Better Together: The Joy Of Sparkling Company

Diwali traditions that have been inherited from past generations have found new meaning in its last few renditions—much like natural diamonds personalised by the generation that holds them.

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The early hours of the day were set aside for prepping new outfits, cleaning up any remnants of our indulgences from the night before and lending a hand for the multi-course meal to come. As the sun set, it was time to gather around for the puja in our finest attire, set the tables with sweets and snacks and light candles and diyas in an almost-identical path that covered every corner of the house. Such is the spirit of Diwali—making the most ordinary chores so unforgettable that we cling on to their recollection

Evolution of Diwali Celebrations:
A New Perspective

A typical present-day Diwali celebration and its preparations among millennials have found new meanings over the years. As the pandemic geared us towards virtual wishes, there are more moments spent on FaceTime catching up with faraway friends, the distant sound of firecrackers slowly fading away, and string lights and plug-in lanterns sit perfectly alongside the nostalgia of oil and wick lamps.

Studs, Necklace, Bangles, and Ring, Accompanied by Narayan Jewellers Earrings
Studs, Necklace, Bangles and Ring: A.S Motiwala, Earrings: Narayan Jewellers, Outfit: Raw Mango

There are few moments that entail the same degree of enthusiasm as the time around Diwali. The zeal of celebration takes over our surroundings with profound feelings of generosity, forgiveness and affection among us all. For me, the festivities bring back a gush of vivid memories that make up a quintessential day of Diwali which hardly shapeshifted for almost two decades.

Not to forget the customary dusting and decluttering have been adapted to cleaner detox concepts. The auspicious day, which was once marked by adorning new silks to welcome the deities, is now rounded off as an act of positive, new beginnings.

Diamond Anklet and diamond Ring
Anklet: Amol Jewellers, Ring: H Ajoomal Jewellers, Outfit: Totamaina

Either way, the traditions and rituals will always symbolise the inner light that protects each home from spiritual darkness. Today, we are celebrating their eternal glory, made even brighter in the company of our loved ones and some beautiful natural diamonds.

Bangles and Ring: A.S Motiwala, Outfit: Raw Mango

Natural Diamonds & Diwali Celebrations

Even though our lives get busier, there are moments in the day that compel us to take a pause and appreciate the little things. We learn to find joy in conversations and company. Real diamonds do just the same for us—they act as a beautiful symbol of love and heighten the sense of celebration.

The epitome of the triumph of light over darkness, the day is incomplete without some sparkle and shine around. As flickering diyas and dancing lights illuminate our spaces, natural diamonds work wonders as speckles of shine on our outfits. Whether in the form of stacked bangles or heirloom diamonds, pick out the pieces that brighten up your spirit on Diwali.

Elegant diamond Rings, Necklace and Bracelet
(L to R) Rings: Jaipur Gems and Rose Fine Jewellery, Necklace: Studio Reves, Bracelet: Umrao Jewellers, Outfits: Anavila and Khanijo

Finally, the scents of freshly picked genda flowers and sweet incense round off the enduring sensory affair. It is true for all natural diamonds that they are remarkable markers of time, transporting you back to the past and showing you a glimpse of the future at the same time.From a statement cocktail ring to a contemporary-cut diamond bracelet, let any special piece from your wardrobe become an ode to this occasion.

Natural diamond ring and bracelet
Rings: Tara Fine Jewellery and Her Story, Bracelet: Senco Gold and Diamonds Jewellers

The festival of light is also a time for expression as it finds its way through sharing, caring, and generosity as expressed through food. Traditional handmade confectioneries, topped with dry fruits, ghee, jaggery or saffron, perfectly bring alive Diwali’s essence of prosperity and benevolence.

Set the mood right—finding the ideal music playlist that kicks off the evening with a charm and carries on till the wee hours of the night as your friends kick back their heels around the living room. Basque in the rush of clinking glasses, stacked up tokens and laughter as the night sets in.

Exquisite Diamond Rings, Earrings, Necklace and Bangles
(L to R) Rings: Narayan Jewellers and Gehna Jewellers, Earrings: Jaipur Gems, Necklace: H Ajoomal, Bangle: A.S Motiwala, Outfits: Raw Mango and Urvashi Kaur

As friends gather around the beautifully-set table, excitement, nostalgia and pure happiness come together in picture-perfect moments. Not unlike them, natural diamonds are carriers of emotions too, as they are etched with stories of those who wear and cherish them. From family heirlooms to contemporary finds, all diamond jewellery holds glimpses of momentous times that we can carry forever.

Just as the untarnished shine on generations-old handcut polki jewellery or the unmatched sparkle of brilliant-cut real solitaires, being surrounded by loved ones never loses its ability to light up our spirits. It is this ever-lasting joy that Diwali festivities truly embody.

Elegant diamond Earrings, Necklace, Rings, and Brooch
(L to R) Earrings: Studio Renn, Necklace: H Ajoomal, Rings: Her Story and Tara Fine Jewellery, Brooch: Umrao Jewellers, Outfits: Urvashi Kaur

The festival of lights is the perfect excuse to not hold back on sparkle or style, whether you add delicate layers of glimmer in stackable pieces or go bold with statement diamond designs. The makings of a quintessential Diwali day may evolve over time, I always look for those humble moments that will brighten up my box of memories.

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