Sparkle With Sibling Love: The Ultimate Buying Guide For Rakhi

The ultimate buying guide for the perfect rakhi gift.

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Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas with natural diamonds
Pendant: Harakh, Bracelet: Ganjam

Reliving Sibling Memories this Raksha Bandhan

Words like ‘annoying,’ ‘a real pain’ and ‘duh’ are evenly balanced with epithets such as protective, caring and adorable whenever you talk of growing up with siblings. If it’s not an actual sibling, it’s a cousin or a best friend that shares the sibling vibes with you, making the relationship that much sweeter and quirkier. We bet you have your own ‘Stranger Things’ gang to hang out with!

Re-telling sibling stories is a great way to embarrass them – from the done-to-death ‘you were adopted’ prank to the classic “I’ll tell on you to mamma” threat.

So, this Rakshabandhan let’s revisit these memories. And while you are at it, you might as well select the perfect gift for them – something meaningful and precious! Like a beautiful pièce de résistance of natural diamond jewellery. After all, you don’t love them just for a day, like diamonds, sibling love is forever!

Symbolism of Natural Diamond Jewellery

Natural diamond jewellery has the ability to make you stand out in the crowd. The brilliance and sparkle emitting from the cubic crystal lattice of a natural diamond conveys not just its worth but also its sentimental value. Clarity, toughness and purity of a natural diamond symbolise the love and devotion of a sibling who is always there for you. The way diamonds are cut and placed next to each other in a piece of jewellery is akin to the bond shared by siblings – the strength and beauty of togetherness.

Moreover, it makes for a smashing fashion statement à la Zendaya or Emma Watson on the red carpet. And while we are on fashion, we are totally rooting for gender-fluid jewellery this season. Imagine a horseshoe pendant or stackable rings that a sister can share with her brother!

Finding the Perfect Rakhi Gifts

Diamond Earring Shea Luxe
Pendant: Liali Jewellery

Deal or No Deal

You have probably lost count of the times you had to keep your elder sibling’s digressions under wrap – from late night phone calls to secret girlfriends. In exchange, you know he has got your back!

So, when your ‘annoying’ older brother gives you a beautiful pendant studded with natural diamonds, you know just how truly he adores you. Sleek designs in yellow gold for daily wear or something daring like the briolette cut are sure to leave you smitten.

The Sister Act

You can find a best friend in your sister or a sister in your best friend – either way you are blessed. Fighting you over trivial stuff or standing up for you, your sis/bestie will help you through homework and breakups alike. 

Seal your friendship with a sparkly gift! Nothing says ‘Best Friends Forever’ better than a pair of earrings. The wide variety on offer includes danglers, studs, chandeliers, drop earrings and our favourites – hoops encrusted with diamonds! Natural diamonds in earrings can be paired with yellow, white or rose gold or platinum. With a trendy geometric hoop to flaunt, your Instagram reels with #bestie are bound to go viral.

Diamond Earring Shea Luxe
Earrings: Shea Luxe
Amayra Bracelet Diamond Jewellery
Bracelet: Amayra Jewellery

Sharing is Caring… or Not

The likelihood that you will spill coffee on your sister’s borrowed kurta is inversely proportional to how happily she let you have that kurta. Is that Murphy’s Law? No, that’s Sibling Law!

You can perhaps salvage the situation by dipping into your savings and buying her a beautiful diamond bracelet. A sleek white gold embedded bracelet, a gold bracelet full of charms such as evil eye and hamsa symbol, a bangle-inspired bracelet or an adjustable one, the design choices are endless. A diamond bracelet effortlessly enhances the personality of the wearer. She can’t possibly scold you now, can she?

Earrings: Narayan Jewellers

Bracelet: Reliance Jewels

Pendant: Joyalukkas

“Clarity, toughness and purity of a natural diamond symbolise the love and devotion of a sibling who is always there for you. The way diamonds are cut and placed next to each other in a piece of jewellery is akin to the bond shared by siblings – the strength and beauty of togetherness.”

Bro Code

Being together is your thing – be it the backbench at school or the front seat of your first car. He is the Groot to your Rocket, your best friend, your bro! A gift studded with natural diamonds is the best way to celebrate your bromance.

Men’s taste in jewellery has evolved, and the choices available with natural diamonds make you want to go on a shopping spree. Understated rings and bracelets, twisted chains and diamond-studded pendants – the sky’s the limit. From platinum rings studded with diamonds to gold bands polished with rhodium and embedded with baguette cut diamonds, there are designs to appeal to every man’s taste.

Amongst all of men’s accessories, cufflinks are the ones that instantly add sophistication to your formal ensemble. As a gift, they could be your way of making your younger brother feel more grown-up.

Diamond Cufflinks
Cufflinks: VCJ
Diamond Necklace Narayan Jewellers
Necklace: Narayan Jewellers

Femme Fatale

The new age woman wants to go beyond the mundane when it comes to jewellery. Natural diamonds are a sound investment and a fashion statement that’s always en vogue. That makes a diamond necklace the most exquisite gift and the ultimate declaration of love for your little sister.

No girl can resist a chain with a pendant or an in-built pendant that’s delicately fitted with sparkling diamonds. A lightweight diamond necklace in yellow or white or rose gold is akin to poetry, and when it is flaunting an array of differently cut or mismatched diamonds, it is a compliment to both your personalities. Each one of you is different yet bonded together with the power of love.

Life is full of ups and downs, but with a sibling by your side, you have a friend forever. Seal this beautiful bond with diamond jewellery and make this Rakshabandhan a memorable one.