Love, Diamonds & Date Nights With Roshni & Sid

Roshni shows us how love comes alive when you add a dash of spice and the sparkle of natural diamonds with her at-home date ideas.

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Roshni Chopra reviving her date rituals along with Sid Kumar and her sparkling Natural diamonds
Images by Roshni Chopra

Many say keeping the spark alive in a marriage is a crucial skill that gets lost once your family grows and kids take precedence. As a true romantic at heart, I disagree. Being a mom doesn’t mean that I can’t plan special surprises for just the two of us. Spending the last three months at home has made me express my creative best to find some quality “us time” and improvise with the limited resources available to me. While we celebrated time together as a family, we missed our little date nights out. I decided to take matters into my hands, and revive our date rituals. From creating sensory delights with stunning plates of food to lighting up our lives with candles and fairy lights, I decided to dress up our home and us. And of course, I turned to my trusted natural diamonds to add that little extra touch of magic and sparkle to our dates.

I decided to take matters into my hands, and revive our date rituals.

Picnic Party

Roshni Chopra enjoying the sunlit picnic wearing her mom gifted natural diamond bangle

Summer has always meant vacations for us as a family. We love the allure of the lush outdoors and enjoy being in the lap of nature. A sunlit picnic in the park is a family favourite holiday activity. Since we can’t go out, I decided to bring the outdoors in by throwing a little surprise picnic in our balcony. All you need is a small space under the sky and the company of the ones you love. For our little picnic at home, I turned to the classics; my favourite white top & denim shorts which is my go-to outfit, just like my natural diamond bangle. Mom gifted it to me and I love how versatile it is. It pairs with everything I wear! We gorged on the array of scrumptious food, and laughed while the kids made merry. It felt like the world outside had ceased to exist. We were in the moment, grateful to have each other.

Movie Night

Roshni Chopra wearing a Princess-cut natural diamond solitaire engagement ring on her romantic movie night

There’s no denying or even hiding the fact that as a family, we’re movie buffs. And our favourite thing to do is movie night. But a movie night in, especially a pyjama date night, calls for some special effort. I put together blooming flowers, twinkling fairy lights, selected a rom-com and settled in with Sid and a bowl of crunchy popcorn. As I watched the actor propose on-screen, my eyes were drawn to our entwined fingers and my engagement ring; a princess-cut natural diamond solitaire we had picked together. It is a piece of jewellery that I always have on me and has so much meaning attached to it. It’s the symbol of our love, it tells the story of the family we’ve built and the vows we exchanged. I paired my ring with my cutest PJ’s and wondered why I hadn’t explored this outfit before? It was like a match made in heaven, just like popcorn and the movies, Sid and me.

My engagement ring is the symbol of our love, it tells the story of the family we’ve built and the vows we exchanged.

Dinner Date

Roshni Chopra wearing diamond earrings on her date night

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are big foodies. We love exploring new cuisines and enjoy the ambience a classy restaurant offers… Even when we travel I make reservations well in advance to score the best tables at the most talked about eateries.  This time round, I managed to score the best table in the house as I turned our balcony into the cosiest dining spot in the city.

We discovered date nights in can be even more special than candlelit dinners outside. As we looked into each other’s eyes, his gaze caught the sparkle of my earrings and his smile brightened. Sid had gifted them to me on our first anniversary and he knows I wear these Diamonds only on special occasions. We both realised that we didn’t need to wait for a special day to say ‘I Love You’. It’s special as long as we are together.

While the kids did photobomb on occasion and jump in to share the fun, these three dates were all about Sid and me and I wanted to keep it that way. This experience has made me appreciate the little moments and relationships we need to cherish. The ones where we laugh the most, or cry the most, the moments we stare into the sky or the sea or the eyes of a loved one and feel that we belong. These are the moments that tell the story of our lives, especially in times like these. When we are surrounded by uncertainty, we can’t really get the answers we are looking for. What we can do is stop to appreciate the ones we love and light up the mundane with a little diamond sparkle.