A New Mom Gift, From Me To Myself.

For all the millennial moms out there, here is a handy guide on baby-safe diamond jewellery under 100k that you can splurge on guilt-free.

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Jewellery: A.S. Motiwala Fine Jewellery, Orra Jeweller and Notandas Jewellers

Congratulations! You are a new mom, blessed with the most perfect bundle of joy. But this new entrant brings a whole new set of unforeseen challenges. From endless feeding and changing sessions to sleepless nights, there is little or no time left to take a breath and appreciate the wonder you have created. Even your partner, who doted on you throughout those 9 months of your pregnancy, is overwhelmed with balancing co-parenting duties with Work From Home, while of course ensuring your physical and mental well-being as you both undertake this demanding yet rewarding journey.

Getting you a new mom gift is possibly furthest from his mind. But this amazing achievement and milestone deserves to be celebrated with something that has undergone as intense a transformation journey as you have, something as precious, unique and everlasting – some spectacular natural diamond jewellery!

We know what you are thinking; you probably stopped wearing most of your jewellery after the baby was born. What if the baby pulled on your pendant and broke it, or worse, what if your solitaire engagement ring hurt your baby’s delicate skin? So does this mean that you give up on jewellery, or feeling beautiful, till your baby is all grown up? Definitely not! Here is our handy guide on baby-safe diamond jewellery under 100k, that you can gift yourself without any guilt. So give yourself a pat on your back for a job well done, and celebrate your miracle of life, with a miracle of nature – diamonds.

Don’t count the Y’Ears’
Yes, you probably cannot wear your favourite danglers or hot & trendy shoulder-dusters just yet. But there is a whole host of options to choose from in the wide world of Diamond Earrings! Whether you are the traditional sort who would love nature-inspired floral studs, the no-nonsense hoop lover or the modern fashionista who wants contemporary and cool ear-cuffs, the choice is endless. So, go ahead and indulge yourself with any of these beautiful natural diamond earrings and sparkle from ear to ear!

Stack ‘Em Up
You have put your diamond engagement ring back in the locker for now, your fingers feel bare, and you sorely miss the twinkle hitting your eye as you pat your baby to sleep or type on your phone. Why not try out a stack of tiny, bezel set rings in different metal colours? Maybe choose something more gender-fluid with a signet ring? Or just choose a classic eternity band as a temporary replacement for your natural diamond ring? The options are endless, your fingers are only 10!

Right Under Your Nose
You are perhaps one of the lucky few with the foresight to have gotten a nose piercing early in life or you are the adventurous sorts who wants to try something new, now that the baby is here. Either way, a new diamond nose pin (or even a ring) is a great way to celebrate a new beginning. So whether you are the chic goddess mom with a charm on her nose ring, a tradition-lover with a floral nose pin, a minimalist with a tiny solitaire diamond stud or even the cool rock-chick with a hoop under her nose, natural diamond nose pins and rings give you a plethora of options that suit your individuality and style. After all, just like every natural diamond is unique, so are you and, so is your motherhood journey.

The Circle of Life
Your life has entirely changed since the baby is here, and your family is now complete. What better than a natural diamond bracelet to celebrate this momentous occasion, and mark it for eternity? The moms who are fond of more classic styles can choose a minimal bracelet with a straight line of sparkling diamonds. Those of you who cannot contain your joy, can go alphabetical with diamond-studded letters in your baby’s initials, or stack up some bolo bracelets with unique charms that reflect your special relationship with your baby. Whatever you choose, remember that you are building your own modern heirloom collection that you can pass on to the next generation with all your love, unforgettable memories and everlasting blessings.

Set Yourself Apart
Maybe you are the unconventional mom. Traditional jewellery and regular options don’t seem exciting enough; you are looking for something beyond the ordinary, something trendy or one-of-a-kind, just like your bond with your baby. You want to take this opportunity to purchase something truly special that you will cherish forever. The world of natural diamond jewellery awaits your graceful touch, to reveal a treasure trove of choices curated just for you. You could combine colourful enamels with sparkling white diamonds, or get an evil eye bracelet to protect you & the baby. You could mix a variety of metals or even leather with white diamonds, or choose salt and pepper – white and black diamonds set in one ring. Gift yourself whatever takes your fancy, and is a true reflection of your unique personality.

If you wish for your New Mom Gift to be exclusive and inimitable, made just for you, we have you covered. Whether you choose something classic and de rigeour or something unusual and distinctive, you can always add a layer of personalization to it by engraving your baby’s name or date of birth on the back transforming that piece of diamond jewellery into something extraordinary. So step out, or log on, and explore the endless possibilities at hand as you look to celebrate the miracle of life with miraculous natural diamonds.