Diamond Sustainability Efforts Undertaken in 2021

A glimpse into the modern diamond industry’s ongoing efforts to give back to the world.

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Evergreen. Eternal. Exquisite. 
The alluring beauty of natural diamonds has captivated us since forever. But their real beauty lies in the good that diamonds do for the world; empowering and enriching communities, the environment, the people and the countries they are found in. 

Join us on a journey of discovery of the ongoing efforts in diamond sustainability undertaken in 2021. 

Relief Efforts To Help Combat The Effects Of Covid-19 
The Indian diamond industry came together as one to offer relief and support to the affected through monetary contributions of over ₹ 22 Crores. These contributions included national and state-level relief funds, access to free healthcare for Covid-19 patients, free vaccination drives for employees & citizens, and financially supporting employees while the factories and stores were shut across the country.  

Pledge To Follow UN Sustainability Goals 
7 NDC members pledged to follow the UN Sustainability Goals by 2030, and their efforts have already begun towards meeting their objectives.

  • Rio Tinto’s Diavik Diamond Mine: Now a global leader in cold climate technology, proving that renewable energy works in a remote sub-arctic location of Northern Canada. 
  • Petra Diamonds: 72% of the water used in its operations is recycled. 
  • DeBeers: Scientists are working to capture carbon dioxide within kimberlite, to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • RZM Murowa: Partnered with local authorities for maintaining roads, infrastructure creation, water reticulation and electrification of health centres and schools.
  • Lucara: Promotes the inclusion of women at the top of its business, like Eira Thomas, President and CEO of Lucara Diamond Corp, and Naseem Banu Lahri, Managing Director of Lucara Botswana. 

Development And Launch Of Tracr™ 
Tracr™ is an inclusive platform piloted by RJC-member companies including De Beers, Rosy Blue, Signet, Venus Jewel, KGK, and Finestar to increase transparency along the diamond supply chain. To ensure that a natural diamond has been ethically sourced, the diamond industry goes beyond the Kimberley Process by committing to a range of self-regulatory measures that encompass people, planet, and business ethics.  

DeBeers’ The Book In Homes Initiative 
The Books in Homes initiative has helped children from indigenous communities in remote areas adapt to new e-learning platforms with DeBeers’ donation of books and computers. 

Ending 2021 With Thank You By The Way
We ended the year with Thank You By The Way, an initiative supported by the Responsible Jewellery Council and the GJEPC, to inform consumers where their natural diamonds come from, and the impact their purchases have on diamond producing countries and local communities in India & around the world.