14 K-Pop Stars Who Love Their Diamond Jewellery

Your fan-favorites and their favorite diamond jewels.

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, K-Pop is taking the world by storm. K-pop, short for Korean popular music, has given us boy and girl bands like BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, TWICE and so many more. Defined by synth music, viral dance routines and colorful, coordinated outfits, these groups are revered by fans all over the world.

K-pop fans stan their band favorites like no other. The fervor over Rosé’s latest red carpet outfit or Joohoney’s newest Instagram post is wild. These fans are ride or die and love to let their idols know it with comments and likes on social media.

The band members are also some of the most followed accounts on Instagram and beyond. So, it’s no surprise that many of them are brand ambassadors for the world’s biggest labels, including jewellery brands like Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Bulgari. That’s right, K-Pop’s biggest stars love their natural diamonds.

Ahead, take a look at some of the most famous faces in K-pop and their major natural diamond jewellery moments.

BTS: Jimin

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BTS is currently on hiatus, as a few of the members are serving their mandatory military service in South Korea. Fan-favorite Jimin however is not serving quite yet and is instead serving looks on the red carpet, repping Tiffany & Co at their opening party for The Landmark at 727 Fifth Ave in NYC.



Jennie is making her way to American TV screens with a supporting role in HBO’s newest show The Idol. She attended the show’s premiere at Cannes wearing Chanel natural diamonds.



As a Cartier ambassador, Jisoo is often decked out in natural diamonds from the Maison.



Lisa made waves attending the Bulgari high jewellery show where she sat front row alongside Anne Hathaway and Zendaya, wearing plenty of natural diamonds.


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A brand ambassador for Tiffany & Co, Rosé is often spotted wearing pieces from the new Lock collection, for which she has a ad campaign.

Monsta X: Lee Joo-heon aka Joohoney


After releasing their first English album in 2020, Monsta X is more mainstream than ever. Fan favorite Lee Joo-heon, who goes by the nickname Joohoney, is often decked out in jewels, including this diamond-dusted chain.

Monsta X: Hyungwon


Hyungwon, another Monsta X band member shows off his dainty diamond eternity band and diamond ring in this cute mirror selfie.

Girls Generation: Yoona

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One of the original popular girl groups, Girls Generation, aka SNSD has been around for almost 10 years. Yoona, one of the fan-favorites has branched into acting and recently won an MBC Drama award for her work in the Korean miniseries Big Mouth. She accepted the award wearing natural diamond earrings and a diamond ring.

Girls Generation: Taeyeon


A Louis Vuitton brand ambassador Taeyeon recently showed off her diamond-studded earstack, complete with LV’s new fine jewellery collection.



Sana of girl group TWICE loves her dainty diamonds, including this diamond lariat she paired with a diamond tennis necklace.

TWICE: Nayeon


Chaumet’s brand ambassador and K-pop star Nayeon looks lovely in a layers of diamond necklaces, rings and diamond stud earrings.

EXO: Se Hun


A Dior brand ambassador, Se Hun wore a Dior diamond brooch for a photoshoot with Esquire Korea. His band, EXO is one of the longer-running K-pop groups, having formed in 2012 and still producing music as a group today.

NewJeans: Haerin


An up-and-coming K-pop group, NewJeans is certainly on the rise as is member Haerin, who was recently named a global ambassador for Dior fine jewellery

NewJeans: Hyein


A brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Hyein models LV fine jewellery dotted with natural diamonds.

aespa: Karina

The girl group’s main dancer wore Chopard natural diamonds while attending Cannes Film Festival this year.