Bohemian to Retro Chic. Diamonds, A Fashionista’s Best Friend

Always in vogue, forever versatile; no matter what your style statement, diamonds will complement it. We tell you how.

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The Real Cut Season 3, Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’20, Jewellery by Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers
The Real Cut Season 3, Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’20, Jewellery by Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers

Natural Diamonds are eternal and ethereal. Sourced from the upper mantle of Mother Earth, natural diamonds are miracles of nature, forged in conditions that are awe-inspiring. Since their discovery, natural diamonds have made their way through the royal jewelry caskets to the day-to-day ensemble of modern women.

Ask a woman, and she would tell you that there is a diamond for every occasion and every outfit. Natural, rare, and precious, each natural diamond is versatile, unique, and unmatched in its diamond cut and clarity. An antique pear shaped engagement ring can transform the look of a vivacious young woman with a warm vintage charm. With the same élan, a pair of heart-shaped diamond earrings can make one look stylish and ready for an important office meeting.

Add Sparkle to Every Jewelry Piece

Baguette diamond & marquise diamond ring, fringe diamond necklace & diamond earrings by BR Designs at Lakme Fashion Week
The Real Cut Season 3, Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’20, Jewelry by BR Designs

Fashion is your power to break free from the mundane and create a style of your own. A style that makes you stand-out! Whether you opt for a fusion-focused style or pure ethnic fashion, you will never go wrong with natural diamonds. There are various ways to coordinate jewelry with your outfit and make it look effortlessly beautiful.

When you look at the fashion landscape, there are varied styles that you can experiment with until you discover one that resonates with your personality. If you are someone who naturally gravitates toward diamond jewelry, then there is good news. Diamonds come in various shapes, sizes, cuts, and clarity with each piece being its unique edition from nature’s storehouse. From pear-shaped diamonds to square, rectangular, and oval diamond accessories, there is a breath-taking line-up of diamond jewelry to choose from, at any point in time.

Let’s explore different styles that are in vogue and derive a sense of how they can be maneuvered with your favorite, diamond jewelry.

Brighten Your Bohemian Spirit with Boho Jewelry

Diamond hoop earrings, layered choker & diamond necklace, diamond bracelets & ring by Anmol Jewelers at Lakme Fashion Week
The Real Cut Season 2, Lakme Fashion Week W/F ’20, Jewelry by Anmol Jewelers

The bohemian style brings with it a great scope for experimenting with laces and frills, flowing fabrics and beautiful patterns. With the textile landscape so rich and diverse in India, you can easily adopt a layered skirt and team it up with a pair of natural diamond hoop earrings. Wondering which diamond cut makes the stone look bigger? Typically, oval and marquise cut diamonds have a large surface area, thereby, creating a bolder look. With a rising emphasis on wearing bold and statement natural diamond pieces to create that asymmetrical and non-conformist look, you can invest in a looped natural diamond ring with pear-shaped diamonds. They create an amazing power-packed image that complements all possible bohemian attires.

Bohemian jewelry need not be limited to birthday and theme-based parties. You can sport the same look for your wedding and engagement too. There are amazing boutiques across the country where you will find beautiful lehengas and gowns resonating with the boho theme. When it comes to bohemian jewelry, rather than going for the traditional gold rings, you can opt for a boho vintage wedding band set for you and your partner! Additionally, you can replace the conventional Kundan necklace with an exotic diamond tennis necklace and diamond drop earrings.

Weave in the Vintage Jewelry Charm

Platinum flower diamond earrings and gold leaf & platinum feather diamond rings from Lakme Fashion Week
The Real Cut Season 2, Lakme Fashion Week W/F ’20, Jewelry by Narayan Jewelers

Well, the word vintage itself is magical, keeping the old-world charm alive. If you want to usher in a sense of royalty, you can choose a heavy or a light Sharara depending on the occasion and accentuate the look with Kohl lined eyes and intricately designed jewelry incorporating vintage cut diamonds. Wondering what qualifies as a vintage cut diamond? The diamond industry across the globe recognizes a vintage or antique cut diamond as one of the most exclusive old-world cuts where the emphasis is more on the diamond carat rather than the sparkle. So, you can look out for gold and diamond choker necklaces with antique diamond cuts because chokers have a universal appeal and they never go out of fashion.

Revisit Retro Jewelry

Diamond necklace, diamond rings, and platinum & gold diamond bracelets by Vummidi Bangaru Jewelers at Lakme Fashion Week
The Real Cut Season 2, Lakme Fashion Week W/F ’20, Jewelry by Vummidi Bangaru Jewelers

The retro look has always been a popular party theme. A mere mention of the term brings back memories of the divas of Indian silver screen dazzling with their oomph. Whether it is the playful polka dots or bobby prints, wedges, large shades or shimmery jackets, you will still manage to find a natural diamond to team it up with. To go with the retro jewelry look, select from the best diamond stud earrings in your casket that have been waiting to be picked for a special occasion. Additionally, you can explore the world of diamond layered necklaces because they best complement the retro look.  With shimmery and glossy makeup, you will be set to bedazzle everyone around.

Embrace the Ethnic Jewelry Ethereal Allure

Round cut diamond ring & bracelet haloed by pave diamonds and set in gold from ORRA jewelry
 A couple sharing a happy moment, Jewelry by ORRA

Indian ethnics have an eternal charm. With unique attires and fabrics coming from all the different states, you have such a great fashion advantage to your side. When it comes to accessories, you can do a lot with diamond jewelry. Whether you have to be a part of your sibling’s wedding in full glory or have to steal the show in an upcoming Diwali party, you can confidently opt for any diamond accessory. For example, you can pick up an off-shoulder choli with an embellished lehenga and jazz it up with a heavy diamond bib necklace and an exotic diamond earring pair. To add to the glamour quotient, you can also wear an antique rose cut diamond ring.

Rock the Diva Vibe Everyday with Natural Diamonds

Trilliant, square & marquise diamond earrings, diamond necklace & flower ring by Sona Chandi jewelers at Lakme Fashion Week
The Real Cut Season 3, Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’20, Jewelry by BR Designs

Who says workplace attire is boring? With the power dressing concept becoming more prevalent, how can natural diamonds be left behind? Indian women have the added advantage of versatility with not just western wear but also sarees and kurtis to choose from. Pair your Sui-Dhaaga diamond earrings with semi-formals for that fun-filled Friday at work. For your everyday corporate avatar, you can never go wrong with sparkling natural diamond stud earrings and dainty diamond bolo bracelets for that stylish look.

You are unique and so is your natural style. In the milieu of prevalent styles to choose from, do not let go of your individuality.  You are just like a natural diamond- resilient and genuine. Hence, you need not conform to any particular style or wait to be appreciated by others. Be yourself and that’s the best style!