A Guide to your Spontaneous Splurges – Natural Diamonds Under 30,000

Ashraf Motiwala Managing Director, A.S. Motiwala shares the rediscovered joy of spontaneous buys, spurred by moments that deserve the magic of natural diamonds. Read on for his insights on celebrating the little moments in life, each as precious as the other.

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Jewellery: Faith by A.S. Motiwala

Stuck at home and watching our dear ones at close quarters and strengthening those bonds again has been a top-notch experience. The private moments of realization during the pandemic and reconnections of personal triumphs and milestones – the one’s that warrant celebrations – have found expressions in the form of impulse diamond purchase.

It was not new to have a young one trickle in to buy a gift for his mom even earlier, but the spurt in volume this Mother’s day, the sheer growth in numbers online has been heartening. To me, it speaks for the youngsters valuing their mom’s and expressing it. Young or old, people have adapted to the new idea of rewarding themselves in the spur of the moment. Be it women celebrating their financial independence, men picking a great design to express their individuality, friends rewarding each other and young lovers formalizing their relationship with promise rings and engagement bands,  there has been a steady curve of buy-ins reaching an all-time high in these challenging times.

These spends can only be attributed to the Millenials desire to splurge on something personal and a conscious attempt at buying sustainable luxury that is timeless and holds deep meaning. Undoubtedly ethical natural diamonds are a perfect expression of these feelings. The next time, you feel a desire for instant expressions to capture a feeling in tangible form, look out for this checklist. For then your diamond would indeed be of good value and stand testimony of a lifelong memory.

Jewellery: EF Collection

Know Who You are Buying from:
It is of paramount importance that you know the brand you choose for purchase. The assurance of a quality product is implicit in a brand. Your style and budget also dictate who you can buy it from. 
One of my favourite collections in my career is Tiny Treasures by Faith, a lighter range collection, crafted to meet the desired message across a range of expressive words that convey much by themselves. 
My personal favourites include Ruwaya, a fine jewellery house in the Middle East, Britain’s most preferred jewellery house Garrard & Co. and popular American brand Harry Winston.

Jewellery: Caratlane
Neha Lulla Jewellery
Jewellery: Neha Lulla Jewellery

“My personal favourites include Ruwaya, a fine jewellery house in the Middle East, Britain’s most preferred jewellery house Garrard & Co. and popular American brand Harry Winston.”

Know the Source of the Diamond :
The need to look beyond the image building exercises of many is a smart move. One of the ways to do that is to check the diamond’s country of origin, and whether it is sourced in a conflict-free manner or not. This helps you understand if the diamond was sustainably mined, is cruelty-free, has followed ethical codes and that the brand is completely transparent about the process of sourcing. 

Checking the source of diamonds allows brands to deliver high-quality products with finesse while providing cost-effective luxury to our customers. 

And with the advancement of technology, some of the biggest players in the diamond industry have taken to adopting blockchain programs to ensure complete transparency, starting from the time the diamond is mined till the time it’s completely processed and fit in a piece of diamond jewellery. For instance, De Beers has created a blockchain program called Tracr, to provide their clients with the utmost transparency in their diamond purchases.

Orra Fine Jewellery AS Motiwala
Jewellery: Orra Fine Jewellery
AS Motiwala jewellery
Jewellery: Tara Fine Jewellery

Ensure Essentials At All Times:
Understanding the 4 Cs of a diamond is pivotal while purchasing natural diamonds – Cut, Colour, Carat, Clarity. A diamond’s brilliance is defined by its cut, and the carat weight must be considered when estimating the uniqueness and worth of a gemstone. Essentially, VS clarity is a fantastic choice for diamond buyers who want the best quality diamond. Their prices are significantly lower than those of superior clarity diamonds working well for impulse buy and spontaneous celebrations.

A.S. Motiwala diamond ring
Jewellery: A.S. Motiwala Fine Jewellery

Third-Party Certification
Third-party diamond certification is a mandatory validation. Be sure of the lab it’s certified from. Most top-line brands are certified by international labs such as IGI, GIA, SGL, etc. Ensuring that the brand has been vetted by one of these entities guarantees that the brand is transparent in its workings, and provides you with authentic pieces.

The Value Adds
When it comes to picking a jeweller to make your diamond purchase from, it’s not only important to find a name and brand that adds value to the diamond jewellery you’re buying, but also on the experience of buying it. With a plethora of jewellers popping up on social media, it becomes increasingly difficult to find one that offers genuine value. 

The experience of buying diamond jewellery is underrated here because jewellers go out of their way to make every customer comfortable, they also offer additional services like a buyback policy, discounts, lifetime warranty or even free cleanings, which add a layer of extra value to your impulse purchase.

For example, at ASM, a promise of delivering the best beyond the stated value and a life-long relationship of service and innovation is the value we provide to our customers. 

Our products are often crafted with our valued customer in mind and not just be an item on the shelf, pick me up design. For eg Faith by ASM is earmarked to translate personal memories and tales into exquisitely designed daywear jewellery that appeals to customers’ sense of individuality. One of the many reasons it’s been a hit with the impulse buyers in lockdown.

So the next time you are buying diamonds on an impulse remember, to not just act from the heart but also from the head. After all, be it an impulse buy or thought-through one, the diamond is going to be yours forever!