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The Goddess Within: Paying Homage to the Incredible Women in Our Lives

This Durga Puja, Natural Diamond Council salutes the indomitable spirit of the women in our families—the real-life warrior goddesses—who are magnificent, resilient and multifaceted, just like a precious natural diamond.

Year after year, the autumn breeze brings with it a familiar sense of excitement loaded with a generous dose of nostalgia. It is that time of the year when the goddess is worshipped in her breath-taking glory as the epitome of strength. She is fiery, she is bold and she is unstoppable. She is the magnificent creator, the fearless protector and the ever-sacrificing nurturer. She is Durga, she is Shakti, and she is every awe-inspiring modern-day woman who has vowed to safeguard her family in these challenging times. So this year, we unite to empower this goddess within our homes, a symbol of grit, strength and poise, with a gift befitting a deity—a spectacular natural diamond. One for our very own Devi.

“The qualities of diamonds serve as an interesting parallel to the weapons that have been empowering women through generations”


Sparkling with symbolism, diamonds convey devotion like no other. The resolute strength of the gemstone makes it capable of withstanding the highest of temperatures—much like the legendary stories of valour and resilience of goddess Durga who is revered all over the country as the supreme symbol of power. She came into being when all the gods were in a deep quandary, plagued by the merciless attacks of the powerful buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasur. When there seemed to be no end to his reign of terror, the gods united to empower her with 10 weapons of destruction, each bestowing her with a superpower that rendered her invincible against the demon.

While the legend evokes a strong sense of pride within us, it also serves as a reminder of the sacrifices of our natural protector—our mother. She’s the brightest natural diamond of every family with innumerable facets that reflect her many virtues. She’s a born leader, a risk-taker and the embodiment of self-realisation. And as we revel in the festivities that mark the triumph of the ‘Mahishasurmardini’ or the destroyer of evil, we also venerate the women who have weathered the ups and downs of life to evolve into an indestructible and magnificent natural diamond.


If Durga was strengthened by the offering of weapons like the Trishul, bow and arrow, conch shell and mace, we express our gratitude towards the fearless warriors in our families by ‘arming’ them with natural diamonds, that symbolise the many virtues they possess. The qualities of diamonds serve as an interesting parallel to the weapons that have been empowering women through generations. Durga’s Trishul bestowed her with a firm sense of balance and signified victory—the mark of a strong woman, unfettered by the chains of society. A unique miracle of nature. Her conch shell that produces the most primordial sound of the universe, stands for purity. The women in our lives are just as pure as diamonds, having endured extraordinary circumstances to emerge stronger. Durga also wields a sword that stands for intellectual sharpness. It never rusts and shines on eternally, just like a brilliant natural diamond. And finally, her mace represents an unbreakable bond of love and loyalty—a virtue that is almost synonymous with the nurturers, our mothers.

“The women in our lives are just as pure as diamonds, having endured extraordinary circumstances to emerge stronger”

The goddess is a reflection of the heroic, fierce and inspiring changemakers in our lives. They have juggled chores, fought against patriarchy and taken challenges head-on. They are the unsung goddesses who need to be celebrated with pomp and splendour. And these women, who are the epitome of strength deserve nothing less than the ultimate representation of love, commitment and tenacity—natural diamonds. This Durga Puja, we look forward to raising a toast to the toughest women of our lives and showering them with diamond jewellery that matches their enviable strength.