It’s Never Too Late To Make That Pending Proposal

Haven’t you always dreamt of a perfect proposal to your better half, married or otherwise? We have your ever after covered with a three stone natural diamond ring. The beautiful diamond ring symbolises cherished moments of years gone by, a commitment to the present and a promise of tomorrow.

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3 stone natural diamond ring
Jewellery Credit: Tanishq & C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers

Celebration is an inherent human trait and relationship milestones are etched deeply within our hearts.  Affection is displayed in myriad ways, from “the date we first met”, “expressed love”, “got married” or “the first time we held hands or kissed.” Celebrating moments with gifts, cake, wine and natural diamonds is something of a norm today and we have adopted these gestures as our own.

And when it comes to occasions to be celebrated with our significant other, proposing or being proposed to is the most coveted of them all. Whether it is a grand gesture during an India-Australia Cricket match or a very personal yet absolutely stunning proposal like that of Ranbir Kapoor to Alia Bhatt; in the jungle of Maasai Mara with a natural diamond. Moments like these leave our hearts with a tingling sensation and that itch to get hitched.

In the list of many milestone moments before the actual wedding, like the pre-wedding photoshoot, cocktail function and sangeet, the proposal holds a truly special place. Sometimes caught up in the humdrum of the events, we unconsciously allow such moments to pass without any significant effort on our part to make them special.

The reasons and seasons for a special pronouncement could have been lost due to several unforeseen circumstances; like the wedding was arranged between the families; the time was never right; you might have been living in together for years so it was evident; the progression of a childhood romance that didn’t require a grand gesture; the pandemic that made it difficult to create a moment when you were stuck in different cities; or the perfect ring that didn’t make it in time for the proposal.    

Some of these celebrities bear testimony that they did not go down on their knees as they always knew they were meant to be.   

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma

Virushka natural diamond engagement ring
Photo Credits: Getty images, Jewellery Credit: Tanishq

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma explained in a news article that Virat did not actually propose to Anushka. The duo said- “We never felt like we needed to do that. We knew that we were going to marry each other and there were no doubts about it ever. And organically things went on.”

Angad Bedi & Neha Dhupia

Angad Bedi & Neha Dhupia - diamond engagement ring
Photo Credits: Getty images, Jewellery Credit: Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Angad Bedi admits candidly in an interview that ever since Neha Dhupia entered his life, his bank balance has been rising and he has been doing good work. However, speaking about the proposal, he added that he asked permission from her parents instead of going down on one knee, since his knee was injured.

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol

Instagram @amrita_rao_insta

While the proposals for these celebrities still remain pending, there was an incident that made us smile! Amrita Rao shared her experience of being proposed to during Valentine’s Day with a natural diamond ring, much after their wedding – “Yeah, least expected. It was not like we were at a romantic destination or dinner, and he went down on his knee or something. We were about to sleep, and he was like, ‘One minute, Amrita, will you open this?”

“Smooth” we say! It doesn’t always have to be grand. It just has to mean something to the both of you! That is all that matters! So, if you’ve got a proposal pending, don’t let it stay that way anymore!

And we say, it’s not too late to make that pending proposal happen and we have just theperfect ring for this occasiona 3-stone ring. It literally has 3 natural diamonds that stand for the promise of yesterday, today, and tomorrow and signify never-ending love and togetherness through a lifetime. The ring personifies cherished moments from the past, commitment to the present and the promise of a wonderful life ahead.

Remember, the important thing is that when you realise that it needs to be done, it is never too late to make that ‘Pending Proposal’ happen. Wear that smile, get down on the knee or don’t, go to a destination or don’t, have a candlelit dinner or don’t, just listen to your heart and surprise them with that sparkling natural diamond ring.