Young Hollywood Can’t Get Enough of Anita Ko’s Jewelry

The Los Angeles-based designer Has Perfected Diamond Adornments That Go From Red Carpet to Real Life.

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Jewelry designer Anita Ko

Heirloom-worthy jewelry doesn’t have to be staid, as Anita Ko’s collection makes abundantly clear. From irreverent safety pin earrings studded in diamonds to elegant chokers of end-to-end baguettes, Ko’s jewelry offers imaginative ways to assert personal style that feels fresh but also enduring. And her jewelry gives anyone who wears it an instant dose of star quality. That might be the reason the her collection is a blockbuster success among the legions of A-listers who put a premium on looking eternally camera-ready.  

Anita Ko 18k gold short pear diamond bezel drop earrings, available in Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold as seen on Ana de Armas. $7,025.00
Anita Ko 18k gold diamond Hepburn choker, Available in Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold, $22,050

The campaign features some of your most popular pieces. What makes them so popular 

The Hepburn diamond necklace is one of the key pieces in my line and one I feel every woman should own. It will effortlessly transition from day to night and layer in so many ways. I find it to be the epitome of sophistication, luxury and glam. It is a timeless piece that will be worn for eternity and will be passed on for generations. 

The three-stone claw ring is a statement that can also be worn from day to night. It most definitely is not your average diamond band, which brings a level a sophistication to the piece. 

Ana de Armas wears the Three Stone Claw Diamond Ring.
Anita Ko 18k gold three-stone claw ring with pave band, Available in White Gold, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold. $10,300

Luxe, bohemian flair inspired the short pear diamond bezel drop earrings. Depending on the mood or the weather they could be paired with a pretty summer dress or more casually with jeans, a tee and a statement jacket. 

What are your personal go-to pieces of diamond jewelry? 

I wear the large diamond Hepburn choker paired with my diamond Zodiac coin pendant on a daily basis. You will never see me without a few diamond huggie drops in my ears paired with a galaxy ear cuff, and a stack of Galaxy rings on my hands. 

Actress Ana de Armas wears the Kelly Diamond Choker as a headband in For Moments Like No Other
Anita Ko 18k gold Kelly diamond choker, available in Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold. $67,625

Do you have any styling tips? Are there any must-haves you recommend? 

What I love most about my designs is their ability to layer with each other. I love combining chokers and pendants, such as the Zoe choker (which gives a chunky, vintage, gold vibe), paired with a bright emerald pendant to give a boost of color and a dainty lariat to complete the look with a touch of femininity.   

Fatima wears Anita Ko Two Row Diamond Ear Cuff and Classic Leaf Diamond Necklace
Anita Ko 18K gold diamond pave and baguette classic leaf necklace, Available in Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold. $4,200
Anita Ko 18k gold two row diamond ear cuff, Available in White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. $2,050

What’s your process like? Do you sketch? Start with stones? 

The majority of my designs are brought to life by my own personal concepts, but there are many times where I am presented with stones and the design is inspired by the shape, style, shine, and overall “life” of the stone. I would say travel, music, and art are what inspire me most. In my hometown of Los Angeles, inspiration is all around me on a daily basis. I am so grateful to be in the center of a city that thrives on music, art, and style. From the palm trees to the ocean, to Hollywood and red carpet glam, I am constantly inspired by my surroundings.  

You’ve assembled a significant following among the fashion and celebrity set. Why does your jewelry attract the professionally fabulous? 

I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful clientele from all walks of life, including celebs and the fashion set. I think they pay attention to my quality to detail, but also appreciate the way my pieces move and sparkle. I strongly believe that the “professionally fabulous” are so attracted to my line because my pieces can be worn in their day-to-day life but can also transition to red carpet by layering on more pieces. 

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