Mum’s The Word

Former Harper’s Bazaar Accessories Editor and jewellery-lover Sitara Mulchandani on her favourite gifts for Mother’s Day

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Jewellery: 'S' initial Ring- KAJ Fine Jewellery', N' initial pendant- Single Stone, and Tara Ring- Tara Fine Jewellery

Motherhood has changed me. And with it, my approach towards jewellery. I used to favour larger, more dramatic pieces – like a pair of shoulder-grazing earrings or an oversized cocktail ring that would instantly dress up my go-to outfit of jeans, a white shirt and heels. But now, with days spent home-schooling (thank you, CoVid), baking, or simply just playing with my three-year-old daughter, Noor and one-year-old son Avir, I find that the only pieces that I want to wear are those filled with meaning and sentiment.

It all started a few years ago when my mother gifted me a necklace with my daughter’s name and birthstone on it when she was born. Simple, gold with just two heart-shaped rubies in place of the two ‘o’s in her name, I was instantly in love – it was the best new mom gift. Just by wearing it I felt like I was able to take a part of her wherever I went. She did the same after my son was born, but this time with natural diamonds. I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken them off. In fact, I sometimes find myself instinctively reaching for them whenever I miss the kids, and I instantly feel connected. I believe that there is a forever quality to such personalised jewellery, and that one day these will be pieces that my children will treasure and save, and will hopefully pass on.  

This year for Mother’s Day, I’ve been drawn towards equally personal jewels but with a modern twist:

Jewellery: ‘T’ & ‘A’ layered necklaces – Tara Fine Jewellery & Blessed Bracelet – A.S. Motiwala Fine Jewellery

Circle of Life: Rings
Contemporary designs feature natural diamonds combined with colourful enamel and charms to create bright, eye-catching pieces with meaning. A celebrity favourite, KAJ Fine Jewellery by Kajal Fabiani is instantly recognisable for her playful use of coloured natural diamonds. Her enamel signet ring features a diamond-inlaid initial set atop pastel-coloured enamel – a feminine and summery take to an otherwise more masculine design. Mumbai-based Tara Daswani’s custom smoky topaz ring with a diamond-inlaid name makes a fun and meaningful style statement.

Out of Hand: Cuffs
I’m a big fan of everyday diamonds that can be worn with everything from an evening gown to a swimsuit. Vik and Natasha Jethwani’s signature initial cuff is the perfect example of this – available in a variety of natural diamond colours, two initials are connected by a simple gold band – you’ll find that you’ll never want to take it off.

Chain Reaction: Necklaces
I feel incomplete without my two name chains: simple, and easy to wear, they are my favourite and most meaningful pieces of jewellery. A.S. Motiwala, the century-old jewellery house, has a range of personalised necklaces in gold and set with sparkling diamonds. Designed in a delicate cursive font, you can choose from a ready selection including ‘mom’ and ‘blessed’, or request your own.

Jewellery: Earrings-Sapna Mehta Jewellery, J-M bracelet – Vik Jet Fine Jewellery, and Rings- Tara Fine Jewellery

For My Mother

I owe my mother everything. From the way I look, my mannerisms to even how and what I cook, her influence on me is undeniable. However, one of the few things we disagree on is in the way I buy  jewellery. My mother’s taste has always been very classic and value-centred. And whilst her collection is beautiful, I’ve always felt that most pieces were too ornate to wear on a regular basis, and are often confined to the safe for most of the year.

I’m the opposite: I prefer to buy pieces that I want to wear now, the ones that give me an immediate sense of satisfaction. I often send her screenshots of designs to which her standard reply to me is “You’ll soon tire of it” – I rarely listen. I think that’s the difference with what I consider to be the new heirlooms, these are pieces bought for their wearability and less for their intrinsic value.

For Mother’s Day this year my gifting guide for her would include all the types of pieces that she frowns at. I’d love to show her that fun and modern takes on classical jewellery can also be timeless and eternal.

Jewellery: Earrings- Estaa Gems Ring- Kamyen Jewellery, and Bracelet- Carolina Bucci

Paint it Black: Coloured Diamonds
I have always loved the mystery and opacity of black diamonds, and to this day wear a black diamond band instead of a black thread. My mother, on the other hand, feels that they are a stone I’ll soon grow out of. But Estaa’s moon disc earrings crafted in silver and set with black, grey, and white diamonds are a stunning example of how black diamonds can be worn at any age.

Game, Set, Match: Tennis Bracelets
A tennis bracelet is undoubtedly timeless. But in the age of stacking, I feel it can sometimes get lost. Carolina Bucci’s Twister Luxe is the Italian House’s take on this classic design. Featuring the brand’s signature rondelles set with brilliant cut natural diamonds and encased by a stainless steel spring, this clasp-free bangle is malleable and flexible – and can be easily worn alone or layered with other bracelets.

It Takes Two: Toi et Moi Rings
Toi et Moi refers to a ring in which two gems sit next to or close to each other. Traditionally symbolising two souls becoming one, the style is enjoying a revival with an increasing number of designers updating the concept. Kamyen Jewellers, the ten year-old design house by Pooja Gandhi, does just that with their titanium emerald-cut diamond and indicolite ring – distinctly modern it’s the perfect option for when you want an upgrade from the standard solitaire.

Chain of Command: Layered Necklaces
My mother has always favoured a lariat or a sautoir draped delicately over a monochrome top as her go to choice for an evening out. Amayra’s dainty and delicate selection of stackable natural diamond necklaces in a range of motifs is a versatile addition to anyone’s jewellery wardrobe. Easy-to-wear, you can layer multiple chains of differing lengths – dressing up or down as you wish.

Designed in sparkling diamonds, in a range of fonts and scripts, set with enamel, or just crafted in gold – personalised jewellery comes in a multitude of different styles meaning that you’ll be able to find the perfect piece to suit every personality.