Experience the Sublime at the Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewellery Exhibition

Explore the heritage and craftsmanship of the House of Chaumet.

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A tribute to the incredible structures found in the natural world, the Chaumet Botanical Exhibition celebrates the textures and colors that surround us. Presented by the House of Chaumet, the presentation drew extensively on the brand’s vast heritage as one of the most important houses in the history of European jewellery.

Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewelry Exhibition
René Lalique (1860-1945).
Brooch Pansies (in flowers and button) 1903-1904.      
Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewelry Exhibition
Frédéric Boucheron (1830-1902) Anonymous artist.
Brooch in the shape of a fern by Loeillard, 1878.

The Magnificent Pieces at Chaumet’s Botanical Exhibition

Moving through periods, movements, and an array of techniques, the central thesis of the collection is the beautiful intersection between art and science. Bringing together unexpected eras and artistic expressions, the exhibit draws on the inspiration that has served the House of Chaumet for 242 years.

Curated by Marc Jeanson, the exhibition was imagined as a herbarium. The path the eye takes lands on luxurious flora and vibrant species present in some of Chaumet’s most iconic creations.

The exhibition offers nearly 400 works to the public for a total immersion into this colorful universe of plant life. In total, the Chaumet Botanical Exhibition features 80 jewellery objects from Chaumet and other houses.

Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewelry Exhibition
.      Pair of hair ornaments called “à la Mancini” 1830
Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewelry Exhibition
Diamond necklace with clover.

Featured among other beauties is the carnation tiara made for Madame Henri de Wendel for her son’s wedding in 1905. The carnation motif in jewellery is a symbol of passion and true love. Centered among twelve flowers, the tiara takes on a new life.

Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewelry Exhibition
Carnation tiara Joseph Chaumet (1852-1928) Platinum and diamonds

Also featured at the Chaumet Botanical Exhibition is the fern tiara by René Lalique (1905-1908). The piece’s mixture of material, texture, and preciousness reveals the inspiration of nature. Lalique’s audacity is made obvious in the mixing of horn and diamond, which reveals singularity and realism.

Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewelry Exhibition
René Lalique Diadem fern (1905-1908) Diamond horn and platinum.

You could discover the “Épis de blé” (ears of wheat) transformed into a tiara named Crèvecœur. This jewel is an excellent example of the finesse of Chaumet’s art. This Belle Époque interpretation of a classic theme was worn on special occasions by generations of Crèvecœur women throughout the 20th century. The attribute of Ceres, goddess of harvest and prosperity, meets the motif of the ear of wheat, which was adopted by the women of the imperial court.

Chaumet Botanical Diamond Jewelry Exhibition
Crèvecœur Tiara

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