Sotheby’s Upcoming Auction Lineup Includes These Beyond Rare Diamonds That Will Leave You Breathless

Get ready for a jaw-dropping magnificent jewels sale.

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Diamond rings and necklace

Step into the world of unparalleled beauty as Sotheby’s nears its highly anticipated Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva this May. This prestigious auction promises to be a captivating event, featuring an array of iconic pieces that will leave even the most discerning connoisseurs in awe. Among the remarkable natural diamonds that will grace the auction stage, the following ten natural diamond jewels are the rarest and most anticipated. Leading the way is the now-famous Bulgari Laguna Blu, an exceptional blue diamond that has only been seen by a select few. There’s also a mesmerizing Fancy Intense Pink diamond, weighing over 21 carats, a mind-blowing Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond, a remarkable 51.52-carat diamond mounted by Harry Winston, and several others that you will have to see to believe.

The magnificence doesn’t stop there. The upcoming auction showcases a curated selection of over 150 pieces of fine diamond jewelry, each with its own exceptional story to tell. From the Cartier panther to the Van Cleef & Arpels Zip necklace, and from the vibrant colors and voluminous designs of Boivin to the unique and visionary creations of JAR, this auction represents the epitome of artistry, craftsmanship, and rarity in the world of high jewelry.

The auction will take place live in Geneva and online on May 16th. 

Bulgari Laguna Blu


Exceptional 11.16-carat pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring, ‘Laguna Blu,’ Bulgari. Set in 1970 and from the collection of the original owner. It is among the largest natural blue diamonds ever found and the most valuable gem ever sold by Bulgari. Sold for $25.2M,

Pink and Grayish Blue Diamond Ring


Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Deep Grayish Blue diamond ring for an important private collection. Set with a cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut fancy intense pink diamond weighing 21.94 carats, between half-moon cut fancy deep grayish blue diamonds weighing 0.51 and 0.46 carats. Sold for $11.8M,

Purplish Pink Diamond Ring


Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond ring of exceptional vibrance. Set with a cushion cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond weighing 5.01 carats, the seamless mounting set with a halo of custom cut fancy-shaped diamonds. Estimated sale between $6.5 and $8.22 Million,

Yellow Diamond Necklace


Important Fancy Vivid Yellow and Fancy Yellow diamond necklace. Set with an exceptionally large cushion-shaped fancy vivid yellow diamond weighing 74.76 carats, the necklace is set with graduated brilliant-cut diamonds and cushion-shaped fancy yellow diamonds, each link also set with pave diamonds on the reverse side. Signed Dhamani. Estimated sale between $2.6 and $3.6 Million,

Harry Winston Diamond Ring


Impressive diamond ring by Harry Winston. Set with a cushion cut diamond weighing 51.52 carats and graded by GIA as F color and internally flawless. The shoulders are enhanced with shield-shaped diamonds, signed Harry Winston. Estimated sale between $2.1 and $3.1 Million,

Yellow Diamond Necklace and Earrings Set


Impressive Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Yellow diamond necklace and matching earrings property of a Lady of Title. Comprising of a necklace set with pear- and marquise-shaped diamonds, supporting a fringe set with three step-cut fancy yellow and fancy intense yellow diamonds weighing 14.31, 6.19, and 6.08 carats, further enhanced with step-cut and pear-shaped diamonds with a yellow tint. Also, a pair of ear clips similarly set with step-cut fancy intense yellow diamonds weighing 7.06 and 6.56 carats, respectively. Estimated sale between $1.2 and $2.2 Million,

JAR Diamond Ring


Diamond ring by JAR from the Collection of Renate Graf. Set with a cushion-shaped diamond weighing 10.03 carats set in platinum and stamped JAR. The diamond is graded by GIA as D color and VVS2 clarity. Estimated sale between $830,000 and $1.44 Million,

Graff Diamond Ring


Fancy Intense Yellow diamond ring by Graff. Property of a Princess. Set with a cushion-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond weighing 32.20 carats, between triangular cut diamond shoulders. Signed Graff.  Estimated sale between $830,000 and $1.23 Million,

Harry Winston Ring


Extraordinary diamond ring set by Harry Winston. A step-cut diamond weighing 11.23 carats and graded by GIA as D color and VVS1 in clarity set with claw-set prongs. Maker’s mark for Jacques Timey, stamped Harry Winston. Estimated sale between $673,000 and $875,000,

Cartier Diamond Necklace


Magnificent diamond necklace by Cartier. Property of a Princess. Of floral and foliate design, set with brilliant-cut, pear- and cushion-shaped diamonds in platinum, signed Cartier, numbered.  Estimated sale between $617,000 and $820,000,