The Statement Earrings You Can’t Live Without

11 glamorous diamond earrings that will transform your look.

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Photography by Joshua Pestka


During this age of Zoom meetings and FaceTime chats, your most visible accessory is a great pair of diamond earrings. What better to enhance and frame the face with a dash of sparkle and light, and add an instant dose of glamour to any occasion?

A staple on the red carpet for decades, this season the statement earring has become a truly must-have everyday accessory. It is important to play with fashion—and we could all use a little fun right now—, so people are pulling out earrings they only wore to galas in the past, and they are seeing how they can reinvent them with more casual looks,” explains Law Roach, the stylist who celebrities like Zendaya and Kerry Washington turn to for fashion advice.

“A flawless pair of earrings can elevate any look – even everyday T-shirts and jeans.”

The newest “wow” diamond earrings are surprisingly lightweight and flexible, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day long—yes, even on never-ending Zoom meetings.

“A flawless pair of earrings can elevate any look – even everyday T-shirts and jeans.”

Lorraine Schwartz
Jacob & Co

Jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz is famous for her oversized diamond jewels, which are favorites of celebrities like Beyoncé and Blake Lively, and she knows which pairs are the most attention-grabbing and stylish.

“Earrings should make a woman feel sexy and glamorous,” says Schwartz, who is a third-generation diamond expert. “I design earrings that are cool, have an edge and move with the body.” Among her striking signature styles are large-scale diamond mesh earrings that are as soft and supple as fabric, and three-tier hoops with removable pear or emerald-cut diamonds; and one pair’s more fashionable and empowering than the next.

Sara Weinstock
Martin Katz

“These earrings are for an independent woman, who would just as easily wear them with a t-shirt as an evening gown… because it is about the woman and her sense of confidence, not the jewels.”

Of course, it’s also about balance. Despite the scale of Schwartz’s glamorous earrings, she says she often uses softer rose-cut diamonds and minimal metal settings, so that you see just a hint of sparkle and the jewels don’t overpower.

Luminous Diamonds

Schwartz coined the phrase ‘The Nudes’ to define her range of Champagne and neutral-colored diamond jewels, which offer a softer appearance than white diamonds. She says her clients, including Kim Kardashian, are big fans of the Nude diamonds. “Sometimes white diamonds are too bright with an all-black look or a bronze-colored dress, and fancy colored diamonds can tone it down.”

Kavant & Sharart

But these bold looks aren’t just for high-profile celebrities. They suit women of all ages, from the younger set who want to rock a chandelier style to sophisticated women who want to uplift their everyday style.

British Vogue’s Jewelry and Watch Director, Rachel Garrahan, knows better than anyone, “A good earring can transform any look and never more so than in the age of Zoom when the world sees you in a tiny box on screen.”

There are no limits to what a great diamond earring can do for your image.

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