Gems of Love: Amrisha and Sahil’s new chapter

They were always at a table’s length from each other in high school but never got to speak. However, they caught each other’s attention instinctively.

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Jewellery: Mirari

Amrisha Sarin and Sahil Uttam let destiny weave their paths together. They sporadically kept in touch with each other during their collegian years. On returning from abroad, they sensed an unusual sense of nostalgia spread over them and finally decided to let their guards down with each other. All it took was a diamond heirloom ring to recreate their once insipid history into an enchanting one laden with joy and love. 

Sahil has his own business of textiles and is a self-taught musician. Amrisha is a connoisseur of the arts who also runs her own patisserie. They have two gorgeous children and a life filled with joy.

1. What was your first impression about your partner?

Sahil Uttam – I think we both felt this urge to speak to one another in high school but for some reason that never happened (nostalgic). We did speak on the last day of school and I felt a twinge of regret for not getting to know Amrisha earlier.Amrisha Sarin – But I believe that one should trust the timing of their life. Rest is history(reassuringly).

2. When did you realize you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together? What is your definition of love, of companionship? 

SU- It was early into our dating. Our conversations felt natural and free flowing. We have always had the ability to make each other laugh(looks sideways and smiles at Amrisha). More importantly, our values and thinking mirrors one another.

AS- Consistency. A constant desire to work on our relationship. Finally, even with kids, to recognize each other as individuals and not just as parents. I guess that, together we are a single strong unit that’s one of a kind –  just like a diamond. But we’re also our own people.

Amrisha and Sahil
Jewellery: Solitaire ring by Hazoorilal and eternity band by Moksh

3. Have you ever changed anything for your partner?

SU: I suppose I have become more adventurous whether it’s towards food, travel or just a general curiosity towards trying new things. AS: Yes, I think he’s calmed me down a lot(nodding). I stop to think a lot more and try being patient.

4. How often do you take time out for romantic evenings? What kind of preparation does it entail?

AS: It’s more about small moments than putting an evening aside for a date. We enjoy cooking together. Sometimes after the kids have slept we’ll sit and talk or listen to music together. It’s little bits of being thoughtful and considerate towards one another that makes you feel loved and cared for. We want to celebrate and remember these moments.

5. A family consists of unique individuals with varied interests. How do you spend time together as a family? How do you manage to juggle between work and children?

SU: We like planning Sunday lunches with the kids. We cook in or go out for these meals. We enjoy swimming together in the summers. The living room has a piano that I play frequently. We’re in that vicinity a lot.  Bedtime for the kids is sacred, because that’s when we get to hear them talk about their day. We read to them and say our prayers. After they’re asleep we get a little time to unwind ourselves or catch up on work.

AS: It’s hard for any working parent to balance the two. Especially since the lockdown has imposed homeschooling. We are clear on our priorities and honestly, managing our family and work wouldn’t be successful if we didn’t work well together as a team. So, we’re in sync as partners and in our parenting.

6. What is the story behind the ring you are wearing?

AS: This natural diamond ring is a family heirloom that was gifted to Sahil’s grandmother by his grandfather on their 25th anniversary. Sahil wanted to propose with a stone that has history and meaning for him rather than something from a store. I loved that provenance and decided to wear the ring in its original vintage setting. It symbolizes two histories. The one his grandparents shared and the one we’re making presently.

Amrisha wearing diamond ring
Jewellery: Couple rings by Forevermark

7. Why do you prefer natural diamonds?

SU: We strive towards a conscious, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Ethical natural diamonds fit within that philosophy.

AS: It’s been a symbol of our commitment to one another. A natural diamond which has been passed on as a family heirloom tends to retain its emotional value over the years. I believe that natural diamonds have a strong heritage associated with it. It makes me feel like I am carrying the legacy forward. I feel complete(smiles).

8. Will your children inherit the ring? 

SU: I would like the ring to be passed down. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want to pressurize my children(laughs).

Amrisha and Sahil
Jewellery: Heart-shaped solitaire earrings by Anmol Jewellery

9. How do you retain the glow of your relationship? Do you believe that your relationship has matured with time?

SU: Definitely. There’s no doubt that things have changed about us over the decade that we’ve been together, but nothing about our basic instincts have changed. We are the same people and I’d be sure to say we’ve grown together in this relationship. 

AS: To thrive, any relationship needs to be tended to. We communicate constantly and remind ourselves not to take each other for granted. A distant relative gave us some advice when we got engaged, that remains etched in our memory, “Never see each other as a Mom or Dad or wife or husband. Instead, try to treat your partner as the person you began dating.” It makes you want to continuously keep things fresh for each other.