Kirsty Stone Has Been Infatuated with Diamonds for a Lifetime

With her label Retrouvaí, a childhood obsession comes full circle.

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Kirsty Stone started her jewelry label Retrouvaí less than five years ago but she’s already found a steadfast following. Her winning recipe blends whimsical motifs and meaningful symbolism with precious jewels and gold. Whether it’s a lucky four-leaf clover pendant dotted with a single diamond or a signet ring meant to instill bravery, Stone’s jewelry lifts spirits while being undeniably alluring. Beyond designing each piece herself she’s totally hands on in producing each one too, which, as she explains, has an effect on her jewelry game.

Kirsty Stone of Retrouvaí Jewelry

Is there a specific meaning attached to the Retrouvaí bracelet in the campaign?

The Magna bracelet is an extension of an earlier ring design—one of the first pieces in my collection. The buckle element represents strength and always holding things together. You can wear it as a symbol of overcoming obstacles. It’s also a reference to Retro jewelry, which inspires me. I imagine it as a piece that becomes a part of you and that you’ll never take it off. It looks great by itself but I love them worn in multiples. I wear two of them interlocking.

Retrouvaí Magna Bracelet with white diamonds, Bracelet fits a 6-3/4 size, sizing available on request. $ 8,775

Are there any other special pieces of jewelry that you always wear?

I’m always wearing my wedding bands. I have two emerald cut eternity bands that are—obviously—natural diamonds. I’m always working on jewelry production so I’m not usually decked out because I’m constantly working with my hands.

How did you first fall for diamonds?

When I was a kid—seven or eight—someone gave me a piece of diamond jewelry. I asked my mom if I could have it and then I pulled out all of the stones and carried them around in a sack in my pocket. They were the most special treasure that I had. Now, to actually make my own jewelry with diamonds still feels like a dream. In my family we joke that it was my destiny.