4 Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Journeys of ‘Loving Life, One Diamond at a Time’

A bold, new generation of self-made women tell us how they celebrate love, life, and freedom, by illuminating their world with the everlasting sparkle of natural diamonds.

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As the world continues to rediscover itself and rise from the past into a bright new future, we spoke to four bold, brave and brilliant entrepreneurs to understand how they embody the spirit of youth. They tell us about transcending stereotypes while holding on to their dreams, hopes and aspirations to create new, deeper bonds that celebrate themselves and their craft. Adding sparkle to their inspiring journeys are natural diamonds—as an accessory they can never part with, a piece of nostalgia reminding them of how far they have come, and as a symbol of self-love.

Meet the new generation of fashion divas who don’t shy away from living life to the fullest, seek new experiences, and flaunt their gorgeous diamonds with panache. After all, ‘Girls just want to have fun!’

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‘The Rebel Without A Cause’


What does freedom mean to you?
I’ve always seen myself as a rebel without a cause, especially when it came to my fashion choices—I liked being different, odd, and even shocking! Though I’ve calmed down quite a bit in my 30s, I still love being authentically me and prefer uniqueness over trends. 

What is the one thing that makes you feel alive? 
I love travelling to the hills. Hiking, picnics, fireplaces, misty lakes, crisp air, the smell of pines— all the things that make me forget about my city life and help me disconnect and decompress completely.  

What in your jewellery box describes you the best?
It has to be my diamond and pearl drops that are dainty enough for everyday wear, but still special and sparkly. I gifted myself the pair when I turned 30.

Tell us the story of your first diamond.
My first diamond came on a ring my dad gifted me on my 18th birthday. I used to invariably wear my mom’s wedding ring as a kid and insisted I needed one just like it when I grew up. To my surprise, my dad remembered my request and promptly gifted me one as soon as I turned an adult.

What do diamonds mean to you?
Diamonds to me are indulgent, fierce, and timeless. This is why I gifted my mother a Victorian-style emerald and diamonds ring from my first big salary. She has always spoilt me endlessly, and it gave me so much joy to gift her something memorable.

‘The Explorer Of New Horizons’


Which is the one defining moment in life that made you who you are?
I started working very early in my life. One day in 2014, I decided I was done with being ‘safe’. I took a bunch of my savings, booked tickets for a solo trip and as clichéd as it may sound, took a break. Travelling alone changed my life. Over the years it has helped me become more comfortable in my own company, and therefore content with who I am. 

What do love and liberation mean to you?
It means to be understood, and to belong, which are the best feelings in the world for me. One of my favourite memories is from earlier in 2021, when I travelled with a friend for the first time after the lockdown and we just sat on the beach at night, listening to our favourite Mohammad Rafi songs. It was liberating and memorable, in its own way.

How do you like to express yourself?
By dancing. Nothing else matters when I’m performing. I also like to express myself through meaningful gifts. I recently bought my mother a set of simple diamond danglers for her birthday. It meant so much to be able to gift her something that’s so unpretentious yet timeless.  

Tell us about a diamond memory that means the most to you.
My grandmother gifted me my first set of diamond and sapphire earrings. They’re gorgeous and I love their Victorian design. I’ve grown up watching her wear them with such grace. And when I wear them now, I feel connected with her in this inexplicable way.

Which is the one piece of jewellery that resonates with you the most?
I think diamonds are the universe’s way of freezing a precious moment in time. Everything stands still the instant you put them on, and this invincible feeling takes over your very being. I have this beautiful vintage necklace that my mother gifted me of uncut diamonds, emeralds, pearls, and pink tourmaline; strung on a simple chain, that I am absolutely in love with. It is versatile, eclectic and isn’t defined by an occasion, so it is very ME.

Keerti Kataria – Jewellery: Ring, Earrings, Necklace & Bracelets – Navrattan Jewels, Diamond Danglers: Thakorlal Hiralal
Jewellery: Choker & Bracelet: VRK by Khanna Jewellers, Pendant: Jaipur Gems

‘The Whimsical Dreamer’


How do you like to celebrate yourself—your big and small wins?
I always get myself a small piece of jewellery. I still remember that my first diamond purchase was a pendant that I bought myself in 2015. It’s one of those accessories that I do not wear every day, but refuse to part ways with because of the many memories attached to it. If not jewellery, I love to gift myself a long, uninterrupted night of good sleep which I seldom get!

What do diamonds mean to you?
They mean consistency and they stand for a strong bond that you share sometimes with your loved ones and sometimes, with yourself.

How do you like to express yourself?
I feel the most unique way of expressing love and gratitude today is to be there for someone when they need you the most.

What has been the most defining moment of your life? 
It was when Dhruv and I were exchanging varmalas at our wedding. I remember holding on to him tightly and never wanting to let go of that precious life-changing moment.

What is the one gift that is very close to your heart?
I think it is a pair of solitaires my parents gifted me on my 21st birthday. And of course, my wedding ring—which perfectly describes my style.

‘The Seeker of Self-Expression’


What were the most defining moments of your life?
My life has been a series of defining moments! Growing up in Chandigarh in a joint family, I am glad that I had a vision for myself at a very young age. It was liberating to have a direction in life, to know that I could grow and that new experiences awaited me. I moved to new cities like Delhi and New York, forged new connections, and they all contributed to making me who I am today.

How do you like to celebrate yourself?
I usually love shopping for myself. I just gifted myself this lovely diamond band a couple of months ago, that I wear almost every day. It works perfectly (even better when stacked with my favourite gold rings!) as an extension of my style statement.

How do your diamonds describe you?
I think of myself as someone who is always a little extra in life. It’s always the two extremes, either you find me all dressed up or in a pair of track pants and a t-shirt—nothing in between! So for the cocktail night at my wedding, I wore this gorgeous diamond choker with diamond and pearl droplet earrings that is, by far, my favourite look ever! It revealed to me this fresh, different, and versatile version of myself that I will forever cherish. It gave me a whole new perspective of who I am.

Which piece in your jewellery box is the closest to your heart?
It has to be a pair of solitaire earrings that my mother gifted me when I was 21.  It’s understated, has sentimental value and reminds me of my journey so far. Diamonds just make you feel great, don’t they? I love the power it wields to elevate any piece of jewellery and take it from romantic and dainty to edgy and strong.

What do you love the most about your life now?
I love that I’ve been very mindful for the last two years. There’s a balance that I have been able to strike between family and work life. I am in a pleasant state of mind, surrounded by loved ones and it brings out the best in me.

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