Cleaning Your Diamond Jewellery 101

They are resilient and the hardest natural-occurring substance on the planet, but diamonds still need a lot of careful handling. Here is a quick guide on how to clean & maintain the eternal sparkle of your diamonds.

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Diamonds, Like Every Gift of Nature, Need Care
Image Credit: Arctic Canadian Diamond Company

Often a symbol of emotional and financial investment, there are a lot of sentiments attached to the natural diamond jewellery you own. Hence, to keep it shining forever, the diamond must be valued, and its signature sparkle should be taken care of. According to experts, the oil deposited from the mere touch of a human finger can cause dirt to collect and affect the brilliance of this gemstone. These billion-year-old natural diamonds need proper care and cleaning to retain their natural sparkle. No matter where your precious jewellery stands on the clarity chart, we’ve got the best tips and how-to’s on cleaning diamond jewellery and keep the sparkle going.

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1. Using Home-Based Cleaners to Clean Diamond Jewellery

  1. The simplest way to keep your diamonds squeaky clean is to soak them in a gentle and mild de-greasing solution, such as a warm and diluted dish soap water or an ammonia-based household cleaner, once or twice a week.
  2. Use a soft-bristled, clean/new toothbrush, reserved only for jewellery cleaning, to remove any remaining dirt.
  3. To renew the shine, do remember to clean the back of the diamond, which attracts the oil and grime.
  4. Store-bought non-abrasive jewellery cleaners are a good alternative to brushing. It is important to note that the natural diamond should be handled gently, and the fragile settings should not be vigorously scrubbed.
  5. Dry with a soft lint-free cloth once you have rinsed the natural diamonds thoroughly with water.

Cleaning Diamonds At Home Tips

  • Some of the agents that should never be used when cleaning diamonds are chlorine bleach or abrasives such as household cleaners or toothpaste. These corrosives agents contain chemicals that can severely erode the metals used to alloy gold for diamond settings.
  • Avoid cleaning the jewellery near the sink and if you have to, make sure you cover the sink drain so that the jewellery doesn’t slip and go down the drain. Also, it is a good practice to use a rubber sink mat to prevent the natural diamonds from breaking or chipping if dropped accidentally.

2. Using a Professional Jewellery Cleaner for Your Diamonds

  1. The first method is using a steam cleaner. While a home method works wonders, having your diamond cleaned periodically by a professionally trained jeweler restores its shine.
  2. The second using an ultrasonic cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner helps to clean by removing coated and hidden dirt on natural diamonds. An ultrasonic cleaner sends high-frequency sound waves through a vibrating liquid solution to remove the accumulated dirt and build-up.

We advise to proceed cautiously and consult a professional who can determine whether your natural diamonds actually do need a thorough treatment; because these procedures can also shake loose gems from their mountings if not handled delicately. However, before placing your diamond in an ultrasonic cleaner, do make it a point to refer to the natural diamond’s grading report, which reveals whether the diamond will be able to withstand the treatment. Owing to prior wear and tear, in some cases, it might be recommended to stick to more delicate ways of cleaning it.

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How to Store Your Diamond Jewellery

Natural diamonds, one of the oldest and the hardest gems on our planet, need to be treasured and cared for to keep their sheen intact for ages. Due to their natural strength, diamonds often damage other metals, gemstones, and even other diamonds.

  • It is recommended that once you take off your favorite pieces of diamond jewellery, they are better off stored separately from other pieces of jewellery. Due to their natural strength, diamonds often damage other metals, gemstones, and even other diamonds.
  •  Experts recommend storing your natural diamonds in their proper boxes or storing them in soft cloth pouches to protect them from any damage.
  • Make sure you store the jewellery box in a cool, dry and secure place as moisture in the air could tarnish the metal.
  • To protect your diamonds and keep them safe, you can also have them insured against theft, damage or loss. Several insurance companies offer specific insurance policies and coverage benefits for a natural diamond or other types of jewellery.

Care Tips to Keep Your Diamond Sparkling

Some of the things you should keep in mind to avoid damage or premature aging of your natural diamond jewellery are:

  • Avoid thick lotions and creams that can result in residue build-up on your rings/bracelets. This can cause discoloration—especially if your jewellery is made of white gold or platinum.
  • Avoid wearing your rings when you indulge in any labor-intensive activities such as sports, gardening or swimming. This will help to keep the diamond secure in its setting and prevent natural oils from your hands building up around the stone.
  • Remember to remove your jewellery while cooking as food and other oils can get stuck in or discolor your ring.
  • Perfume, sunscreen, hairspray, detergents and bleach used in everyday life contain harsh abrasive solutions that can erode or dull the settings of your natural diamond.
  • When removing diamond jewellery, experts and craftsmen insist that you shouldn’t pick it up by the stone or setting. Instead, always pick it up by the band to ensure the diamond is secure in the setting.
  • It’s also recommended that you take your diamond to an authorized jeweler for periodic professional cleaning once every six months to ensure its longevity. Stay updated on maintenance appointments and bring your natural diamonds for inspection where the jeweler can examine the setting and check your jewellery for any weakness or trauma, loose claws.

These wonders of nature are meant to be handled with care, and exercising a little caution goes a long way in maintaining and extending the life of your precious jewellery. This way, regular cleaning can restore the lustre and sparkle of your prized natural diamonds for generations to come.