.

Celebrate The Sacred Union Of Gold And Diamond JewelleryJewellery: Tanishq
Jewellery: Tanishq

Akshaya Tritiya is an annual springtime festival in India. The occasion signifies the third day of unending prosperity and marks the festival of abundance. The day is earmarked for a new beginning and an invitation to propitiousness into the household.

This Akshaya Tritiya elevate your sartorial game by combining the best of both worlds— the magic and good fortune of traditional gold with the everlasting brilliance of diamonds. It’s a match made in heaven. 

Mark the festival of prosperity and abundance with a new journey. Go the extra mile and bring out your diamond-studded gold jewellery that celebrates a new, bolder version of you. And, if you are looking to add some lustre into the lives of your loved ones this festive season, we’ve got you covered with the perfect tokens of love. We’re thinking delicate gold accessories embellished with diamond accents, stackable rings for your everyday sparkle, statement-making diamond gypsy rings, and edgy diamond-studded gold chain bracelets, that could become the new family heirloom to be passed down through generations.

Scroll ahead for our round-up of jewellery pieces that will last generations, and will be the perfect blessings to mark this sacred day.

When Diamonds & Gold Join Hands

As you join your hands in prayer, thanking the Gods for blessing you, and your family, and friends, deck your wrists with a gold bangle adorned with diamonds. Its timeless sensibility and natural charm will elevate any look – from the traditional to workwear. These impeccably crafted gold bangles inspired by nature are the perfect accessories for the summer’s pared-down aesthetic.



Jewellery: Neha Lulla Jewellery


Ring In A New Tradition

Step away from the tried and tested, and introduce diamonds into your Akshay Tritiya celebrations with these simple, versatile rings. A modern twist to solitaires, these gold and natural diamond stackable rings play with curves and angles to give it an edgy, effortless appeal. The versatile pieces can be worn on multiple fingers, layered with other rings or paired with other tones like white or rose gold. Stack them up to go from minimal to dramatic, depending on your mood.


Jewellery: Amaris By Prerna Rajpal

Grace Yourself With The Purity Of Gold & Prosperity Of Diamonds

As you bow your head during the traditional Aarti, let the sparkle of diamonds merge with the understated elegance of Gold around your neck. Gold chain-link necklaces are back in vogue and they are here to stay. They can be delicate; embellished with the tiniest of sparkling natural diamonds that bring out the latent romantic in you. Or, they could be bold and unapologetic, making a statement from across a crowded room at glamorous dinner parties.



Jewellery: Waman Hari Pethe Sons


Tradition Meets Modernity When Gold & Diamonds Meld

Akshay Tritiya is an auspicious day for the entire family, and you should celebrate it together. Gypsy rings embedded with diamonds bring a modern sensibility to a style that has traditionally been around for centuries amongst the aristocracy. Worn by both men and women, they can be abstract, minimalist, chunky and sparkly, with a fair share of natural diamond accents ensuring that they don’t go unnoticed.



Jewellery: A. S. Motiwala Fine Jewellery


Old Is Gold, And so are Diamonds

Earrings are usually the first piece of jewellery any woman wears in her life. This Akshay Tritiya, let’s not forget to celebrate the beginning with an elegant pair of gold hoops encrusted with beguiling diamonds. Add an understated element of luxury to your look, or pass down your old earrings to your children to cherish as new heirlooms.



Jewellery: Tanishq


A Marriage of the Past & The Present

As you usher in new beginnings, pay a tribute to the past generations and imbibe their teachings in the year to come. As we all take a step back this year, let’s revive old traditions and think vintage. A diamond-encrusted gold brooch is a perfect heirloom to celebrate Akshay Tritiya with. Gender-fluid, it can be adorned by anyone in the family and will be a constant reminder of the past, a lesson for the present and a symbol of hope for the future. Whether it is corsage-like floral designs or a minimalist diamond pin, a brooch can accentuate and transform any outfit from a crisp, tailored suit to a gorgeous silk saree, making a statement that’s a blend of modern and vintage.



Jewellery: Gehna Jewellers

A Blessing Of Propitious Gold & Prosperous Diamonds

A day of abundance, good fortune and ancient rituals, Akshay Tritiya is best celebrated with jewellery that takes us back to our cultural roots. Mark this day with a traditional symbol like a gold and diamond nose pin. Nose pins have undergone a huge makeover over the years, carefully bridging the gap between traditional motifs and eclectic, quirky designs. This must-have gold accessory embellished with diamonds can be shaped into whimsical jewels inspired by nature. Pick out your mom’s old nose pins from her jewellery box, or give a spin to your grandmother’s traditional floral diamond nose pins and make it complement your ethnic attire.



Jewellery: Waman Hari Pethe Sons


Traditions are built for a reason. Let’s keep the tradition of Akshaya Tritiya alive by celebrating prosperity and abundance this year and for the years to come, with natural diamond and gold jewellery heirlooms that can be kept for generations.