Women, Why Wait For That Diamond?

Traditionally the symbol of love & commitment, the diamond has now evolved into an object of desire & pride for the modern woman. Here is our take on the special moments of life that every woman should celebrate with a natural diamond of her own.

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Diamond Jewelry necklace and earrings by – Popley & Sons Jewellers, Ghanasingh Fine Jewels
Jewellery – Popley & Sons Jewellers, Ghanasingh Fine Jewels

Dear women, we have all come far ahead of the time when a natural diamond was meant to be gifted to us. Today is not the same. If you love diamonds, why wait? Especially when there’s not a single one of us that doesn’t love those miracles of nature. Even though the movies still show the fantasy side of romantic proposals and diamonds, let’s make a new movie, a new story; where we are the protagonists and lovers of ourselves, where we gift ourselves those diamonds.

Here’s more than enough reasons for you to go and get yourself that natural diamond:

1. Because you love yourself

Isn’t it amazing to see how women are ruling the top-level positions across industries? Isn’t it great to be independent? You’ve made it happen for yourself. So, why not buy that diamond – it could be a pendant, an earring or even a solitaire? These rare, billion-year-old gifts of nature will never go out of fashion. Declare your love for yourself first, diamonds from partners can wait! A natural diamond is enduring and eternal, the ideal symbol of commitment and love. And what love is greater than loving yourself? So go ahead and treat yourself to a diamond.

“These rare, billion-year-old gifts of nature will never go out of fashion.”

Diamond Jewelry by Popley & Sons Jewellers
Jewellery by Popley & Sons Jewellers

2. Because you will feel empowered

God helps those who help themselves. This saying couldn’t be truer today. While we all have our loved ones and family to help us out, it’s best that we get things done for ourselves. And, isn’t that what you have done? Doing, instead of waiting for your wishes to come true, is empowering in itself. A feeling of strength. Celebrate your journey, celebrate your spirit, and celebrate yourself. It’s now or never.

“Doing, instead of waiting for your wishes to come true, is empowering in itself.”

ORRA Jewellery, Kisna Diamond Jewellery
Jewellery – ORRA Jewellery, Kisna Diamond Jewellery

3. Because it’s a new tradition

Traditions should be celebrated. They help guide us and keep our lives stable and meaningful. But, every once-in-a-while, why not mix and match traditions? Instead of natural diamonds being a festive gift or a wedding gift, why can’t it be a gift for doing well at your job? For a promotion? For your emotional achievements? For the woman you are today? It’s as simple as that. Think about it. Go out there, pick your diamond soul mate from a store-shelf and wear it. The greatest gift you can give yourself.

 4. Because, you can wear it every day

Each of us wants to be the queen of our domain. But royalty wore these miracles of nature every day. They never locked them away in a treasure box or kept them aside in bank lockers for special moments. Natural diamonds have the innate ability to make you feel special even during everyday moments of life. They add elegance to any look, be it traditional or contemporary, and look great with gold, platinum or rose gold, nothing beats the versatility of natural diamond jewellery. So go ahead and celebrate life’s real and everyday moments with something just as real & precious, diamonds.

“Each of us wants to be the queen of our domain.”

Diamond Jewelry by Ghanasingh Mahesh
Jewellery – Ghanasingh Mahesh

5. Because you deserve it

Everyone deals with self-doubts and fears; men and women both. Life is all about conquering these fears and realizing your true potential and worth. In the daily rigmarole of life, the will to fight and the strength to not give up needs to be encouraged and acknowledged. And there is no better way to celebrate this victory than with the strongest and hardest substance in nature – a billion-year-old natural diamond.

Don’t you agree that women deserve to gift themselves diamonds, which are as bright and strong as they are? Let us know what you think, and what natural diamonds will you be gifting yourself!

“Life is all about conquering these fears and realizing your true potential and worth.”