Through The Lens Of Love: A World Photography Day Special

On World Photography Day, Natural Diamond Council invites three acclaimed Indian photographers to showcase the essence of relationships that are strong and unbreakable like natural diamonds, through their powerful lens.

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The bond of unconditional love shared by Megha and her adorable pup.
Image : Hashim Badani for Natural Diamond Council

As we navigate through unchartered territories of dealing with a pandemic, Natural Diamond Council spoke to three celebrated photographers on World Photography Day to understand what keeps their spirits high during these trying times. These transfixing monochrome photographs by Sunhil Sippy, Sheetal Mallar and Hashim Badani evoke a similar sentiment of gratitude and strength while reflecting the purity and resilience of natural diamonds. As the photographers train their lens inwards on their loved ones, they also capture the beauty of unbreakable bonds which, like natural diamonds, have stood the test of time and have dazzled in the face of adversity.

Sunhil Sippy’s mother
In many ways, Sunhil feels like he is a reflection of his mother’s indomitable spirit.
Image: Sunhil Sippy for Natural Diamond Council

Question: A natural diamond undergoes an incredible journey of resilience, from origin till it reaches your hand. What defines resilience for you?

Sunhil Sippy: “To me, my mother has been an enigmatic and strong-spirited person who has always led by example. Much like a sparkling natural diamond, she has inspired people with both her charm and elegance. She’s my inspiration, my closest confidante and the source of my strength. We share a unique passion for documenting priceless moments of life, and above all, we share an unbreakable bond of love and respect”

Sheetal Malhar and her daughter symbolize an unbreakable bond.
It is fleeting yet precious moments like this that makes a mother-daughter bond stronger over the years, believes Sheetal.
Image: Sheetal Mallar for Natural Diamond Council

Question: A natural diamond has symbolized eternal love and unbreakable bonds for centuries. What is the definition of an unbreakable bond for you? 

Sheetal Mallar: “Finding a moment of quiet and tranquillity in the current times is a challenge, but for my best friend and her daughter this ritual of silent reflection by the sea is an immutable part of their daily lives. These little moments are priceless and symbolize an unbreakable bond”

Megha wearing the heirloom diamond earrings gifted by her grandmother.
Hashim captures a surreal moment between his friend and her rescue pup, while she wears her prized possession—her grandmother’s heirloom earrings.
Image: Hashim Badani for Natural Diamond Council

Question: Versatile and holding the ability to evoke memories of our loved ones, natural diamonds are timeless heirlooms. How would you depict this timeless relationship, and unconditional love? 

Hashim Badani: “When Natural Diamond Council approached me with this project I instantly decided to make photos of my friend and her adorable rescue pup. Their bond symbolises unconditional love to me. I wanted to celebrate the relationship of strength, loyalty and gratitude they share. For many, diamonds evoke memories and moments that a wearer holds close to their heart. Similar to Megha who in these images is wearing the heirloom earrings her grandmother gifted her. Incidentally, Megha’s favorite album is Diamond Dogs by David Bowie”

As we step into the uncertainty of the future, it is often these relationships that gives us the power to stay inspired. It is these cherished memories of the past that promise us a brighter tomorrow. And like natural diamonds, all we need is the resilience to see it through.