GEMS OF LOVE: Nikita and Tapan’s Tender 21st Century Love Story

Time after time, we’ve heard the legendary modern tale of strong-willed, resolute parents earnestly persuading their children to make the perfect profile on matrimonial dating apps. And in their unshakeable pursuit of matchmaking, this is mostly, if not everyday, followed by sneaking up around the children’s phones hoping that it’s finally the day they will discover a message from a prospective mate!

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All jewellery images courtesy Tanishq Jewellery & personal images courtesy Nikita & Tapan


In a wildly contrasting setting, let’s meet Nikita and Tapan who laid eyes on each other on one such matrimonial app, but decided to keep it a secret from their parents for the longest time. 

What ensued from their very first offline meeting were multiple lunches, movie dates and eventually, a chivalrous Tapan winning Nikita’s heart with the ‘conventional yet mighty’ gesture of lending his jacket to her on a chilly night. Several such mutually assuring gestures later, Nikita and Tapan discovered true love in each other. The unaware parents were finally made privy to their love story, and the decision to forever be in each other’s lives was made.

The start of their lifetime of cooking, living and laughing together, was initiated with the sparkle of two of the most lovely Tanishq natural diamond engagement rings that symbolise the inseparable bond they share. 

We spoke with the lovestruck couple, and here’s how it went:

How did it all start? And what were your first impressions of each other?
Tapan:  Well, it surely wasn’t one of those love stories straight out of a movie where we locked eyes, fell in deep love and got married. We..met on a matrimonial dating app!

Nikita:  The whole process was quite meticulous. We went on our first ever date making sure that the terms were clear to each other. We’d decided that we would meet, get to know each other and only take things forward if we felt like we had clicked. If not, we would be friends and have no complications to deal with.

Tapan: Yep!  And, I think the first impression we had about each other was that we’re complete opposites! (laughs) But now,  it feels more like we’re those two jigsaw puzzle pieces that simply don’t look like they belong with each other but when placed side by side, they just fit.

You’ve definitely met ‘the one’ in each other! When did it ring true for you both?
Tapan: Personally, I never had a eureka moment. It was a slow process, a slow build-up of things. Nikita has done a multitude of little things that led me to feel and ultimately know that she’s the one for me.

When we both have conversations, I know that what I get to hear is someone that truly loves me. You simply can’t miss it when it’s coming straight from the heart, you know?  We can talk for hours, and every conversation we have only draws me closer to her.

Nikita:  We still go on for hours!(laughs)
I also think that it’s all of Tapan’s consistent acts of care that made me realise that it rings true for me. But when I think of the time we decided to take the next big step in our relationship, I do actually have a singular moment in mind. One night, Tapan was dropping me home late at night and we caught ourselves just looking at each other. It’s like we already knew. We then confessed that it was time to tell our parents about what we had – it was at that instant that we were sure.

What does a perfect day look like to both of you?
Tapan: We’re both huge explorers at heart. A perfect day for us would be one that’s got a few adventurous feats to it, mostly an outdoor escapade.  The weekend right after the lockdown eased out, we went on a trek first thing in the morning. We were tired of the cityscape and wanted to treat ourselves to some mountains and trees.

Nikita:  Oh yes,  we woke up at around 4 AM to go on this trek.  And I think that travelling still wasn’t allowed then. (laughs) Tapan is absolutely right about us being explorers. Even for our honeymoon, we just backpacked the whole trip.

A perfect day for us would also be one right at home. We would cook something together, have a glass of wine, watch a movie and just chill!

What’s your favourite thing to do together?
Tapan: Cooking! It’s the one activity that has helped us bond with each other more than anything else has. We both love food, and I would say being a food lover is a huge part of my personality.

Nikita: It sure is! We always cook together, and even though neither of us are the greatest cooks, what keeps us going is how much we like to experiment.

Tapan: When you’re dating, the interactions you have are more commonly in outdoor settings. In a marriage though, most of what happens is inside the ‘home’ that you make with your partner. And so, even the simple act of having dinner together is a lot of intentional and applied effort. That’s exactly what makes life together with with all the more memorable and enjoyable for us.

How did you choose your engagement ring? And was picking them a rocky road or a smooth one?
Nikita: It was great fun, actually. We went to Tanishq to choose our engagement ring. Their designs are so beautiful that the very first time we went there we already knew which ones we wanted.

Tapan: That’s true. It was done in only 10 minutes.

Nikita: With Tanishq, there’s a sense of genuineness and purity that gives you the confidence to place all your faith in them. I always knew that I’d head straight to a Tanishq store when the day comes so we didn’t spend too much time wondering where we could choose the best engagement rings for us.

Tapan: I was also old-school in that I wanted a crown diamond ring. And since we both were rowing the same boat with our preferences, it was a quick deal.

Did you know you wanted natural diamond engagement rings? What makes diamonds so special to you two?
Tapan:  We both were sure from the start. Natural diamonds are a symbol of power to me and I wanted just that, to signify our lifelong relationship.

Nikita: It’s a once in a lifetime moment, and we wanted nothing but the best. Natural diamonds sparkle unapologetically regardless of what time of the day it is  – what makes them special for our relationship is that they constantly remind us to do the same.

What was your happiest memory with each other?
Tapan: Wearing the ring. The engagement ring, actually. On a personal level, the engagement was THE ceremony for me. It felt a lot more special than the wedding ceremony.

Nikita: I agree with that. The wedding was more of a series of ceremonies spread over days. To us, it was the engagement that was more personal and endearing. It was the first time we were getting truly connected to each other, and with the everlasting life of a natural diamond ring.

Tapan: The feeling of two people wearing natural diamond rings on each other’s fingers to mark an eternity. It’s just so very special.