7 Rings: A Peek Inside Hailey Bieber’s Jewelry Looks

Hailey has a way with diamonds — and that $500,000 engagement ring was just the beginning.

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Introducing 7 Rings: A new series that pays tribute to the designers, models, artists, celebs, and other assorted fabulous people who are redefining diamonds on their own terms. 

We start with Hailey Baldwin Bieber — the model and nouveau style icon who happens to be married to a little-known Canadian pop singer named Justin. Simply put, no discussion of diamonds in 2020 is complete without mention of her engagement ring: the instantly iconic, enormous rock that broke the internet via a viral Tweet in 2018.

But that ring is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hailey’s, well, ice. Hailey uses jewelry like a lexicon — to wink at tabloid rumors, to communicate to fans, to make her relationship “Instagram official,” or just to expertly accent her low-key glam ‘fits.

In Hailey’s hands, gold and diamonds are so much more than “statement pieces” — they’re literal statements, declaring her love, style, and self-expression for all to see. Join us on a trip inside Hailey’s majorly enviable jewelry box, and a tour of the ‘fits that broke the internet.

The Most Extra Engagement Ring Ever

In 2018, after months of speculation about a secret engagement, the future Mr. and Mrs. Bieber had the news broken to the world by — what else? — an instantly-viral Tweet from a fan who met the couple on vacation in the Bahamas, and confirmed Hailey had a brand-new diamond to go with her neon swimsuit. To be fair, there was no keeping that rock under wraps. The ring, designed by Jack Solow of NYC jewelers Solow & Co., cost over $500,000 and sports an elegant oval diamond that’s said to be between 6-10 carats (that’s roughly “see it from space” size for lay people).

With the cat out of the bag, the couple had no choice but to confirm. Justin wrote on Instagram, “Was gonna wait a while to say anything, but word travels fast. Plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you!”  Hailey said simply, “Absolute best friend.”

The ring was custom-designed with input from Justin himself, and when the jeweler first showed him the sparkler, he said, “I think I see Hailey’s face in it.” Which honestly makes no sense, but is still pretty sweet — kinda like love.

Nameplate-Necklace Official

In case the first bundle of carats weren’t sufficient proof of the pair’s love, Hailey also debuted two diamond-crusted nameplate necklaces just a few months after the engagement ring seen ‘round the world: The first read “Bieber,” the second simply “Wifey.”

Source: XIV Karats

Naturally, they’re show-stoppers too. The fully custom pieces were created by celeb-favorite jeweler XIV Karats, whose owner Cheryl Alpert gave us details on the “Wifey” necklace shown here: “The 14kt yellow gold custom nameplate necklace contains 43 round brilliant cut natural diamonds on a 15-inch Cuban link chain.” 

If anyone was still wondering about the nature of Justin and Hailey’s on-and-off since 2015 relationship, two custom natural-diamond necklaces have a way of shutting down the rumors. Oh, and Hailey debuted them right around the same time she changed her name from Baldwin to Bieber on her social media. A true mic-drop moment in the history of “Instagram official.”

Fairytale Glam at the Met Gala

If you think Hailey’s story begins and ends with Mrs. Bieber, allow us to remind you of this iconic moment from a time B.J. (before Justin). Hailey Bieber blessed the Met Gala with this ethereal look in 2018, featuring a gauzy ice-blue custom corset gown, heels covered in actual pearls, pink hair, and let’s not forget the jewelry: $41,000 diamond drop earrings, elegant diamond stacking rings totalling $25,000+ (casual), and a custom diamond and rosette tiara.

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At an event where celebs often go way over the top and can veer into cartoonish, Hailey serves us pure modern-princess vibes, and she topped more than a few best-dressed lists.