Let Your Diamonds Speak For You

Jewellery has been central to the unique human ability of telling our stories- expressing our unique personalities, culture and spiritual beliefs. What we choose to wear says a lot about us and when it comes to the language of love and timeless elegance, what better way than to say it with your diamonds.

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Jewellery: Sona Chandis (Caroline Zeliang), Navrattan Jewellers, New Delhi (Imdad Barbhuyan), Angelique Raina (Khanna Jewellers), and Raksha Singh (Navrattan Jewellers, Delhi)

Natural diamond is a rare gift from the earth itself- created under intense pressure and extreme temperature over billions of years, hundreds of miles below the earth’s surface; it imbibes the true spirit of authenticity and is in fact a miracle of nature. Their formation under such unique conditions and the careful and meticulous extraction renders them rare, unique and even priceless.

“Choosing natural diamonds is our way of acknowledging and embracing our connection with nature and celebrating this gift.”

Imdad Barbhuyan, Visual Artist and Architect

The Gift of Timeless Elegance
The legacy and elegance of natural diamonds shine through the ages and its value lies in this timelessness. With passing time its value only multiplies, because it is a physical embodiment of the very essence of time. It’s always best to buy less and cherish them for longer and diamonds as we know never go out of style and last forever. 

“What I like are things that have history to them, something that can be used, re-used and passed down to generations.”

Caroline Zeliang, Head of Design, Urth Label
Jewellery: Khanna Jewellers

Shining Through Generations
Diamond jewellery is like a time capsule of memories and cherished moments; it can be a reminder of a shared experience or a special connection with someone. It is this enduring emotional and economic worth across generations that make natural diamonds the perfect symbol of love and promise. Knowing that someone will find familiarity and comfort in the history that the diamond has lived through, makes it imperative that we invest in natural diamond jewellery that we can pass down as gifts or family heirlooms.

“A lot of jewellery is gifted and those moments are very important to the people who receive them.”

Angelique Raina, Strategy Consultant

While heirlooms have their own charm and sentimental value, inherited diamond jewellery can always be repurposed and made into more suitable and new designs to fit one’s current style and needs. Redesigning a piece is a way of carrying the legacy of the natural diamond in our hearts and minds, while making it relevant from one generation to the next. 

Jewellery: Navrattan Jewellers, Delhi

Endless Styling Potential
When it comes to the most versatile jewellery, diamonds easily are the uncontested winners. Natural diamonds make a statement and shine through no matter what we pair them with. From adding bling to swimwear, a black power-suit and denim to something as traditional as a sari, diamonds go perfectly with any kind of garments ranging from the most minimal Western looks to extravagant and sumptuous traditional Indian garments. This versatility is one of the most unique qualities that make natural diamonds so desirable.

Styling a jumpsuit with pearls embedded on it, Raksha Singh, stylist and image consultant prefers to add natural diamond jewellery to create a chic and elegant look. ‘’You don’t need anything else when you pair your outfits with diamonds and this is what versatile means, it changes the look completely’’ she adds.  

Jewellery: Sona Chandis

Diamonds and Power Dressing
The contrast between a bold power suit and the inherent elegance of natural diamonds is both seductive and empowering. Angelique wears her diamond neckpiece with a black power suit to create the most dynamic silhouette. She also emphasises this contrast by pairing the diamond with a denim jacket. Caroline brings her own twist to traditional power dressing by wearing her rings with a blue co-ord set with blazers and shorts.   

Adding Bling to Monochrome Patterns
One can choose to take a minimal and softer approach and simply add a statement diamond neckpiece or a set of rings to elevate a monochrome look- be it a white dress, a beige blazer or a linen sari. Caroline pairs her diamonds with an off-white sari while Palak Shah pairs her diamond bangles with a black sari.

“I think both the sari and natural diamonds are timeless and go perfectly well together.”

Palak Shah, Founder & CEO, Ekaya
Jewellery: Navrattan Jewellers, New Delhi

Outerwear that Compliments the Shine of a Diamond
Setting the jewellery against a neutral fabric, a turtleneck with trousers for example, and then finishing the look with a jacket in brocade, velvet or any kind of embroidery, zari or mirror-work will compliment the shine of the jewellery and create a sophisticated, balanced and modern Indo-Western look. For an all-white look, I decided to go for a jacket with mirror work from Kutch to enhance the shine of the natural diamond necklace. 

“Diamonds are so versatile and I feel it gives everyone and anyone a new personality, a new look, a new identity and I think that’s the most special thing about natural diamonds.”

Palak Shah, Founder & CEO, Ekaya