The Difference Between Natural & Lab Grown

When it comes to shopping for diamond jewelry, there are some common misconceptions and frequently asked questions. From how to tell natural diamonds from laboratory-grown diamonds, to the history and values behind natural diamonds, it’s important to understand the facts about what you’re buying. To help you navigate the retail counter and prepare the right questions for your jeweler, here are a few key differences to remember about natural diamonds and their lab-grown diamond counterparts.

No. 2: Rarity & Value
The value of natural diamonds comes from their uniqueness and rarity as a billion-year-old gem.

What makes a natural diamond more valuable than a lab-grown diamond is the fact they are rare and finite, the total amount of natural diamonds 1 carat and larger recovered in a year would only fill one exercise ball. Over the last 35 years, natural diamonds have shown to appreciate in price by approximately 3% on average every year. The cost of lab grown diamonds on the other hand continues to decline due to mass production. Only natural diamonds retain inherent value over time making them an investment and an heirloom.