Get Engaged With a Diamond Ring That Matches Your Vibe

Every diamond has a personality of its own and when it blends seamlessly with yours, it is a match made in heaven. Here’s a diamond engagement guide that celebrates you as much as your romance.

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(L to R): Caratlane, Shruti Sushma & Kalyan Jewellers Eternal Sheen

The beauty about love is that there is more than one way to express your affection and adoration. Some need grand gestures, for others a gentle whisper is enough. Love is a powerful feeling that can make even the meek feel confident and strong. It is a roller coaster of an emotion that gives you a happy high.

When you know you have found a love that is for keeps, you can’t wait to lock it in for life. And what better way to express your feelings than with a natural diamond-studded engagement ring that speaks the universal language of love?

It is an iconic symbol of your romance that can be flaunted, celebrated and adorned every day. There are countless designs to choose from, so where do you start? One way to make the search easier is to select a ring that resonates with your individuality.

We send you looking in the right direction with this helpful diamond personality guide.


The Adventurous
Shopping for your engagement ring is thrilling because it marks the first step in your new adventure as man and wife. You are out to find a ring that gives you a heady high just like a new expedition. One that will embrace your free spirit. A bezel-set diamond ring or a diamond-studded band would be beautiful yet durable to accompany your daily quests.

The Romantic
You’ve fallen head over heels in love and find joy and happiness in everything you see. It is all about the warm and thoughtful actions, surprise gifts and affectionate notes that make you feel your best.You want a ring that is as special as your romance. Which natural diamond ring will make your heart race and leave you weak in the knees? A scalloped silhouette, floral blossoms, infinity symbols or something more direct like a heart-shaped ring?

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers
Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

The Classic
You are an old-school romantic at heart and opt for timeless elegance over the latest fads. You’ve found a love that you want to cherish for a lifetime and want a ring to complement it. For you, good designs never go out of style. You veer towards pieces that you will fall more in love with every day. A round-cut solitaire will uphold your love like an enduring legacy. Switch it up a bit with a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring for a modern twist.

The Bling Lover
You love being fabulously flamboyant in all your choices. You deserve an engagement ring that says it all. If it doesn’t dazzle and shine as bright as the sun, then it isn’t enough for you. Your ring needs to have all the drama you can get. A dazzling halo-set diamond ring, a glittering solitaire or even a natural fancy cut diamond ring will ensure that the spotlight is always on you.

House of Rose
Faith by AS Motiwala

The Trendsetter
Your sartorial game is always on point. Breaking barriers has been your style so why should it be any different with your engagement ring? Channel your individuality with an atypical engagement ring that you can flaunt unabashedly. Mix metals, add enamel for a colour burst or select a ring dressed with fancy coloured natural diamonds. Whatever you choose, family and friends will take tips from your style files.

The Minimalist
You prefer to keep things fuss-free in an overcomplicated world. Quality over quantity, you want a hint of sparkle to mark your milestone moment of love. At the same time, it should be subtle, meaningful and functional. Matte gold bands with pave-set diamonds, tiny diamond clusters or even a rose-cut diamond ring can be simple yet striking.


Whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist, there is a perfect natural diamond engagement ring for every kind of you. You’ve got the partner of your dreams, so your dream ring won’t be too far behind.  Make your way into your bright future with a diamond sparkler to match.

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