Zodiac Guide To Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Ethereal and eternal, natural diamonds are known to usher luck in heaven and on earth. But did you know that along with Venus, they can make your persona shine brighter?

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When Venus is in our stars

Christened after the Greek goddess of beauty, Venus shines brightest just like a natural diamond, you can find the planet twinkling and sparkling in the inky skies.

But there’s more to Venus than meets the eye.

Revered as the planet of love, beauty and art, in Vedic astrology, when this planet ruled by diamonds ascends among the zodiac stars, it can mean extraordinary things. Especially in confluence with the right diamond cut. 

Come join us as we take a circle around the zodiac wheel to help you discover what’s in store for each of the signs in the new year and uncover your perfect sparkler!


2022 is the year to be your most vivacious selves, Aries! It’s the time to be out and about, expand your circle and network with the right people. To add a glam factor to your naturally flamboyant personality, we recommend the solitaire princess cut natural diamond. This pyramid-shaped beauty with dazzling edges is characterised by strong, angular lines. A sign of modernity and brilliance that a fiercely independent individual like you will completely resonate with.


As an earth sign, you’re hardwired to not just aim for the stars but to also put in the hard work required to get there. We have good news for you, Taurus! 2022 sees you climbing the ladder of success, and inspiring those around you to realise their highest potential. To make your mark in the world, opt for the marquise cut natural diamond. This eye-shaped beauty is often known as the smiling diamond for all the sheer joy it brings into the life of the wearer. For the Taurus soul, this natural diamond accentuates their distinct personality and unbreakable will.


With domestic bliss on the cards and unbound passion too, this year will prove that Heaven is a place on Earth. A place where you are co-creating with the people you love most, Gemini! To enhance that feeling of joy and bliss, we suggest a heart cut natural diamond. A perfect blend of modernity and vintage charm this diamond will be your true accomplice in matters of your passionate heart.


Self-exploration is going to be a major theme for you in the coming year, dear Cancer. Think of this as an invitation to get into a committed relationship with yourself, irrespective of whether  you have a partner. On the career front, the cards are about making a huge impact, which is a priority for a water sign like you. The stylish emerald cut natural diamond, strong and bold, is the perfect complement for your understated, yet brilliant personality.


We know Leos love to make an impact! But, this is not the year to make big moves on the career front. Stick to what you have and where you are now. The good news is, the card of domestic bliss is showing up on the personal front. To make the most of life, we suggest a pear cut natural diamond for you. Edgy and lustrous, it will take no time to become an effortless part of your adventurous personality. 


Cautious and diligent Virgos will find the theme of endings and beginnings playing out on the career front, in 2022. Don’t worry too much about what is being taken away from you though. Instead, shift your focus towards the golden opportunities knocking at your door. It’s time to challenge yourself to take a risk despite your need to play it safe. To help you take the plunge, we suggest a round cut natural diamond. Characterised by its unmistakable shine, this sparkler will compliment your modest and humble personality perfectly and awaken the fire that’s lying dormant within.


2022 has a lot to offer to Libras, if they know where to look. But that’s never too hard for an adventure-seeker like you! What’s more, you’ll find creative partnerships thrive like never before. So, reach out to those kindred spirits who have been on your radar for some time now. If you need a little nudge from stars, opt for the brilliant and gleaming asscher cut natural diamond. After all, this diamond sparkles in the darkest corners, much like your charming personality.


Your instincts are always on point, Scorpio. So, if you’re having a good feeling about something, it’s probably worth pursuing. The good news, the cards for steady growth and progress of showing up for you on the career front. Bring forth your trendy and unique persona with an oval cut natural diamond. Characterised by its excellence and brilliance, it will prove to be a metaphor for the perfection you’re always aiming for.


It’s going to be a year of highs and lows, Sagittarius. But, don’t get perturbed by what the cards are telling you. Never forget that you are best known for your reservoir of resilience like no other. If you’re looking for a tangible symbol of your transformation, opt for the princess cut natural diamond. Known for its contemporary aesthetics, this revered piece of art is perfect for your fearless and resilient soul.


Capricorn, you’re a power player! After all, the most ambitious one amongst the signs. What the cards want you to remember as you step into the new year is that the clouds of confusion will clear themselves soon, rendering you with the gift of clarity. To make the journey an unforgettable one, we suggest a marquise cut natural diamond for you! Celebrated for its unique form, it’s glamorous and dramatic in just the right amounts – absolutely perfect for strong powerful personalities like you.


It’s all about new beginnings in the Aquarius HQ. Distilling knowledge into wisdom will help you take the many challenges that life throws at you. Remember to not get hung up on the idea of how things should be or shouldn’t be as you sometimes tend to be rigid. Making spontaneity your superpower will help navigate the trickiest of territories. If you’re looking for an accomplice in this exploration, we suggest a cushion cut natural diamond for you.  Known to stun every single person in the room, this classic cut is an absolute dazzler, just like your free-spirited personality!


New things lie in store for you professionally as well as personally, Pisces. While that might sound intimidating, it is in fact the perfect reason to start planning those grand celebrations you’ve been dreaming about for some time now. To call in Venus’ good grace, turn to a radiant cut natural diamond. This hypnotising beauty will perfectly match your sensitive and charming personality.

The dazzling beauty of natural diamonds in conjunction with Venus, the ruling planet of romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, comfort and all things luxurious, works absolute magic to sparkle your personality and make an impact.  After all, this year is all about bringing out the best in you like it’s written in your stars!