The Forever Romance of Pending Proposals

Understanding why three-stone diamonds rings are quickly becoming a symbol of everlasting love

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Ring: Mouawad

The Diamond-Embraced Essence of Pending Proposals

The best things in life aren’t often found; they’re built.

Today, marriages come in all shapes and sizes – and every couple’s evolving relationship is the result of two people working in sync to create something beautiful. At its core, every relationship is driven by the need for connection – the felt experiences that unite two people, the moments that bring them together, and the special days that leave a lasting impression.

But in India, typically the wedding has been arranged with the pair only able to spend time together later on, or occasionally the couple has been living together so marriage becomes the obvious next step, or perhaps the pair has been in a long-distance relationship and marriage was merely a means to be closer together. More commonly in recent years, couples have moved more quickly toward marriage to preserve their relationships in the face of severe lockdowns, as the pandemic has waxed and waned around the globe.

In each of these situations, tender personal commitment is often delayed, forgotten, or missed in the rush and romance of the celebration. That moment of emotional intimacy – the hesitation before the question, the uncertainty before the answer and the thrill of the reciprocation – gets lost. It is only later on that the two individuals begin to appreciate and realize that they’ve unlocked a more profound love. Those who wait for the right moment to propose, not in haste but in happiness, their moment becomes even more intimate. That special milestone is long awaited – Pending Proposal.

This relationship landmark is best symbolized by a three-stone natural diamond ring, which connects with the three phases of a couple’s evolution. The first diamond in the set represents the pair’s experiences together, the center diamond represents their most important phase – the present, while the third diamond is meant to serve as a constant reminder of the couple’s shared happiness, which is yet to come.

The pending proposal is an oath of perseverance, made not with innocence but with experience – and one that is more meaningful than any other.

Ring: H.Ajoomal

Learning From Yesterday 

The first diamond represents the past – the idea that despite the odds, something natural, beautiful and brilliant can form in the places you least expect.

The act of loving is a decision.

It is one that has been made and will be made every single day. It is a million little moments of kindness and consideration. It is the tiny, but thrilling, moments of quiet appreciation – over a cup of coffee in the morning, talking over dinner in a dimly lit restaurant, or cuddling up on the couch as you watch a movie.

But these beautiful moments of comfort find their way into a couple’s routine only after the relationship has been tested. During the formative years, a couple faces waves of ups and downs as they learn to work as a team to navigate through families, friends, and personal fault lines. But those very struggles, fights, and disagreements, give way to tenderness – the rainbow at the end of the storm.

It is through trial and error that couples find their way to each other’s hearts.

Living In The Now 

The second diamond represents the present – the discovery that the pressures of the world around us, create the most dazzling, extraordinary and wonderful experiences.

The most important day in a couple’s life will always be today.

Loving for today means having someone in your corner who values you, grows your self-respect, and is proud of your achievements. It becomes the bedrock for the kind of love that inspires you to be the best version of yourself.  

As a relationship progresses, individuals may discover strange quirks or opposing viewpoints. Each relationship takes an incredible amount of work, and it is a joy to be in a romantic relationship where both partners are invested in the process. It is the absolute promise of potential.

The center diamond of the ring acknowledges the trust, care, and intimacy that has grown through the couple’s experiences together. It’s a celebration of the present moment and all that comes with it.

Ring: H.Ajoomal
Ring: H.Ajoomal

Preparing For Forever           

The third diamond represents the future – with the experience of yesterday and the love of the present day, a natural diamond represents the remarkable wonderous, glittering days to come.

There’s nothing more promising than tomorrow.

The most exciting part of being in a loving, healthy relationship is the idea of building toward the future. It is knowing your partner will stand by your side as you navigate through rough waters and cheer you on when the weather clears. That you will support each other through raising children, switching jobs and changing bodies. It is trusting that the next phase of your relationship will see you grow through the good times and the bad, through thick and thin.

It is creating a future worthy of the kind of love that feels like home.

The tale that is told by the three natural diamonds is one of desire, devotion, and the divinity of human connection. “This ring has such a beautiful message. It’s that I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow,” says Valerie Messika, Founder & Artistic Director of Messika Jewelry. “It could also be: this is the woman I was, the woman I am, and the woman I will be.”