Diamonds Get Playful with Blasts of High-Octane Color

New holiday jewelry designs show our favorite stones with a cool and contemporary edge.

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Vine wrapped diamond cocktail ring with intertwined yellow enamel and diamond band set in rose gold by Bea Bongiasca
Vine wrapped cocktail ring by Bea Bongiasca, Photo Adam Savitch

If you think diamonds are a classic jewel, then you haven’t seen the playful new designs featuring the sparkling stones in vibrant enamel and ceramic settings. These bold and stylish jewels are one of the hottest holiday jewelry trends because they deliver the most coveted stone with a blast of lively and joyful color (something everyone wants—and needs—right now).

The new natural diamond designs are more than just colorful and cool—they are also meaningful and symbolic gifts; the age-old stones have lasting value that imbues even the most fashionable and trendy jewelry pieces with an heirloom quality.

“Enamel and ceramic settings take away some of the seriousness that is associated with diamond jewelry,” says Law Roach, the high-profile Los Angeles-based stylist whose clients include Zendaya and Ariana Grande. “They venture away from the ‘traditional’ idea of diamonds and allow people to wear diamonds in a more unique and personal way.”

Large flower diamond ring featuring clear petals with a diamond outline and red edges by Nina Runsdorf
Red flower ring by Nina Runsdorf, Photo Joshua Pestka
Woman wearing colorful enamel and diamond stackable on both hands, green enamel diamond hoop earrings and a pink enamel diamond ear cuff
Earrings & left hand rings by Melissa Kaye and Right hand stacked bands by EF Collection, Photo Joshua Pestka

One designer who has taken the technicolor jewelry trend to the extreme is Melissa Kaye, who shows natural diamonds with neon-colored enamel. “Neon settings have disrupted the way people think of fine jewelry,” says the New York-based designer. “The combination of neon with fine diamonds creates a fun uptown-meets-downtown look.” Kaye’s technicolor pieces include  diamond-adorned stackable rings and hoop earrings. They make fashionable gifts for women of all ages, especially the younger set who, she says, suddenly see diamonds as a hip and trendy accessory.

Bright blue enamel and diamond two band ring by EF Collection,  pink, orange & yellow enamel and diamond vine ring by Melissa Kaye, and abstract bright pink enamel & diamond band ring by Melissa Kaye
Neon ring top left by EF Collection and Neon rings bottom & right by Melissa Kaye, Photo Adam Savitch
Moon pendant necklace on a thick gold chain featuring two crescent moons charms with diamonds and a star charm with a bright blue stone by Jenna Blake
Pastel star & moons by Jenna Blake, Photo Joshua Pestka

The new crop of diamond jewels also offer a way to infuse color into your wardrobe without overpowering a look. “It’s easier to wear a bright red ring than a red coat or handbag,” says Bea Bongiasca, the fashionable Milanese designer known for her whimsical, painterly enamel jewelry and diamond pieces, including brightly colored vines (inspired by flora and fauna) that wrap around the finger or climb the ears. “The enamel lets me create any shade of color that I want,” she explains. “It costs a lot less than gems and it delivers a big impact.”

Red enamel drop diamond hoop earrings by Etho Maria
Red drop hoops by Etho Maria, Photo Joshua Pestka

 “It’s a fun way to mix high and low styles with diamonds” 

Cristina Ehrlich

If the occasion calls for more important diamond gifts, look to designer Solange Azagury-Partridge, who is presenting large stones in her Scribbles rings and necklaces. These bold and innovative designs appear exactly how they sound: like haphazard scrawls across fingers and necks. Made with bright pink or purple ceramic-and-lacquer, the cermaic ring designs showcase diamonds in a pop art style.

Red enamel and diamond drop earrings in a fan design by Selim Mouzannar
Red fan earrings by Selim Mouzannar, Photo Adam Savitch
Scribble design neon pink ring with diamond outline and a oval cut diamond in the center by Solange Azagury-Partridge
Scribble neon pink white ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge

Designer Michelle Fantaci also uses enamel to make diamonds pop. Her new enamel heart necklaces in royal blue and robin’s egg blue are wrapped in diamond cages. “The color gives the jewelry energy,” she says.

Diamonds in vivid colored settings appeal to a range of women, from the younger set to more sophisticated tastes, because they can easily be mixed with any other jewels. “It’s a fun way to mix high and low styles with diamonds,” explains Cristina Ehrlich, the influential celebrity stylist who advises women to mix their classic jewels with pieces of colorful jewelry. “Pairing enamel with diamonds is a fresh and flirty way to bring a contemporary spirit to your jewelry wardrobe.”

Melissa Kaye agrees that the way you style bright and neon-colored jewels is what makes a statement—subtle or bold. “I think neon is oddly neutral,” she says.  “I like to mix more playful enamel pieces with serious jewelry because it makes an impact.”

These vibrant jewelry designs are a win-win holiday or year round gift: Precious diamonds paired with vibrant colors deliver a dose of sparkling joy that will last all year long!

Lavender and diamond heart pendant necklace with a gold chain by K Kane
Lavender heart pendant by K Kane, Photo Adam Savitch
Blue enamel heart necklace on gold chain and locket by Michelle Fantaci, pink "S" diamond pendant necklace by Stephanie Gottlieb, white oval pendant necklace with diamonds Monica Rich Kosann
Blue heart chain necklace by Michelle Fantaci, Pink “S” pendant & Blue “S” ring by Stephanie Gottlieb and White locket by Monica Rich Kosann, Photo Joshua Pestka