Every Diamond Tells A Story…

From art to literature and music to movies, reams have been devoted to the intense love affair between women and their natural diamonds. Riaan George narrates why only diamonds hold this enduring power over the women who wear them.

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Countless stories have been written about the bond between women and natural diamonds. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what size of diamond you possess, the emotional connect that a diamond evokes is undeniable. Moreover, every diamond is a testimonial, a story of sorts, of the women who own them, the people who buy them and the generations who pass them on. We can all somehow draw beautiful memories from every piece of our natural diamond jewellery a landmark moment of our lives, a special occasion, a family heirloom or a personal achievement. A diamond’s symbolism, the journey it takes to reach us and the journey with us are its biggest strength.

There are several elements that underpin women’s innate fascination for all that glitters. Natural diamonds are considered by connoisseurs to be the ultimate symbol of luxury, they transcend generations and, most importantly, they punch well above their price tag. These gems hold an universal and timeless appeal for all who see and hold them.

But none of these reasons still explained that X factor of why diamonds enchant women, and so we spoke to women across India, all of whom shared this penchant for natural diamonds and a deep emotional attachment to that one piece of jewellery. In spite of varying backgrounds, the common denominator was the emotion that a natural diamond evokes: a desire to preserve and celebrate our heritage and a need to leave a little something of ourselves behind for future generations.

Heritage and Legacy

An overwhelming rationale for many women is the timelessness of natural diamonds. They are forever in vogue, and transcend ephemeral fashion trends. Their sparkle endures, making them the ideal heirloom and legacy to pass on to future generations.  Sporting a piece of jewellery that has been part of your family for generations, in some cases even for centuries, is a true luxury. There is an undeniable sense of pride in such an experience. For Shambhavi Sahai, Founder of the tropical blending co, being gifted her mother’s diamond necklace was recognition of the fact that her mom is proud of her and considers her to be a grown up deserving of this now, whereas for Gayeti, inheriting her grandmother-in-law’s diamond represented a link between the families.

Gayeti speaks of a bond that diamonds create.

“This necklace belonged to my husband’s grandmother who I never met. It’s that link between families and this larger world and universe that is symbolized by one diamond.”

Gayeti Singh, Co-founder, The Citizen

There is certainly a strong family and generational narrative that underscores the existence of a diamond. Radhika Makkar, Product Manager-Star India remembers her parents gifting her the diamond necklace to celebrate her life choices and her success. Gifting patterns may change with modern trends, but giving something with heritage & history always holds a special meaning.

Shambahvi speaks of discovering an inherent inner sparkle.
Shreya talks about the story behind her unique diamond jewellery.

Stories and Emotional Connections

Women like to associate their diamonds different phases of their lives, which they consider as landmarks. In many ways, a piece of diamond jewellery is used to mark life’s milestones. So, whether it is an expression of self-worth and confidence in a young woman who has just taken a life-changing decision, or a symbol of eternal love gifted by her partner, every diamond carries a profound significance and emotion. As more young women step into the corporate world or begin their own ventures, they have a desire to show the world just how much their personal achievements mean to them. And is there a better way to depict this than gifting yourself a resilient and unbreakable natural diamond?

“Being a professional and getting respect for the jewellery you wear, a diamond being the hardest stone, adds depth and weight to your personality.”

Anica Mann, Principal, DPS Sonipat
Anica dons her heirloom diamond earrings for everyday elegance.
Anica dons her heirloom diamond earrings for everyday elegance.

Symbol of Love

Natural diamonds are synonymous with love, and have been so for centuries. Starting with Archduke Maxmillian in 1477, gifting a glittering diamond studded engagement ring has become tradition the world over. Due to their inherent strength, resilience and eternal sparkle, natural diamonds have come to represent everlasting relationships. Words don’t do justice to the symbolism of the gesture, as expressed by Shreya Soni, Founder of Delhi Secret Supper Club for whom the diamond ring gifted by her husband is a constant reminder of the power of love at unexpected times.

At an existential level, the very quintessence of a natural diamond and everything that it stands for, forms close ties with women across the board. It is such an empowering item to have, that instantly makes the wearer feel glamorous, elegant and more confident than ever before. Just like a diamond is polished and made to sparkle, over years, women become the best versions of themselves and shine for all the world to see.

Pia talks about her heirloom natural diamonds that are over 300 years old.
Anjali adds her own unique twist while wearing her grandmother’s natural diamond jewellery.