10 Diamond Rings Under ₹100k, That Will Make You Want To Propose And Be Proposed To.

Times might change, gestures might change, but the engagement ring will continue to be a symbol of love. And if you are looking for engagement rings within a budget, we got you covered.

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Archduke Maximilian of Austria was the first ever person to propose with an engagement ring. His affection is carefully and delicately crafted into a delicate band adorned with diamonds in the shape of the letter M, his love interest, Mary Burgundy’s initials. Unbeknownst to them, they probably set the longest ever running trend that even Queen Beyonce alluded to in her classic Single ladies by stating, ’cause if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it!’

Engagement rings have become synonymous to love. The fact that most couples seek to mark it with a Natural Diamond is unsurprising as the unique carbon bonds of a diamond’s structure make it unbreakable; time and their the perfect mnemonic for enduring love, trust and commitment.

Queen Bee’s song is just the sort of reminder that makes you start looking at engagement ring designs! Every couple today wants to find that perfect ring for each other. The dance is elaborate, includes several visits to different jewelers, discussions on the size, colour, shape, cut of the natural diamond to mark the occasion; and to add to it, we mug up our favourite jewellery catalogues and romanticize the idea of a proposal looking at our idols in their picture-perfect moment! Something Insta Worthy for this vividly expressive era we are in! Most of all, something with meaning! 

But it all starts with inspiration, and most often with a budget. So here are 10 Rings, under ₹100k that might just tickle that romantic side of you and get you dreaming about that perfect proposal! 

solitaires single and smaller stone diamond ring

Solitaires are all time favorites and the most classic of them all, with the single stone at the heart of the ring known to be one of the grandest gestures possible.

You can either choose a  gorgeous engagement ring with a solitaire enhanced by a halo of smaller diamonds, embraced by a natural-diamond studded Pavé Band; making it a statement piece! Women love this! Or you can choose a simpler option of a plain band set with a mini solitaire, the perfect mix of delicate intricacy and elegance! Something for those that want to make a statement, subtly.

three stone diamond gold ring

Three Stone rings are a pretty solid choice with many who believe that love transcends the past, present and future! That love is the fourth dimension! And each of the 3 stones stand for a promise that will travel through time, with them, now and forever!

customize diamond rings for women

Smaller natural diamonds set in intricate designs are popular for those who love to add a bit of fun and style to their everyday ensemble, these are dainty and ideal for daily use! From eternal florals to unique swirls, the choices are endless and you can customise them in a metal colour of your choosing!

eternity and infinity design diamond rings

Eternity and Infinity rings are for the modern romantics who look for meaning and deep thought in their symbols of love, and for the poetic ones who like their rings like their words, a delicately crafted gesture of romance that is uniquely theirs and timeless!

single solitaire diamond ring for men

And last but not the least, there is something for the men, as they can choose a classic band embedded with a single solitaire or multiple small diamonds, crafted to embody his style and elegance. Like the natural diamond which withstood immense heat and pressure to become the ultimate symbol of resilience and strength, your ring will reflect the lifelong commitment and everlasting affection you feel for your partner; standing through the test of time like everything one needs to in Love!

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