Statement Diamond Pieces To Add to Your Winter Wardrobe

Styling hacks for your cold weather staples that will elevate your fashion.

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(L) Diamond earrings and choker by Rose. (R) Diamond earrings and brooch Varuna D Jani. Bracelet and bangles by Kantilal Chhotalal Jewellers.

Open necklines make a perfect canvas for layered necklaces, and bare shoulders serve as perfect podiums for a statement earring. These fashion mantras may make perfect sense in the warm months of summer, but when the cold weather rolls in, our fashion mantras also tend to run a little cold, especially when it comes to styling jewelry. As high necklines of turtlenecks and full sleeves of overcoats become the norm, we struggle to figure out a way to add statement diamonds to these overpowering silhouettes. This sartorial dilemma is a universal one and one that can be overcome with the simple addition of some key statement diamond jewelry to your winter wardrobe rotation. 

Natural diamond jewellery pieces are forever pieces that hold a strong place in our wardrobe through time and transcend seasonal dressing trends. These investment pieces pair seamlessly with wardrobe staples and have more versatility than we may attribute to them. These are pieces that make a statement about you and speak to your personal style. So why save them for that special occasion? And why not add them to our day-to-day styling to add that element of personal style and statement to our look? Read on as we explore how to elevate your winter style with some investment-worthy natural diamond staples.

A Statement Necklace
Layered necklaces are having a moment, but with higher necklines, this trend may not stand the test of time. If you are still looking to highlight the neckline through the colder months of winter, try pairing your favorite turtleneck with a statement diamond necklace. Pairing a diamond and emerald necklace with an ivory turtleneck layered with a faux fur vest adds an element of color to an otherwise monotone look. With the ivory color palette taking over styles this winter, this pop of color is a perfect addition.

Earrings and necklace by Kantilal Chhotalal. Furr vest by MADISON.

A Stack of Bracelets
Extend the age-old styling trick of stacking bracelets into the winter months with some of your favorite diamond bracelets and bangles. As sweaters take over our daily styling rotation, adding a stack of diamond bracelets can give the humble sweater the much-needed edge. Let the stack sit over the sleeve instead of worrying about rolling the sleeves up. These intricate bangles make a perfect pairing for the full-sleeve ivory sweater and help transition a daytime look into a look perfect for a night out in town.

Earrings and brooch from Varuna D Jani, diamond bangles from Kantilal Chhotalal.
Trench coat by MADISON.

A Heritage Brooch
Dig into your heritage jewelry and snatch a brooch as they are making a comeback this season. Hailing from the Victorian Era, these statement pieces have made their mark through several fashion eras and into the wardrobe of some of the most iconic fashion stars. From Queen Elizabeth II to Sonam Kapoor, diamond brooches have always been strong statement pieces and key jewelry box essentials. Add a brooch to the lapel of any of your statement trench coats or jackets as a final touch to your night-out look. 

Earrings and brooch by Varuna D Jani.

A Pair of Bold Hoops
A trusty pair of hoops add a touch of personality to any look it pairs with and has been consistently on-trend through time. This is a piece of jewelry that never goes out of style; add diamonds to this style to make it a luxurious jewelry staple. Pair statement diamond hoops like these that aren’t your traditional single-loop design with any given winter knit look, and toss that hair in a messy bun to create a statement look with edge and elegance all at once.

Earrings by Varuna D Jani.

 An Intricate Choker
When it comes to winter wear, wearing a necklace can be tricky, but a choker seems to be an obvious choice for a high neckline. Up your choker game by adding a diamond-encrusted choker to your jewelry staples. Giving your look a certain sense of elegance and regality, a diamond choker makes a simple sweater evening ready. Add a touch of color via red lips, and you have a look that reads ladylike and classic elegance in one go. 

Diamond choker by Diamantina Fine Jewels, earrings by KAJ Fine Jewellery

Photographer: Sahil Behal
Videographer: Aman Singh Chauhan
Creative Director and Stylist: Devki Bhatt