The Fallen Star

In a land of magic, intrigue and romance, with mysteries of its own to be solved, Paño – a cosmic traveller has been drawn to share in the glory of our home, to experience a world like never before.

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Jewellery: Left Image: Necklace & Bracelet: Amayra Jewellery | Outfit: Urvashi Kaur; Right Image: Bracelets & Ring: Amaris by Prerna Rajpal | Outfit: Phula Studio

An imaginative and a fearless explorer, Paño can’t wait to see what life has in store for her next. She is ready to embark on a wondrous journey that will lead to the discovery of a new life and the freedom to be herself. This is her story.

We all have been enthralled with stars and have many fond memories of staring up at the sky for hours to make a wish from a fallen star or two. As a kid I always believed that stars are nothing but diamonds scattered around in the night sky, magical creations that make our imaginations soar and fill us with awe, only to remind us of our place in an infinite universe. 

The first time I held a natural diamond, I felt like I’d found a fallen star. The light coming through it gave off a sparkling glow that enveloped me with its striking beauty. The piece of jewellery was a golden sun locket with diamond studs placed in the sun’s eyes. It was my grandfather’s most prized possession, his lucky charm that he kept close to his heart as a gift from my grandmother on their first wedding anniversary. While it told the tale of a love affair between the sun and the stars, it spoke of an undying love and my familial ties.

Jewellery: Bracelet, Earrings and Ring: DiaColor

My first natural diamond jewellery, a pair of gorgeous halo shaped earrings were gifted to me by my grandmother for my 16th birthday. When she placed the diamonds on me, I could sense their energy and power, it felt like the stars from above had fallen upon me and I was shining like a ‘Fallen Star’. Natural diamonds have several reasons to enchant anyone: they cut through the daily chaos of modern life, celebrate our search for beauty in passion for life and family, and evoke a deep sense of love. These gems will continue to be embedded in our history – and beyond.

Necklace, Bracelet & Ring: Amayra Jewellery | Outfit: Urvashi Kaur

Necklace & Bracelet: DiaColor | Outfit: Urvashi Kaur

Necklace, Bracelet & Rings: Navrattan Jewellers | Outfit: Phula Studio

Ring: Khanna Jewellers | Outfit: Somya Goyal

Bracelet & Ring: Khanna Jewellers | Outfit: Somya Goyal

Ring & Bracelet: DiaColor | Footwear: Monrow Shoes​

Necklace: Amayra | Outfit: House of Eda

Ring, Earrings & Bracelet: DiaColor

Rings & bracelet: Amaris | Outfit: Somya Goyal

Jewellery: Necklace, Bracelets & Rings: : Navrattan Jewellers​
Outfit: House of Eda​

When it comes to diamonds, I am a strong believer of the adage “diamonds are forever.” These gems are forever in vogue and just like my personal style are unperturbed by the fads of the changing world. These diamonds have not only shaped my style but also given me an identity that I feel privileged enough to pass down to a new generation, along with treasured memories. They have the ability to hold a vast amount of history, value and meaning. 

Jewellery: Bracelet & Ring: Amaris by Prerna Rajpal | Outfit: Phula Studio

“I love a good story and everything I adore has to have a story behind its existence that resonates with me.”

A story is a powerful emotional journey that brings meaning and depth to life. And the story of my journey in this beautiful world is engraved on a natural diamond pendant with my initials. A celebration of personal achievement, a memento for finding my calling and discovering a path for myself, I wear it regularly to celebrate my choices in this world. It’s like stepping onto a time machine that takes you to places where dreams come true, to experience the beauty of what lies beyond.

Jewellery: Earrings & Palm-cuff: Khanna Jewellers

“Wearing natural diamonds makes me feel like a “Fallen Star” walking on earth, exploring and experimenting with different fragments of life and spreading light in my own unique style.”

Photographer: Ishant Raj Kohli
Stylist: Gaurav Bhatia