The Quintessential Eid Gifting Guide

This Eid-Al-Fitr, treat yourself to the sparkle of natural diamonds.

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Diamond Necklace and Bracelet
Ring: La Marquise, Necklace: Dhamani, Bracelet: Shea Lux

The joyful occasion of Eid-Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and a month of fasting with the sighting of the luminous crescent moon. Entrenched in the virtue of gratitude it is celebrated by carrying out pious acts of charity and special prayer. This special day is also charecterised by outings, visiting dear ones and intimate family gatherings. Exchanging presents and enjoying a delectable meal are one of the many rituals that govern this much awaited festival.  The occasion calls for wearing new clothes, as well being bedecked in your finest jewellery. Gratitude can be expressed in diverse ways and gratitude towards self is imperative. Celebrate the exuberant occasion of Eid by treating yourself to an amalgamation of modern and traditional natural diamond jewellery that are high on trend and make treasured forever pieces. 

diamond earrings
Earrings: Kaj, Maha Al Sibai, Amayra

Celebratory Diamond Earrings

The act of dressing up is immensely gratifying and treating yourself to glittering stud earrings or statement shoulder-grazers is a great way  to commemorate the joyful day. Elevate your richly embroidered fineries by wearing natural diamond earrings that mirror the celebratory nature of fast breaking. As you meet and greet friends and family, choose to go bold or understated with luxurious stud earrings speckled with uncut diamonds and traditional enamel work. Easy to wear, they can be styled with diamond encrusted chokers or jeweled cuffs and are versatile enough to serve you well beyond the festive season. Longer earrings create high impact with minimal effort and draw focus to your face. Interspersed with rubies and mother of pearl this contemporary selection is a covetable addition to your jewellery box. 

diamond earrings

Al Anwaar

Blue diamond earrings


natural diamond earrings


diamond earrings on ocassions

Her Story

silver diamond earrings

Ratan Jewellers

curve shape diamond earrings


diamond Earringd

Shea Luxe

Match your Eid outfit with diamond necklaces

As you spend thought and effort into piecing together your Eid outfit in the days leading up to the special occasion, your jewellery plays a remarkable role in accentuating your Gharara or Salwar Kameez. Natural diamond necklaces are the perfect forever pieces and the festival of gratitude is a fitting occasion to gift yourself one. Balance out proportions as you layer bold necklaces with delicate ones. A dramatic diamond collar necklace can be styled high on the neck with gentle chain necklaces dripping with uncut diamonds and pearls. Play a delightful game of mix and match as you pair traditional polki pieces with contemporary lighter necklaces bearing colourful enamel work, that promise to reinvigorate even a monochromatic outfit with a hint of glamour.  

Diamond necklaces
Necklaces: Dhamani, Zoya, Notandas
diamond necklace with pendant


pearl diamond necklace

Maha Al Sibai

diamond necklace with square pendant


5 stone diamond necklace

Shea Luxe

silver diamond necklace

Her Story

diamond necklace


silver diamond necklace
Rings: La Marquise, Dhamani, AS Motiwala

Diamond Rings of Glory

If you’re wondering what to purchase this Eid, a stunning natural diamond ring should be on top of your shopping list. A totem of individuality, it is a suitable way to express gratitude towards one’s self. Accentuate your henna-adorned hands with a variety of luxurious designs bearing delicate floral motifs, dynamic geometric shapes peppered with coloured natural diamonds and go dramatic with a statement cocktail ring – it’s a fuss free way to accessorize any outfit. Add the cherry on the top by styling with an heirloom watch or let our diamond ring be the focal point and conversation starter.   

silver diamond ring

La Marquise

diamond ring


two stone silver diamond ring


natural diamond ring

Her Story

two stone diamond ring


diamond ring design

Shea Luxe

The Modern Diamond Passa and Hathphool for Special Occasions

On this auspicious occasion as you offer special prayers and bow your head in gratitude there’s no better way to adorn yourself than sporting a gilded passa. The traditional headpiece dates back centuries, and while one might think it’s originally reserved for weddings, the modern offering is sophisticated and proves to be the ultimate accessory to celebrate the occasion. Wear them the conventional way at the centre of your crown or channel regal vibes by sporting a more ornate piece at the side of your head. The modern passa shines bright through pear shaped motifs, juxtaposed with glimmering emeralds and floating pearls. Alluding to the theme of tradition is also the hathphool, a hand harness originating from the Mughal era that today is a popular favourite amongst royalty and celebrities alike. Show yourself some love by investing in an ornate hathphool crafted in white or yellow gold with natural diamonds trailing down the back of your palm. Style these eye-catching pieces with a stack of diamond bands or a chunky cocktail ring. 

diamond maang tikka
Maangtikkas: VBJ and Kaj, Haathphool: Om Jewellers
diamond maang tikka by tanishq


silver diamond maang tikka


round diamond maang tikka

Om Jewellers

As the sacred day of Eid-Al-Fitr swiftly approaches, it encourages us to showcase gratitude in all forms, especially towards ourselves. Bedecking yourself in natural diamond jewellery adds an element of optimism, joy and sparkle, elevating the festivities, making you feel incredibly special as you bask in the aura of warmth and love.