Gems of a Groom: Memories Treasured in Heirlooms

Channeling the tenderness of emotions and memories carried in modern heirlooms, here’s my celebration of the comeback of classic jewellery essentials for grooms.

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All jewellery images from Raghavendra Rathore

Heritage and classic inspirations play a significant role in Raghavendra Rathore’s designs.

Love at First Sight
Marking the birth of a new journey, when two souls decide to unite for a lifetime of loving each other unconditionally, the pre-wedding cauldron of emotions is stirred by the bride and the groom alike. However, while the bride gets blanketed in the glimmer of jewellery options, it’s no secret that the groom’s first diamond interaction starts with the search for the perfect engagement ring. There was once a time dominated by jewel-laden Maharajas which slowly transitioned into minimalistic grooms wear, and somewhere along the line, the groom’s appetite for jewellery started to diminish. But history finds a way to repeat itself. From live streaming ceremonies to donning natural diamond-studded masks, weddings have changed forever, courtesy of a guest that never RSVP’d – the pandemic. However, catalysed by a year in sweatpants and loungewear, I can attest to the onset of a genuine trend to preserve nuptial moments; of diamond jewellery once again finding its way back onto outfits as the new accessory custom designed for the grooms of today. With sustainability at its core, it’s refreshing to see a lot of designers pushing boundaries, while striking an immaculate balance between rediscovery and staying true to our roots.

Diamond studded brooches and cufflinks highlight the groom’s allure.

The Glimmer of Sustainability
The last year has been one of deep reflection, bringing about a glimmer of sustainability in the form of natural diamonds. Couples have increasingly started appreciating all things natural, opting for pieces that reflect their personality and looking for possessions that are made to last – be it in fabrics, silhouettes or jewellery. Natural diamonds fit right into this new, modern, minimalistic approach for weddings, unifying the ideals of slow fashion with the joy and exuberance of a wedding.

I often think to myself ‘What does the future hold for grooms to be?’. I believe that collections that project a perfect amalgamation of personal style and contemporary heritage dressing are the ones making the return. With slow fashion being adopted at breakneck speed, jewellery, the soul of any Indian Groom’s attire, is making a dazzling, and more importantly, sustainable comeback. Restoring old heirloom jewellery is bringing back a nostalgic old-world charm from a bygone era. Designers are leaning toward conscious luxury, creating one of a kind natural diamond-studded jewellery pieces, possessing timeless aesthetics that can be passed on from one generation to the other.

I’ve made sure that my upcoming fashion collection encapsulates just that. Every look is designed with jewellery accents that add to its grandeur and royal finesse. A play of hand-woven textiles, subtle embellishments and colour lay the perfect foundation for the futuristic groom.

To add to that, opting for sustainable pieces also supports the use of indigenous skills, helping preserve the craft and sustain communities.

Handcrafted jewelled buttons and a customised brooch accentuate a groom’s outfit.

Gems of a Groom
Diamonds, the tributes to the most significant moments of your life, shine in the glory of the emotions they stand for. Every piece of jewellery comes attached with its own story – how long it took to get the Safa (Turban) sit right and how much longer it took to pin it to perfection with that diamond-encrusted Sarpech or Kalgi.

Subtle diamond ring designs and elaborate necklaces, the choice can be a luxury, just as it can be overwhelming. Moving from head to toe, here are a few of my suggestions for grooms to keep in mind when styling their wedding day look.

Bring your Crown Alive
A Kilangi or Sarpech, bejewelled by uncut natural diamonds, is accentuated with an Ostrich feather. They are the perfect mix of headgear accessories that have an old-world charm to them.

Customised groom’s jewellery like Sarpache from Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur’s Collection.

Make a Regal Statement
A string or tiered Kantha necklace or choker style necklace promises to add a traditional yet regal flair to a groom’s wedding ensemble. Looking to push the boundaries even further? Strike the perfect balance between timelessness and elegant styles steeped deep into our culture with a Satlada neckpiece, a gender-fluid statement piece that is inspired by the panache of the Nizams & Maharajas, encrusted with natural diamonds and accented with pearls and emeralds.

Pinned Perfection
A Brooch is versatile and can be combined with a Jodhpuri Bandhgala or a classic plain achkan suitable more for a reception or a sangeet function.

Bespoke Jewellery from Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur’s collection adorning the groom’s armour.

Bejewelled Accessories
Natural diamond buttons and cufflinks for Jodhpuri Bandhgalas and Achkans accentuate the outfit and add to the grandeur of the attire in a way no accessory can, bringing out the personality of the wearer.

Finesse at your Fingertips
Complete your ensemble with a signet or monogram ring. They stand out in all the right ways and are sure to make a statement.

“Natural diamonds carrying the weight of love, light and unforgettable memories, have a special place and purpose in every groom’s wardrobe.”

The beauty of our traditions is that they are passed on from one generation to the next in the form of memories. The happiness of wearing the same Sarpech that your grandfather wore on his wedding day, knows no bounds. So does the joy of knowing that the cufflinks your dad gifted you at your wedding are also a symbol of love and pride. We’re well into the revolution that is Groom’s Jewellery.

While your first interaction with natural diamonds may be for your partner’s engagement ring, weaving diamonds into your wedding outfit can make for a memorable day and even more memorable keepsakes. Natural diamond jewellery is immeasurably more about precious moments than about being precious stones. With the opulence of natural diamonds reigning supreme in most weddings, it is the love, the memories and the sheer happiness that shines through!