Gift Yourself a Sparkling Token of Love

Natural diamonds have long been utilized to convey love. This month, express this love to yourself.

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Jewellery: Heart Earrings & Bracelets by Shea Luxe, Star Necklace by Gehna Jewellers
Jewellery- Heart Earrings & Bracelets : Shea Luxe, Star Necklace : Gehna Jewellers

It’s not without reason that receiving gifts is one of the five love languages. Meaningful gifting shows care and appreciation towards a person through tangible acts of kindness; and is an opportunity to express our thoughtfulness to them. But with our hard-pressed schedules, the person we forget to acknowledge most often is ourselves. In a world that demands so much of us, carving out some time to self-gift can be a powerful way to recharge, refocus and give ourselves the love and kindness we deserve.

The fast-approaching Valentine’s Day may be associated with romance, but it’s also a great occasion to celebrate our own strength, beauty and worth. Having long been considered a symbol of love, fine natural diamond jewellery serves as an ideal gift to oneself on this day, and every day.

Just like the SS23 fashion shows were a lesson in quiet luxury — with tailored silhouettes and pared-back designs marching down the runways — a young, modern woman’s jewellery choices too, place quality and art above garish exhibits. Sleek bracelets, wear-me-anywhere rings, delicate pendants and timeless ear-cuffs — all scintillating with natural diamonds — make a case for opulence that is cleverly disguised in simpler pieces.

So let some exquisite and contemporary designs take you from work meetings to high-society affairs, without demanding much attention towards complex layering and styling. To get started on the search for your sparkling present, here’s what we think you can consider.

Intricate Diamond Rings

Worn on a daily basis, a ring is a piece of jewellery that can provide a constant reminder to you of your love for yourself. Since the choice of design and style of this highly personal article also reflects your taste and personality, it serves as a great symbol of expression.

Jewelry: Rose Gold Ring by Shea Luxe, Gold Ring by Al Anwar, Heart Ring by Dusoul by Dhamani
Jewellery- Rose Gold Ring : Shea Luxe, Gold Ring : Al Anwar, Heart Ring : Dusoul by Dhamani

Treat yourself to an intricate ring dotted with natural diamonds to add a touch of sparkle to your everyday looks. Go for mixed-metal bands with perfectly-placed diamonds for versatility, or stack two minimal designs for a more playful appearance. Wear them with an Indian attire or an avant-garde silhouette, the timeless piece will perfectly fit the bill. While it’s safe to bet that one may already own a classic diamond-stringed band or a piece that boasts one large-sized diamond, streamline your jewellery closet by gifting yourself a more experimental one that echoes your personal taste.

AISSHPRA Jewellers


Chirag Dulhani Jewellers


Dusoul by Dhamani Jewellery


Gehna Jewellers


Rose Gold Ring by Shea Luxe


Elegantly Timeless Pendant Collection

Pendants hold a sentimental value by way of being a lasting reminder of a special achievement, or by carrying specific symbols that mean something to you — be it an initial, a sun sign or a particular motif that represents a thought.

Jewellery: Elephant Necklace, 3-Pendant Necklace, Round Solitaire Necklace
Jewellery- Elephant necklace : Gehna Jewellers, 3-pendant necklace : Sim Sum Fine Jewellery, Round solitaire necklace : Om Jewellers

Since they are highly subjective and individualised, you can go for one that reflects who you are. Consider a rectangular pendant with a cushion-cut diamond for a classic-yet-modern look, or a heart-shaped diamond pendant to mark the day of love. Stack a few for a trendy mood and experiment with the length of the chain to suit all necklines. Whatever your taste in fashion may be — relaxed co-ords or bodycon dresses, neutrals or candy colours — a shimmering diamond pendant that gives a nod to minimalism, will subtly lend a polished appeal.

Araya Jewellery Collection


Chirag Dulhani Jewellers

Chirag Dulhani

Dhamani Jewellery Elegance


La Marquise Fine Jewellery

La Marquise

Shea Luxe Jewellery Collection

Shea Luxe

Lustrous Diamond Bracelets

Jewellery- Top bracelet : Gehna Jewellers, Middle bracelet : Amayra Jewellery, Bottom bracelet : Shea Luxe

The act of self-gifting a personalised diamond bracelet can become a cherished memory in itself, reminding you of the moment you chose to pause and appreciate yourself. Just like pendants, they are versatile and can be customised in many ways to express your unique style and personality. 

Shea Luxe Jewellery

Shea Luxe


Nada Ghazal Jewellery

Nada Ghazal

La Marquise Fine Jewellery

La Marquise

Al Anwar Jewellers

Al Anwar

Classic or Modern Earrings

Jewelry: Triangle Hoops by Shea Luxe, Star Studs by Shruti Sushma, Baguette Hoops by Sim Sum Fine Jewellery
Jewellery- Triangle hoops : Shea Luxe, Star Studs : Shruti Sushma, Baguette Hoops : Sim Sum Fine Jewellery

While big diamond hoops serve as a stylish companion to turtle neck tops, smaller lobe-hugging ones accentuate more graceful necklines. And you deserve to have the right jewellery pieces in your arsenal, on days you choose to go the extra mile. Depending on your sartorial likings, gift yourselves the pairs that you would end up cherishing the most. 

Aisshpra Earrings Collection


Kaj Earrings Collection


House of PC by Chopra Sons Jewellery

House of PC by Chopra Sons

Chirag Dulhani Earrings Collection

Chirag Dulhani

Araya Earrings Collection


All that being said, self-gifting is a beautiful act of self-care and self-love that can have a powerful impact on our well-being and happiness. Whether it’s a simple token or a more elaborate gesture, it is a way of showing ourselves that we are valued, deserving and loved. A timeless gift to ourselves, natural diamonds are a shining testament to this love that lasts. So, let’s celebrate ourselves today and every day — and give ourselves what we so richly deserve.