The Natural Diamond Moments You Can Expect To See In Season 3 of Emily In Paris

Emily is embracing an effortlessly chic jewellery style

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Courtesy of Messika

Emily, je t’aime! Season 3 of Emily in Paris is finally here, and the natural diamonds are having a moment. We have followed Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) on a journey through romance, her work, and of course, her fashion. Known for her over-the-top outfits and accessories to match, we could be seeing Emily embrace more of a French girl style this season, at least in her jewellery. 

Emily’s jewellery in prior seasons has not gone unnoticed. In season 2, Emily had a chic diamond moment, wearing the Fred “Pretty Women Audacious Necklace” which is a direct nod to Julia Roberts iconic red dress moment in Pretty Women, where she is given a diamond heart necklace to match. Emily In Paris fans were quick to notice there were a lot of hearts worn last season, symbolizing Emily’s romances.  

Photo Credit: Netflix/EmilyinParis

In this season, we can expect to see diamond moments from notable French designers Messika and Dinh Van.These cool, effortless pieces could symbolize Emily’s new (perhaps permanent) adventure in Paris. Here is a round-up of Emily’s jewellery to expect this season.

Emily in Messika

Emily is wearing Messika’s Lucky Move Necklace. In addition to her necklace, she added Messika’s Glam’Azone Double Pavé diamond ring. Both jewellery pieces effortlessly elevate Emily’s style–plus–who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle?


Photo Credit: Messika/Netflix
Photo Credit: Messika Lucky Move necklace
emily in paris diamond jewelry
Photo Credit: Messika Glam’Azone Double Pavé diamond ring

Emily in Dinh Van

Emily is staying true to her style with this fashion look, but keeping things simple and chic in Dinh Van’s Menottes R10 diamond necklace.

Photo Credit: Instagram/collinsupdatez
Photo Credit: Dinh Van Menottes R10 diamond necklace

This season, we can expect to see Emily at more extravagant events. Here we see Emily alongside her fashionable best friend, Mindy Chen (played by Ashley Park) sporting natural diamonds. Emily is wearing the Dinh Van white gold and diamonds Menottes R12 ring, as well as the Maillon earrings in white gold with diamonds. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/collinsupdatez
Photo Credit: Dinh Van Menottes R12 ring
Photo Credit: Dinh Van Mallion earrings

Continuing the saga of drama between Emily, Gabriel, and Camille (played by Lucas Bravo and Camille Razat), we see Emily alongside the lovers wearing the same Dinh Van ring as well as the Seventies Ring in white gold and diamonds.

Photo Credit: Instagram/collinsupdatez
Photo Credit: Dinh Van Seventies ring

Whatever this season has in store for us, these diamonds tell a story. The sophisticated pieces could hint at Emily staying in Paris for good and embracing the French style and culture. As for her friendships and romance? Plus ça change!