Gems of Love: Kakul and Ishaan’s star-studded story

A match made in heaven, arranged by twinkling stars. The starstruck duo, Kakul Gautam and Ishaan Kaul take a walk down memory lane.

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A flitting image of a woman immersed in Urdu literature accompanied by a man’s soothing voice complementing the soft strumming of a guitar catches one’s eye. They converge at the balcony and gaze idly at the rapidly appearing dawn, the first rays of the rising sun scintillating through her diamond earrings. Their mornings begin in their sanctum of togetherness, and their evenings end with stargazing. A match made in heaven, Kakul Gautam and Ishaan Kaul share uninhibited love for each other.
What started off as an office romance through mutual friends seamlessly turned into a relationship. Ishaan fell in love with Kakul’s individuality and gifted her solitaire earrings, a constant reminder of her strength, sparkle and fierce independence.

1. What was your first impression about your partner?
Ishaan Kaul:  She’s so smart and gorgeous! No way she doesn’t have a boyfriend, how can she be single?!
Kakul Gautam: Oooff, that guy has a really nice voice!

2. What is your definition of love, of companionship? 
Ishaan Kaul: I think it’s living and growing with the person you love. But, this has to be rooted in close friendship.

Kakul Gautam: I think companionship is just a soft pause in the living and the running and growing. It’s when you turn to someone and say, “Hey, look at this, this here is my life right now.”

Think of love like carbon, how it withstands pressures of life, and turns it into its own kind of natural diamond.


3. What do you enjoy doing together?
Ishaan Kaul: Home has always been my favourite place. I love giving Kakul surprises. I would decorate the house, get her favourite wine and we would dance and have a party by ourselves (laughs with glee)!

I love astronomy and knowing our place in the stars as we exist on this pale blue dot. I like talking to her at the end of my day. I cherish this space in our relationship where we can have conversations ranging from the concept of time to football club transfers. It’s as safe as living with your best friend. Romance has become finding happiness and comfort in each other’s company, wherever it is.

Kakul Gautam: Putting on some music and dancing in our living room for absolutely no reason other than we are young, alive and in love. Talking but also just relaxing in silence. I love reading and writing – in his vicinity while he is singing. We’ve loved exploring the skies and chasing comet NEOWISE for a sighting – the astral space has a special significance in our relationship.

4. What is your favourite memory of each other?
Ishaan Kaul: This memory for me is still so fresh! I had been planning it for months. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her way early into our relationship. (looks sideways at Kakul and smiles). We had become a strong part of each other’s life. It was this particular date we had on a chilly super moon winter night, at a restaurant overlooking the Qutub Minar.

A few years later at the same place, I proposed to her with the perfect diamond ring, to celebrate the sparkle she had brought in my life.

Kakul Gautam: Ah! This memory has my heart (gushing). I think what sealed the deal for me is that he secretly shared with my mum and dad that he was going to propose. This gorgeous diamond ring that rests on my finger seals the unwavering love and faith between us. (blushes)


I proposed to her with the perfect diamond ring, to celebrate the sparkle she had brought in my life.

5. Why do you prefer natural diamonds? Kakul, what is the story behind the earrings you are wearing?
Ishaan Kaul: Natural diamonds carry a story because of their origin, I find that interesting. They are glamorous and elegant. That’s my personal definition of style.

Kakul Gautam: I love simple, classic, timeless natural diamonds. They feel less disruptive to the planet and represent a more natural expression of you. So, I bought myself a pair of solitaire earrings a while ago. It instilled a sense of being financially independent, loving my work and being able to buy something I liked. To me, a natural diamond is the most premium and classic jewellery piece.


6. What would you say is the most unique part of your love story together? 
Ishaan Kaul: We’ve all got emotions, fears and dreams that make-up who we are. We take time out – to speak, to listen, to do, to hold. I think our story is ours and that’s what makes it unique. No other two people in the history of time and the planet will have the exact same narrative, troubles, laughs that we will and that’s the part I like.

Kakul Gautam: My favourite part of our love story is that we orbit back to each other, through good days, rough times, bad days, irritations. We live these full, rich, independent lives and encourage each other constantly to go out into the world and chase our dreams. And then come back home and tell each other all about it.