Add the Natural Diamond Sparkle to the Colours of Navratri

The festival of Navratri rings in joy and celebrations every year. Each of the nine days is represented by a colour and the qualities of these colours resonate deeply with the inherent qualities of a natural diamond.

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22K gold choker set with natural diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones and an intricate 22K gold necklace set with natural diamonds, multicoloured precious gems and enamel detailing on the reverse, The Gem Palace.

Navratri is a celebration of womanhood. And what is womanhood if not for the shades of emotions, sacrifices, strength and resilience of your character? Goddess Durga, in her 9 forms, is everything that the woman of today aspires to be – fearless and independent. The goddess emerged victorious in all her glory just like a natural diamond appearing from the deepest confines of earth, unscathed and beautiful. Just as nature conceives a diamond deep within its folds and nurtures it for a billion years, Goddess Durga undertook an emotional, spiritual and physical journey of transformation during Navratri.

Each of these mesmerising 9 days represents a colour which, in turn, represents the energy associated with that day. You can feel a unique aura settling on your minds, healing and energising you with the different colours and emotions, each day. For each of the 9 days, women dress up in the brightest and most vibrant colours to celebrate Navratri. How elegant and resplendent you will look adorning the charm of the 9 colours of Navratri! Be it the trendy coloured diamonds in various cuts, diamonds embedded in the sparkling colours or natural diamonds seamlessly gelling with various gemstones – every look can make you glamorously stand out.

Indulge in the passion and fierceness of Orange and Red

While orange is the colour of luminosity, brightness, and fame; red which is a colour of both love and anger is a paradox in itself. The goddess has energy powerful enough to light up the sun on the second and fourth days of Navratri representing these colours. Nothing compares to the brightness and glow that a natural diamond exudes, just like the goddess herself. But where there is passion, there is also, destruction. Hence, the red form of the goddess is formed from the anger of the other gods. The colour red is contrasting, like a natural diamond’s journey from the deepest layers of the earth covered in grime to the shiny piece of jewellery that is the biggest symbol of love around the whole world. When a natural diamond’s sheen combines with the bright orange and red, the results are exquisite pieces of jewellery that can light up any gathering with their sheer magnificence

18K yellow gold contemporary natural diamond motif earrings, House of Umrao by Anuj Shah.
A classic rose-cut diamond ring set in 18K rose gold, The House of Rose.

Sindoor Collection featuring centre stone diamonds made in 22K gold, embellished with rubies placed with inlay work, The Gem Palace.

Dial-up the elegance with the subtlety of Grey, White and Royal Blue

Grey is the colour of energy, honour and also, a quiet preparation to destroy the enemy. With a grey-coloured half-moon on her head, Goddess Durga’s this form is synonymous in colour and character with the natural diamond itself. Grey is the colour of the fighting spirit, which is inherent to a natural diamond. The peace, tranquillity and bliss that follow the win of the goddess over her enemies are represented by the colours white and royal blue. The colours are also symbolic of purity, just like a billion-year-old natural diamond in its purest form. The shimmer of the diamond against these three colours has a quality of calmness. It is the kind of feeling that a diamond can induce you with on a stressful day. On the first, third and fifth days of Navratri, you can dial up the elegance in your natural diamond jewellery with these colours.

Diamond and Keshi pearl hoop earrings, The House of Rose.
Diamonds and blue sapphire drop earrings, Jaipur Gems.
Classic baguette set natural diamond earrings with peach pearls, Moksh – Fine Unseen Jewels.

Celebrate the vivacity and undying spirit with Purple and Peacock Green

As if to celebrate the quest, power and victory of the goddess, this year, the colours purple and peacock green represent the last two days of Navratri – symbolic of a finale that oozes triumph. Just like a natural diamond, the peacock green stands for the celebration of wishes and desires to be fulfilled and has a luxurious aspirational value attached to it. On cue and synonymous with ambition and the power to succeed, the colour purple is symbolic of the goddess in its form that achieves her goals with energy and razor-sharp focus. Natural diamonds, too, stand for the depth of perseverance and an inspirational sense of achievement and power. Natural diamonds paired with the colours purple and peacock green, salute the unwavering essence of the goddess.

Diamond and pink sapphire earrings, crafted in 18K rose gold, Her Story.
Earrings in 18K rose gold & set with emeralds, rose-cut, drop & round brilliant diamonds, Anmol Jewellers.
Diamonds and emeralds bracelet handcrafted for Sotheby’s auction “Emerald for Elephants”, Narayan Jewellers.

Bring in a happy cheer and blessings with the Yellow and Green

Goddess Durga, in her search of spiritual knowledge, also stands for wisdom on the seventh day which is represented by the colour green. Prosperity and growth are the two qualities that come to mind when you see green. For many people, diamonds have been a symbol of prosperity and a charm that lasts forever; no wonder it is a stone some even consider as heritage. The most dominant emotions after growth are that of happiness, glimmer and cheer- represented by the colour yellow on the sixth day. Rightly so, as Goddess Durga on this day is an absolute form of Mother Nature. The same Mother Nature that through extremely stressful situations produces a natural diamond like a miracle, that is every bit the symbol of joy and cheer. The light shimmer of the yellow marries the sheen of the diamond and makes for an inimitable combination, be it the much-coveted yellow diamond or a yellow gemstone encrusted with natural diamonds.

Natural fancy intense yellow radiant cut diamonds flanked by baguettes and round brilliant cut diamonds, A S Motiwala Fine Jewellery.
Classic four-line emerald and diamond necklace, The House of Rose.
Diamond butterfly ring, Narayan Jewellers

So, this Navratri, let us dignify each of the goddess’ forms with the colour that represents that day, each coupled with the gorgeousness of a natural diamond. This trendy yet elegant play of colours can brighten up your Navratri whether you are meeting up with friends to play Garba or celebrating from home. Pair them with the traditional charm of a lehenga-choli or glam-up your contemporary outfits with the coloured theme of natural diamonds. Let us pray that the goddess showers peace and prosperity on all of us!