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Wrapped in love: The Ultimate Guide To Shower Your Dad With love

Wrapped in love: The Ultimate Guide To Shower Your Dad With loveJewellery (L-R): Kirtilal (Cufflinks), Studio Renn (Brooch), and ORAA Jewellery (Ring)
Jewellery (L-R): Kirtilal (Cufflinks), Studio Renn (Brooch), and ORAA Jewellery (Ring)

Is your dad the fashion icon in the house? Or does he enjoy simpler pleasures in life? For every kind of dad, there is a one-of-a-kind diamond gift waiting to be wrapped in love. This Father’s Day, make sure his smile and your surprise are the two most shiny things in a room. We have curated a handful of understated tokens and extravagances alike that are sure to strike a chord with your dad.

Takes two to charm

Nothing says understated sophistication like cufflinks. A classic essential that adds a cerebral cool to the everyday look. These natural diamond cufflinks make a statement with a dash of debonair. What better gift for the rock of your life than a pair of rock-solid cufflinks, right?

Jewellery: Belisma

Ringing in celebration

Diamond rings are the white shirt of Jewellery. A quintessential must-have with clean lines and shimmering natural diamonds, a ring is a classic choice when it comes to gifting. But your classic choice has myriad options now. From vintage designs to the modernised gypsy, there’s a ring for everyone. These studded lovelies are the perfect mix of beauty and grandeur for your dad.

Jewellery: ORRA Jewellery

Be ready to bedazzle

From sleek natural diamond bracelets to ones featuring quirky charms, this piece of jewellery is known to elevate your style quotient instantly. An effortless addition to your collection, bracelets offer a blend of modern designs and a rugged aesthetic. Manifesting a unique personal style, if there is a gift you must get for your dad, let this be the one.

Jewellery: Gehna Jewellers

The festive drip of the day

A fusion of artistry and modern luxury, these kurta buttons are a delectable treat for the eyes and the outfit. A set of natural diamond-studded buttons that can also be worn as cufflinks, these delicate darlings are a royal addition to your father’s collection.

Jewellery: Mirari

A debonair heirloom

Enthusiastic for the avant-garde styling? An artistic collar pin is a gift that keeps giving. Featuring scintillating natural diamonds, a timeless wearable heirloom that can be adorned on the placket, pocket, sleeves, or as cufflinks too, making it a stellar gift for the man who likes finer things in life.

Jewellery: Studio Renn

Buckle up for brooches

Make him wear his style on his sleeve, tie, pocket, or even a denim jacket. There are no inherent rules when it comes to brooches. Versatile and statement-making; it can become a pendant or even a turban pin if required; a diamond-studded brooch will always be in vogue and ensure that dad remains on top of his fashion game.

Jewellery: Navrattan Jewellers