“The Lulo Rose” is the Largest Pink Diamond Discovered in Over 300 Years

Behold another amazing feat for the natural diamond industry.

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lulo rose pink diamond

The Australia-based Lucapa Diamond Company and its partners have just discovered a historic 170-carat pink Type IIa diamond from its Lulo diamond mine in Angola. This unbelievable discovery is believed to be the largest pink diamond recovered in the last three hundred years and has been given the name “The Lulo Rose.”

His Excellency Diamantino Azevedo, Angola’s Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum, and Gas spoke on The Lulo Rose by saying, “This record and spectacular pink diamond recovered from Lulo continues to showcase Angola as an important player on the world stage for diamond mining and demonstrates the potential and rewards for commitment and investment in our growing diamond mining industry.”

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lulo rose pink diamond
Image Source: Lucapa Diamond Company

The Lulo Diamond Mine

The Lulo diamond mine in Angola is unique among diamond mines worldwide because it is an alluvial mine. Alluvial diamonds are diamonds that have, over millions of years, been eroded from their primary source and found in a secondary location. Since the vast majority of diamonds found on Earth are in primary sources, the Lulo Rose diamond discovery is even more remarkable. Since the discovery of diamonds at Lulo in 2015, geologists have been searching for its primary source with the hopes of expanding its diamond discovery. 

Lucapa Diamond Company Limited Managing Director Stephen Wetherall said, “Lulo is an exceptional alluvial resource and is truly a gift. We are once again made very proud by yet another historic recovery. We, too, look forward to our partnership progressing its exploration effort, where we are now bulk sampling the priority kimberlites in search for the primary kimberlite sources of these exceptional and high-value diamonds.”

The Lulo diamond mine was also the home to the discovery of a 404-carat colourless rough diamond named the “4th February Stone” that was first sold in 2016 for more than $16 Million. The 404-carat find was the largest diamond ever discovered in Angola and the 27th largest diamond discovered in history.

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Dr. José Manuel Ganga Júnior, Chairman of the Board of Endiama, commented, “The record-breaking Lulo diamond field has again delivered a precious and large gemstone, this time an extremely rare and beautiful pink diamond. It is a significant day for the Angolan diamond industry and the long-standing partnership between Endiama, Lucapa, and Rosas and Petalas.”

The instantly legendary Lulo Rose diamond will be sold via international tender to be conducted by Sodiam E.P, the Angolan State Diamond Marketing Company. A more than once-in-a-lifetime diamond discovery such as this will have the world watching to see who will acquire it and, more importantly, what breathtaking cut and polished diamond will emerge from the rough. I would not hold your breath, however, because the artful process of cutting the Lulo Rose could take years.