Today’s Social Work is Tomorrow’s Sustainability

Introducing KP Sanghvi, as we unveil the ethical and unexpected benefits of establishing a sustainable natural diamond company that champions a brighter future because of it.

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All Image Courtesy: KP Sanghvi

Imagine a natural diamond—a symbol of brilliance, crafted from Earth’s hidden treasures. Now, imagine a company that not only brings those gems to life but uses its success to shine a light on the world around it. That’s the story of KP Sanghvi, an Indian diamantaire that has redefined luxury for over 50 years. Over half a century the company has carefully built their principles based on their belief that their success is as reliant on the society they are in, as their profit margin. The social work they once began has today become the founding principle that informs their future as well. Organic connections between human beings became the anchor on which the company developed their strategies.

Their objective is about creating maximum value for all stakeholders, from the people they employ directly or indirectly, to the customers they cater to, extending to the community, and the environment. From empowering minorities to investing in the future through education and a supportive environment, the company has converted its social initiatives to management lessons.

“I firmly believe that leadership extends beyond profit margins and market share,” says Arvind Sanghvi, Partner. “We cannot exist with the structure that supports us. And we cannot prosper if that structure isn’t sound and sustainable. Our investment is a look towards the future, of not just our company but also the world we contribute and live in.”

A Spark of Equality: Empowering One & All

KP Sanghvi's Philosophy & Equality to empower one and all
From classrooms in Rajasthan to diamond factories in Surat, KP Sanghvi is transforming lives through women empowerment.

The foundation of KP Sanghvi’s philosophy lies in a seemingly ordinary experience—a law college project in Sirohi. This is one of three educational institutions they have created in rural Rajasthan, a state with one of the lowest literacy rates in India, along with a government degree college and a high school, and each is instrumental in revising the vision of the state as well as the status of its people. Over 50% of the enrollment in these institutions is by female students.

The founders observed firsthand the transformative power of gender equality in education. A balanced classroom fostered open discussions, respect, and allowed everyone to contribute freely. This sparked a commitment to inclusivity within their organisation. Long before the immensely multi-dimensional contribution of women in the workforce was acknowledged, KP Sanghvi invested into building such a space.

Today 35% of their 12,000 strong employee base is composed of women, across all roles and responsibilities. Be it their pioneering women-only diamond factory in Surat or their set-up in Botswana which employs 55% women, they are actively shattering stereotypes and contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

Inclusivity: The Cornerstone of Progress

KP Sanghvi promotes inclusivity by providing opportunities to underprivileged and diverse talents, mirrored in their factories.

The company’s commitment to equality extends to looking at employment beyond conventional definitions. Employment opportunities were extended to underprivileged individuals, tribals, and those with disabilities in Pavapuri, Rajasthan, and hence, they were able to recognize the potential within diverse communities. Witnessing the impact this initiative had on families and the overall development of the region, solidified their conviction—inclusivity is not just the right thing to do; it fosters progress and creates a valuable talent pool. This philosophy manifests in their Botswana factory as well, where a remarkable 70% of the workforce is comprised of the local population. KP Sanghvi has also founded a 185 acre animal shelter in Pavapuri, where 70 per cent of its employees are tribal locals.

Sustainability: A Gift for Nature

KP Sanghvi’s sustainable initiatives
The diamantaire’s zero-waste mindset reflects in their series of initiatives like animal welfare and tree plantation in Pavapuri and the development of LEED-certified factories in Surat & Botswana.

Early on, the company embarked on a series of initiatives in Pavapuri focused on animal welfare, tree plantation, and overall sustainability. This dedication to environmental well-being wasn’t just impactful, it was a learning experience. It instilled in them a deep appreciation for a sustainable way of life, an organic approach to balanced living. Today, this translates into their unwavering commitment to green practices including a holistic approach towards the UN Sustainability Development Goals where they have already achieved 14 of the 17 goals. Their vision is clear: becoming a zero-waste company, furthermore leading a flourishing future for generations to come. The company also aims to document their endeavours, as a matter of creating archives for posterity, for the future to acknowledge and learn from the unique journey that the company has been on.

Education: Fueling Innovation

KP Sanghvi promotes education and pioneering innovations like the CUPIO, diamond cut
Fostering innovation through the establishment of higher education opportunities in rural areas, and upskilling options in their factories, which contributes to the creation of new technological development in their business.

KP Sanghvi’s vision for their company and community is a far reaching one. The company has established schools to promote higher education in underserved regions of India, because it not only empowers individuals economically but also encourages creativity and innovation. This understanding permeates their business approach as well where they have set up training schools for upskilling within the company. Historically, KP Sanghvi have been leaders in providing provenance for all diamond sizes through successful collaborations such as Argyle Browns & Diavik Sources with Rio Tinto and the Code of Origins with De Beers. They have now taken this forward by embracing cutting-edge technology like Tracr, an innovative blockchain based tool ensuring transparency from mine to market. Their in-house development of a laser machine and their patented diamond cut, CUPIO, showcase their unwavering pursuit of innovation.

A Future Secured: Every Drop Counts

KP Sanghvi's dedication to water conservation
With sustainable practices such as water conservation through on-campus recycling initiatives and sourcing ⅓rd of electricity from renewable sources like solar panels, KP Sanghvi showcases their commitment to sustainability.

The importance of water conservation, first addressed through their efforts in Pavapuri, has become a cornerstone of their environmental policy. They have meticulously implemented the same practices in their Surat factories and offices across the globe, resulting in the conservation of a staggering 250 million litres of water annually through on-campus recycling initiatives.

“Our practices are not decisions we have made based on how the world is thinking at the current moment. Our commitment is a much larger promise. And we want to make sure that along with our product, our company is well known for the world we create too,” says Jimit Sanghvi, Partner.

Their legacy is not just about diamonds; it’s about paving the way for a future where business growth goes hand-in-hand with social responsibility and environmental well-being. It’s a testament to the enduring power of human connection, a testament to the belief that building a better tomorrow starts with the decisions we make today. And that’s the kind of luxury that truly shines.