A Look At Fendi’s First-Ever High Jewellery collection: Fendi Triptych

Maison Fendi, renowned for its know-how in luxury fashion and accessories, presents its first High Jewellery collection under the leadership of its Artistic Director of Jewellery, Delfina Delletrez Fendi.

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Platinum and Yellow Gold Necklace Set with an Yellow Pear-Shaped Diamond
FFluctus necklace – Platinum and yellow gold necklace set with an 8.01 carat Fancy Intense yellow pear diamond, white and yellow diamonds © Fendi

Titled Fendi Triptych, this collection celebrates subtle majesty and feminine grace, boldly fusing the rigor of Roman architecture with timeless asymmetries.

Above all, it’s a neoclassical exercise in graphic abstraction, transforming the brand’s signature calligraphic FF motif into a myriad of delicate expressions.

The Fendi Triptych collection is designed in three distinct chapters, each bearing an evocative name. Roma Rosa, Gioiello Giallo and Bianco Brillante. Each chapter takes jewellery lovers on a captivating chromatic journey where the sparkle of diamonds refracts into icy shades of pale pinks and yellows, creating a stark contrast to classic jewellery traditions.

White Gold Ring Adorned with Diamonds
Catena ring – White gold ring adorned with diamonds © Fendi

Fendi’s Ode to Rome in Diamond Creations

Fendi’s homage to the Eternal City, Rome, unfolds with Roma Rosa as the first chapter. Romantic and poetic, diamonds come to life in creations where trompe-l’oeil FF motifs are skilfully integrated into the pieces, infusing a sense of subtlety and lightness throughout. The transparency and kinetic movement of articulated gold evoke the fountains of Rome, adding an element of vitality and dynamism intoeach piece.

White and Yellow Gold Ring Set
Flavus Ring – White and yellow gold ring set with a 7.06 carat Fancy Intense yellow oval cut diamond, white and yellow diamonds. © Fendi

Gioiello Giallo: A Luminous Masterpiece in Fendi’s Collection

Gioiello Giallo, the second chapter, radiates a solar radiance, where baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds are arranged in a perfect circle interwoven with asymmetrical ornaments. Among these pieces is a masterpiece, a captivating diamond necklace with a bold design, FFluctus. Crafted with exquisite skill, it showcases meticulously chosen diamonds for their purity and brilliant color. These diamonds are arranged to create a luminous waterfall effect, capturing light from every angle to enhance the beauty of a stunning pear-cut yellow diamond. Unquestionably, this centerpiece embodies the audacity and ingenuity of the collection. 

Platinum and Yellow Gold Necklace Set
FFluctus necklace – Platinum and yellow gold necklace set with an 8.01 carat Fancy Intense yellow pear diamond, white and yellow diamonds © Fendi
Platinum and Yellow Gold Ring Set
FFluctus ring – Platinum and yellow gold ring set with a 3.14 carat Fancy Intense yellow pear diamond, white and yellow diamonds © Fendi

Bianco Brillante: A Mesmerizing Harmony of Diamonds

Finally, Bianco Brillante offers a mesmerizing dazzle where the harmony of diamonds reaches its zenith. Each creation in this chapter celebrates timeless elegance and refined sophistication. The diamonds are presented in sleek designs while accentuating the iconic FF motif, discreetly interwoven into the composition. This exemplifies the brand’s dedication to linking its heritage with resolutely modern creations, all the while maintaining classic beauty.

White Gold Bracelet Set with Diamonds
Catena bracelet — White gold bracelet set with diamonds © Fendi

Fendi Triptych: Innovation in High Jewellery

It is imperative to note that the very essence of this collection lies in harmonious alignment with the codes established by Maison Fendi. Founded by the Fendi sisters and nurtured by creative minds such as Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones, Fendi is renowned for its seamless fusion of innovation and tradition. Thus, each unique creation in this collection isinfused with historical elements from the Fendi lexicon, testifying to the brand’s deep connection to its roots.

In short, by entering the prestigious realm of high jewellery houses, Fendi affirms its iconic position in the world of luxury and creativity. This inaugural collection marks the beginning of a new chapter for the House. Fendi Triptych is more than just a jewellery collection, it’s a elegance, sophistication and innovation. Embracing the legacy of esteemed fine jewellery houses, Fendi leaves its mark on jewellery with a collection that will remain engraved in the memories.

White Gold Earrings with Diamonds
Catena earrings – White gold and diamond earrings © Fendi