In Conversation with Sarah Royce-Greensill

For the fine jewellery matchmaker, natural diamonds are for every day — whether as a marker of important milestones, reflection of conscious luxury, or extension of her personal style

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A member of the Natural Diamond Council Style Collective, Sarah Royce-Greensill’s creative vision and relationship with jewellery, natural diamonds in particular, shaped our Trend Report for 2022.

With SRG Jewel, you connect buyers to their next precious heirloom. As a new mother, how has your idea of an heirloom evolved?
The word ‘heirloom’ typically conjures ideas of something that is very old, very valuable, that you won’t necessarily wear everyday — it might be your granny’s brooch or your great-aunt’s ring that you keep in a safe. I have a locket necklace that originally contained my birthstone, which happens to be a diamond. When my son was born, I added two more charms — a diamond K for my partner and a shooting star with diamonds to represent my son Luca, whose name means bringer of light. I wanted something that I could wear everyday, that would keep my family close to me. Natural diamonds have been around for millions if not billions of years. When you want to invest in a piece of jewellery, it makes you ask yourself questions and evaluate your own personal style, and you end up with an object that is unique to you and has incredible longevity.

What does style mean to you?
Style is all about confidence and comfort in what you’re wearing. It’s about a conscious approach to dressing, almost like a uniform, as people spend on things they will love for years to come. I always notice jewellery first. You can be simply dressed but accessorise with natural diamonds or lots of jewellery. I love high-low luxury, like the look of a cashmere jumper with diamond earrings and rings. Personally, I love being able to wear diamonds everyday. I have several ear piercings that I wear diamonds in and never take off, even if I’m in a jumper or T-shirt.

How does jewellery serve as markers of time? And how does this apply to milestones in your life and career?
Traditionally, jewellery has always been used to mark milestones in people’s lives — the necklace you receive for your 18th birthday, the earrings you were given for your graduation, your engagement ring, perhaps a push present when you have a baby… There are lots of linear ways to mark milestones in life.  Unlike anything else, jewellery really keeps the memories and emotions of those times in your life. What I enjoy is helping people celebrate special moments that aren’t tied to these traditional milestones, like an amazing promotion or a memorable holiday. I have a diamond necklace that I’ve worn everyday since my 30th birthday — it’s a 0.3-carat diamond to represent the 30s milestone. Then there are other pieces that when I look at, remind me of the person who gave them to me or a special moment.

How have the past two years changed the way you invest in jewellery or fashion?
The most difficult thing at the start was learning to slow down, learning to do nothing. Before the pandemic I was always rushing around, never sitting still. That has translated into an appreciation for conscious luxury and slow fashion. I’m no longer in a frenetic pace and that has influenced my buying patterns and what I look for when investing in an object.

What do you love most about finding the right piece for the right person?
The best thing about it is working with someone who might be feeling a bit lost, not sure which way to turn, overwhelmed by all this information and helping them realise that exploring different pieces of jewellery, different gemstones is a really enjoyable process. You need to have an emotional connection with a certain stone or piece of jewellery, and often it’s completely different to what you expected. Perhaps you went in thinking you wanted an Art Deco diamond engagement ring but instead you fell in love with something that was big and bold with a huge pear-cut diamond solitaire instead. It’s what makes your face light up, and that’s a special moment to see. Especially when I’m working with people having an heirloom piece reset. I can help them find a design that really suits who they are, their personality, and turn that unworn piece into something that they’re going to wear and adore everyday.

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