Celebrate Super Dad

Your father plays many roles in your life, he’s your cheerleader and the first person you call in an SOS situation. This Father’s Day, gift your dad something as spectacular as his personality – natural diamonds.

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Jewellery Ensemble: Amrapali Brooch, Mouawad Watch, and Tejori Cufflinks
Brooch - Amrapali; Watch - Mouawad; Cufflinks - Tejori
Stylish Accessories: Kamyen Cufflinks and Amrapali Brooch
Cufflinks – Kamyen; Brooch – Amrapali

The Family Comedian

Almost every family has an in-house comedian and your father is probably that effervescent personality who loves holding court and regaling everyone with his arsenal of ‘dad jokes’. He promises to lighten the most somber mood and is forever enthusiastic to see your reaction to his latest comical concoctions that might elicit an eyeroll or a snicker but more often than not leave you in splits. When it comes to curating a present for the ultimate funny guy, choose pieces that are as playful and joyous as he is. Natural diamond accessories designed in novel motifs with humorous undertones are reflective of his wisecracks, a smiley face pendant replete with diamonds or a cute set of cufflinks in a mustache design are guaranteed to be appreciated. 

The Advisor: Your Father, the Guiding Force

Whether you’re sifting through the terrible teens or combating a tough boss, your father is probably your go-to for the best advice – personal and professional. You’ve spent nights staying up late, mapping out your career graph, and he’s been your shoulder to cry on through your first heartbreak. Through thick and thin, you know you can always depend on him. Show him how much you value his role in your life as the ultimate sounding board. Symbolic of his reliability and resilience are natural diamond accessories that will stand the test of time. A subtle gold bracelet studded with princess cut diamonds is an understated accessory that is evergreen against trends, you can even choose a more modern version in a braided wristlet featuring a natural diamond charm. 

Gold Bracelet by Khanna Jewellers and Braided Bracelet by Gehna
Gold bracelet – Khanna Jewellers; Braided bracelet – Gehna
Cufflinks by Al Anwaar and Kurta Buttons by H. Ajoomal
Cufflinks – Al Anwaar; Kurta buttons – H. Ajoomal

The Artsy Dad

Creativity often runs in the family and if you’re fortunate to have a father with an intrinsic artistic flair, you should do your best to encourage his talents. Nothing can be more inspiring than a father who has a proclivity towards the arts, you’ll often find him crouched over an adult colouring book or spending his Sundays at the pottery class. This dad knows the devil is in the details, so the diamond jewellery you gift him should be equally intricate and unique. A pair of cascading kurta buttons embellished with pearls and peppered with diamonds is sure to lend his Sunday uniform that extra dose of panache. You can also choose to gift him cufflinks that are anything but ordinary, a pair in interesting shapes and colour tones that features a blend of materials finished off with delicate diamonds is sure to catch his eye and be a totem for him to always stay inspired. 

The Extra dad

If you’re guilty of constantly raiding your father’s closet, it’s probably because he has great taste. The resident fashionista who doesn’t shy away from doling out unsolicited advice and is always the best-dressed amongst his friends deserves to be celebrated this Father’s Day in a way he will truly appreciate. Amid all those printed shirts and suave suits lies his inherent affinity for all things maximalist, and diamonds are the icing on the cake when it comes to making a true sartorial statement. Case in point: a heirloom-worthy diamond brooch or a diamond studded tie pin for a more formal occasion. Consider pieces that are potential conversation-starters and mirror his exuberant personality, diamonds interspersed with coloured stones in avante-garde designs make the perfect present for the dad who loves to be extra. 

Tie Pin by Nornament and Brooch by Birdhichand
Tie pin – Nornament; Brooch – Birdhichand
Pen by Nornament and Watch - Nebula by Titan
Pen – Nornament; Watch – Nebula by Titan

The Softy at Heart: Thoughtful Gifts for the Father

Your father is your biggest supporter – you’ll often catch him talking about your latest accomplishments beaming with pride. And as much as parents put on a tough exterior, children always have the ability to melt them through even the smallest thoughtful gestures. If your dad is a softy and wears his heart on sleeve, he deserves a present with a personal touch. For all the years spent playing good cop, crying with you at the movies and buying you those expensive gifts, your father deserves a noteworthy piece that will remind him of your bond. A diamond-encrusted pen – although a daily object, is elevated with a luxurious spin and is something he will enjoy using. Similarly consider investing in an elegant watch – metal or leather with a dial laced with natural diamonds reminiscent of your evergreen relationship. 

The Adventure Dad

Sprightly and outdoorsy, the Adventure dad isn’t one to spend his weekends taking a siesta. And he’s probably dragged you along on some of his many adventures out in nature. Full of energy and tales of folklore, the Adventure dad has a subscription to National Geographic and when he isn’t spitting facts about exotic animal species, he’s out and about on his next escapade. Amalgamate utility and luxury when it comes to curating a present for him on father’s day. For his upcoming Safari trip, an old school smoking pipe peppered with diamonds is not only useful but a definite mood-setting present. Or let him have an Indiana Jones moment with a leather belt featuring a diamond encrusted buckle.  

Smoking Pipe by Sawansukha and Belt by Anmol
Smoking pipe – Sawansukha; Belt – Anmol

So, whether you’ve got yourself a super stylish father who believes the bolder the better or the advisor dad who would appreciate pieces that are evergreen and timeless, from maximalist brooches to classic bracelets, there’s diamonds for every dad.