Serenaded by Natural Diamond Solitaires

Most of us know that a solitaire diamond is a class apart. It’s a symbol of love, and of course, a statement that can last a lifetime. But did you know that there’s more to them than what meets the eye?

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Diamond Solitaires
Photo Credits: De Beers

Legend has it that in ancient Roman times, solitaire diamonds were considered an eternal symbol of love. Even though they were popularised during the Victorian Era as well, it was not until 1948 that it was crowned the epitome of everlasting love.

You see, it was around then that De Beers launched their path breaking campaign that would change the way the world viewed solitaire diamonds – especially when it came to engagement rings. By simply stating that “A Diamond is Forever”, De Beers helped people realise that the most romantic purchase that could profess one’s undying love was a sparkling solitaire. After all, a natural diamond engagement ring, much like love, can last a lifetime… and then some more.

Exploring the World of Solitaire Diamonds

Mesmerising, magical and magnificent, solitaire diamonds are known to be a classic that have never really gone out of style. For the uninitiated, they are pieces of jewellery that are defined by a singular natural diamond that dazzles effortlessly. Derived from the Latin word ‘Solus’, solitaire diamonds have managed to create for themselves an indomitable reputation that can overshadow more elaborate settings, styles, and designs.

Solitaire Diamonds rings
Photo Credits: De Beers

A Class Apart
Defined by a single, often larger diamond – more than 0.30 carats – solitaire diamonds often stand out from other natural diamond embellished pieces as a statement piece that’s elegant, timeless, yet stunning. With the single natural diamond taking the centre stage, it shines brighter than the rest.

Even though there are some outstanding designs in the market that can potentially outshine a simple solitaire, these classic single gemstones will always be in vogue. Elegant, subtle, exquisite and evergreen, a statement created by solitaire diamonds will withstand changing trends and seasons.

Rare and extremely valuable, a single solitaire is the most precious gift you can give yourself or your loved one.

C-s for Selecting the Perfect Solitaire

Though naturally defined, Cut is the most important aspect to consider when picking the right one. Not only can the cut make a difference to its value, it also makes the diamond sparkle as bright as stars. A round brilliant solitaire is more sought after due to the innate fire and sparkle of its 56 or 57 facets. Defined by their incomparable brilliance, this cut exudes the most kaleidoscopic shine. But if size is what makes your solitaire perfect, an oval or a marquis cut can make the diamond seem larger.

While pink, yellow, and blue diamonds can make a diamond stand apart from the rest, when it comes to solitaires, colourless natural diamonds lead the way.

Similarly, when it comes to clarity, the lower the number of internal inclusions and external blemishes are, the more valuable the solitaire is rendered. Simply put, lesser imperfections make it truly special.

checking Solitaire Diamonds
Photo Credits: De Beers

When purchasing solitaire diamonds, most new buyers don’t realise that every natural diamond is unique, and so are its flaws. But since flaws are microscopic, it is important to understand the 4 Cs of knowing a diamond before buying one.

Considering that solitaires start at 0.30 carats, a bigger diamond doesn’t necessarily mean a more beautiful one.

Diamond brilliance also needs to be considered when selecting solitaires. It is caused by light reflecting off the inside of the diamond to the viewer, making it seem like light is pouring out of the diamond. The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance. It is also the reason why diamonds have their signature sparkle.

Diamond Sparkle
Photo Credits: De Beers

Diamond brilliance and fire both create sparkle, but they are quite different. However, there is often a trade-off between the two. It is up to you to decide what balance looks most beautiful to you.

Solitaires and Statements

While solitaire diamonds can make any piece a subtle statement of style and class, with rings it makes them exuberant. Minimalist and simple, solitaire diamond rings celebrate the single dazzling statement at the heart of the jewellery. The perfect amalgamation of traditional and versatile, these rings are rare, timeless and exquisitely crafted to bring the natural diamond to life in unimaginable ways, which is why they have reigned over hearts for decades.

Diamond Engagement Ring
Photo Credits: De Beers

Selecting an engagement ring can be intimidating at times. At the end of the day, it symbolises the beginning of a very special chapter in life. And solitaire diamonds can be the perfect choice for such an occasion. Not only do they have a famed history that makes them iconic, it is also a style where the ring takes the spotlight effortlessly.

And if you don’t believe us, we have some rather famous solitaires that help our case. Grace Kelly set the trend for emerald cut engagement rings when Prince Rainier presented her with a 10.48 carat natural diamond flanked by baguettes. And celebrities have followed suit with their love for the emerald cut, be it Jennifer Lawrence’s diamond engagement ring that’s estimated to be between a whopping $60,000 to $100,000 or even Deepika Padukone’s huge solitaire that stood out among the many rings she wore for her nuptials!

Deepika Padukone’s solitaire Diamond
Photo Credits: Getty Images

Closer home, Alia Bhatt’s massive hexagonal cut natural diamond engagement ring, set with 8 diamonds on the band, is engraved with Ranbir & her relationship philosophy!

From Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Lopez, celebrity solitaire diamonds from across the world have tales to tell – stories of true love and breath-taking happily ever after.

In fact, several movies have paid tribute to the classic diamond solitaire. Take for example the diamond ring in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Even though the diamond shown in the movie was a beautiful heart-shaped one, the French Queen’s original diamond was a pristine blue solitaire diamond. Not just romantic films like Sweet Home Alabama and the Grace Kelly starrer High Society, solitaire diamond pieces are a favourite subject of heist movies too. For example,in Snatch and Flawless it brings forth a masterful blend of mystery, suspense, intrigue, and often, love.

Defined by brilliant cuts, curves and a classic charm, solitaire diamonds are the unspoken ode to new beginnings. With a wide range of designs that play up its elegance, the glamour that it exudes is undeniable. And if you thought that there’s nothing more to solitaire diamonds than a symbol of classic, minimalistic style, don’t forget that your natural diamonds have the magic to bring alive a promise of love that lasts forever.