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For Moments Like No Other

Actress Ana de Armas is both a rising star and the Global Ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds, presented by the Natural Diamond Council.

Only Natural Diamonds celebrates the wonders, beauty and integrity of natural diamonds and why they are the timeless embodiment and expression For Moments Like No Other.

Adorned in sparkling diamond jewellery in the new For Moments Like No Other film, Ana celebrates the past, the present, and the moments that have defined us, the connections that have strengthened us, and the new experiences that await us as the world comes bursting back to life.

Follow the latest “Bond Girl” as she travels on a dreamy, sun-drenched European holiday in Mallorca and then see and shop the exquisite diamond jewellery worn by Ana in the film, and discover how to wear and style her different looks — each of which are perfect for days spent exploring new places and making everlasting memories.


A Sense of Adventure

Diamond jewellery for days spent exploring new places, from sun-drenched beaches to cities that are bursting back to life. A styling tip to keep in mind? Don’t be afraid to pair or layer statement pieces with wanderlust energy; diamonds have never been so versatile.

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Joyful Connection

A relaxed vibe and an intimate, natural sense of togetherness: complement love’s shining moments with symbolic diamond jewellery, including flowing and kinetic pieces.

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Life to the Fullest

Simultaneously timeless and singular, this selection of diamond jewellery captures life’s boundless beauty—from formal settings to barefoot escapes.

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Diamonds for Him

More and more men are wearing diamond jewellery in creative, rule breaking ways. These rings, necklaces and more blend signature aesthetics with long lasting sentimental value.

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